Datura ordinary - a useful poisonous grass

Common Dense is a herbaceous annual plant of the Solanaceae family. Its height can reach 1-1.2 m. Its stem is erect, naked, forked-branched with dark-green leaves of ovate shape with uneven large teeth. Flowers tubular-funnel-shaped, white, solitary, their length is eight to ten centimeters. They are located between the stems and branches on fluffy pedicels. Fruit is a four-folded ovate capsule, prickly, erect. Seeds are black, kidney-shaped, fine-meshed, three and a half millimeters long. The common dolman blooms from June to September, bearing fruit from July.

Plant datura - medicinal herb

As medicinal raw materials are used leaves of datura, seeds and grass( tops).Collect leaves and grass in the period from the very beginning of flowering and up to the first frosts, always in gloves. When collecting raw materials, you can not in any case touch your hands to the body, especially to tender areas, since the plant is poisonous. After accidental contact with this plant, rinse thoroughly with soap and water. Dry the collected raw materials without delay, in a ventilated, uncolored room at a temperature of up to 50 ° C.As for the seeds, they are harvested from mature fruits in late autumn, sorted and well dried in an oven or dryer. Store in closed boxes or jars.

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Common anthrax has many useful components in its composition. Its leaves consist of alkaloids, carotene, tobacco-smelling essential oil, tannins. The stupid stems also contain alkaloids, the roots contain a little more, and the flowers and seeds - even more. The main alkaloids are atropine, scopolamine, hyoscyamine.

Drugs drugs are soothing to the central nervous system, increase the frequency of heart contractions, reduce the secretion of the pancreas, as well as gastric, salivary and sweat glands, significantly reduce the tone of many smooth muscle organs( abdominal organs, bronchi, etc.).They excite and tone the respiratory center. Drugs dope for a long time and quite significantly dilate the pupils.

The means of this plant are used mainly as spasmolytic: in case of bronchial asthma, spastic constipation, hepatic colic, spastic conditions in all organs of the abdominal cavity( stomach ulcers, colitis, cholecystitis, etc.), cardiovascular diseases, bradycardia,atrioventricular blockade.

Drugs are also used for the treatment and prevention of both airborne and seasickness, arresting seizures of Meniere's disease. Sometimes they are also used to reduce the secretions of saliva and mucus during plastic surgery on the respiratory tract( upper) and face.

In folk medicine this herb is used for neuralgia, whooping cough, convulsive cough, epilepsy, bronchial asthma, persistent hiccups, for the treatment of prolapse of the large intestine or uterus, with severe spasms of the intestine and stomach, and also externally with prolonged treatment of rheumatism. If you attach a clean oil to the temples from dope seeds, then it will cause hallucinations. With epilepsy, you are given the juice of seeds. Dried leaves smoke with shortness of breath, mental illness and rheumatism.

In most cases, a tincture of dope is used for treatment. For its preparation, take 1 part of small-seeded seeds into 5 parts of alcohol, in a dark place, insist for 3-10 days, and then filter. The vapors of this potion are inhaled through the nose 15-20 minutes. Sometimes they are taken inside: 2 drops per 1/4 glasses of water 5 times / day.

A common anthrax is a dangerous, poisonous plant that causes vivid hallucinations and is so unpredictable that even some researchers fear it.