The drug "Strepsils": reviews, applications and contraindications

Winter has come, and with it - a season of rampant various infections. Many of us have already suffered the first effects of cold snap and have recovered from cold illnesses. Nasal congestion, sore throat and fever - all these signs accompany respiratory infection. Treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract of bacterial nature is often carried out using antimicrobial agents, a striking example of which is "Strepsils."strepsils reviews Reviews about this medicine allow us to conclude that they are popular among the population of our country.


Among the products under this brand are the following dosage forms:

1. Strepsils tablets for resorption:

  • "Original".
  • "Softening effect with honey and lemon".
  • "With vitamin C and the taste of orange."
  • "From a sore throat and stuffy nose with eucalyptus and menthol."
  • "Without sugar".
  • "With a warming effect".
  • Strepsils Plus.
  • For children over 5 years.
  • "Struppsils Intensive".

2. Throat spray "Strepsils plus".

All of these drugs help alleviate the symptoms of upper respiratory tract diseases and are pleasant to the taste.


Spray and Lozenges "Strepsils", the instruction to which is given below, are antiseptic means, therefore, they should be recommended by the attending physician. Indications for the use of these drugs are:

  • laryngitis;
  • stomatitis( aphthous and other types);
  • pharyngitis;
  • tonsillitis;
  • periodontal disease;
  • throat diseases of a non-microbial nature( occupational characteristics, smoking, inhalation of mucosal irritants).

Why does my throat ache?

The causes of pain and discomfort in the throat may be viruses or bacteria. The last microorganisms cause diseases of the upper respiratory tract in only 10% of cases. strepsils intensive reviews The main reason is overwhelmingly a viral infection. In this case, the use of antibiotics is unreasonable and useless. If the doctor states that the disease has occurred as a result of the activity of bacteria, then antiseptic drugs are shown to the patient in medical activities. Therefore, do not self-diagnose. Take antimicrobials is necessary only according to the prescription of the doctor. What is better to use: the means of the line "Strepsils", analogues or synonyms of this drug, it should be solved by a medical specialist.

How does Strepsils work?

The main active ingredients of "Strepsils" brand preparations, which are positive reviews, are 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol and amylmetacresol. These substances provide a local antibacterial and fungicidal effect. They are active against a fairly large group of gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms. Their action is based on the following effects:

  • destroy the bacterial cell membranes;
  • dehydration of microorganism cells occurs.

As a result of these actions, bacteria die. These active substances are highly effective against streptococci, diplococci, staphylococci, microorganisms of the genus Aerobacter, Klebsiella, Proteus. Excellent copes "Strepsils", the application of which is quite simple, and with fungi such as Candida. This quality is very important when a fungal infection joins the bacterial.

Candies "Strepsils" are presented in the market of pharmaceutical preparations in nine kinds. strepps contraindications In each of these active substances are 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol at a concentration of 1.2 mg and amylmethacresol, the content of which in the preparation is 0.6 mg, supplemented with various components to alleviate certain symptoms.


"Strepsils Original" is a classic form of the drug. Along with the main active ingredients, lollipops include essential oils of peppermint and anise. These auxiliary components contribute to softening the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat by stimulating the salivary glands. In addition to this effect, essential oils provoke local flushing of the tissues, which promotes more intensive blood circulation. All these effects help the body to cope faster with the disease.

With vitamin C

In this preparation the main active substances are supplemented with vitamin C, which is considered a highly effective immunomodulator. strepsils analogues Also vitamin C reduces capillary permeability, fights inflammation and allergic manifestations. As a result, the intensity of synthesizing prostaglandins decreases, the swelling decreases, and the patient's condition is facilitated. This drug "Strepsils" reviews are positive. It is very popular for the treatment of throat diseases. Its composition is enriched with essential oils of anise and orange, which soften the mucous and tone the human body.

Menthol and Eucalyptus

The combination of 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol, amylmetacresol with menthol and essential oil of eucalyptus has a good antibacterial, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and a slight expectorant effect. This drug perfectly helps with nasal obstruction. Essential oils of eucalyptus and menthol affect the vessels, and they narrow. strepsils application Thus, the swelling of the nasal mucosa subsides, breathing is restored, the condition improves.

Lemon and Herbs

This drug "Strepsils" reviews is different from similar medicines. This is understandable in that the composition of this pharmaceutical product is devoid of sugar. Thus, "Strepsils with lemon and herbs" can be safely applied to diabetics and those who limit the use of glucose. A special advantage of the drug is that it does not contribute to the development of caries. Essential oil of rosemary helps to facilitate breathing and strengthens the immune system.

Lemon and honey

The combination of lemon and honey is a good tradition in the treatment of colds. That is why this combination of funds entered the product "Strepsils".Contraindications to bee products may become a serious prerequisite for the refusal to use these antiseptic candies.

Thanks to the combination of amylmetacresol, 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol with honey, essential oils of lemon and peppermint, this drug "Strepsils" produces an anti-inflammatory, softening and bactericidal effect. Lozenges strepsils instruction Also these lozenges for resorption contribute to the establishment of metabolic processes, increase resistance to infections and stimulate the body's purification from toxins.


"Strepsils with a warming effect", in addition to the main active ingredients, has in its composition tartaric acid, plum, cream and ginger flavors. All these components contribute to the elimination of bacterial infection. Also in the composition of the medicine is a component with a warming effect, which helps to relieve the pain in the throat.

Additional component of

In the product line of this trademark there is a position "Strepsils Plus", the instruction to which depends on the form of the product. Medicines that are released in the form of candies and spray, show high efficiency in the treatment of infectious diseases of the mouth and throat. The composition of these drugs in addition to 2,4-dichlorobenzyl alcohol and amylmetacresol includes lidocaine, as well as essential oils of anise, peppermint and levomenthol.

Lollipops are the standard form of this brand, but the "Strepsils" spray, the use of which is prescribed for the same symptoms, is a completely different form. In addition to antiseptic, vasoconstrictive and locally irritating action, it has an anesthetic effect due to the anesthetic of lidocaine. Thanks to this medication, you can eliminate significant unpleasant sensations in the throat. However, care should be taken when using a tool such as Strepsils Spray. Reviews of this drug allow us to conclude that this pharmaceutical product can cause an allergic reaction to components, as well as numbness of the oral cavity and larynx as a result of exposure to lidocaine.


Despite the fact that the drug is local and its active substances do not penetrate into the bloodstream, it is necessary to take the drug Strepsils in some cases with extreme caution. Contraindications to this pharmaceutical product are as follows:

  • presence of sensitivity to any component included in the composition;
  • for children under 6( and "Strepsils plus" up to 12) years are also contraindicated for all of the above.

With extreme caution, this medicine should be administered to pregnant and lactating women. It should be consulted with the attending physician about the acceptability of the drug Strepsils, which assesses each situation individually.

Features of application

Lollipops of all the above types should be resorbed in 1 piece in 2-3 hours. It is very important to comply with the dosage: a day allowed to consume no more than 8 tablets.

Spray "Strepsils" is used to irrigate the area with inflammation by double pressing the dosing head of the vial. strepsils spray application The procedure can be repeated after 3 hours, but no more than 6 times a day. The duration of treatment with this drug for more than 5 days should be agreed with the doctor.

For children

Due to the fact that children under 12 years also need an effective local medicine for diseases of the mouth and throat, Reckitt Benckiser has created a special drug "Strepsils for children".The active components in it are the same as in all other candies, and in the same concentration, but does not contain sugar and essential oils. This means that the pills do not contribute to the development of caries and minimize the risk of an allergic reaction. The taste of a lemon or strawberry will please any child and make the treatment pleasant.

Special case

Absolutely excellent tool from other products of this trade mark is "Stripsils Intensive", reviews of which allow us to draw conclusions about the effectiveness of this drug. Its peculiarity is that, as the main active substance, it uses flurbiprofen in a concentration of 8.75 mg. This component is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug and reduces the intensity of prostaglandin production. The effect of the drug comes already after 15 minutes after its administration and lasts about 3 hours. The medicine eliminates inflammation and relieves pain in case of infectious and viral lesions, as well as with occupational diseases of the oropharynx and cough of the smoker.

Due to the fact that Strepsils Intensive, which reviews its popularity in our country, does not contain antibacterial components and does not possess antiseptic effect, it has a wider range of contraindications, among them:

  • stomach ulcer and 12-fingerintestines;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • children under 12 years.


Among the many drugs designed to alleviate the anguish of a person with a sick goal, there is not only a line of means "Strepsils".Analogues of these pharmaceutical products are also able to cope with oropharyngeal ailments. To such preparations it is possible to carry:

  • Spray and solution "Angileks".
  • Neo-angina resorption tablets.
  • "Grammidine".
  • Spray Ingalipt.
  • Sage tincture.
  • "Teraflyu LAR" - tablets and a spray for the throat.
  • "Throat for children", etc.

Which of the drugs will suit your particular situation should your doctor decide.