Irrigator B.Well WI-911: description, manual, reviews

Dental care is an integral part of every person's hygiene. Irrigator B.Well WI-911 is an indispensable assistant for oral care. The device effectively cleans the space between the teeth and removes plaque without problems. Heals the oral cavity. Eliminates bad odor from the mouth.

Description of the device

The Irrigator B.Well WI-911 is a hydromassage, designed for oral care with a jet of water. Gently cleans interdental space, provides gum massage and proper care for the mucous membrane of the mouth. The drug is able to remove plaque. Prevents the occurrence of calculus. Prevents periodontal disease and tooth decay.

Irrigator is simply necessary for persons wearing dentures, braces and crowns. Massaging the gums helps improve the condition of the mouth and blood circulation.

The device not only effectively cleans the mouth, but fights microbes, preventing their reproduction. It has several modes of operation. Easy to handle. irrigator b well wi 911

Contraindications for the use of the

device. The B.Well WI-911 irrigator at the very beginning of use can cause slight bleeding of the gums, which in healthy gums terminates in the second week of device use. If bleeding will last more than two weeks, then the device should be discontinued and consult a dentist.

irrigator for cleaning teeth

Complete device

The irrigator B.Well WI-911 is sold in the following configuration, it is:

  • device for oral care;
  • two nozzles;
  • tank designed for water;
  • user's manual;
  • warranty card;
  • adapter( charger);
  • box.

When purchasing an irrigator in a water tank, as well as in a suction pipe, a small amount of liquid may be present. It is a distilled water used for testing the device. For man there is no danger.

Appearance of the

The irrigator for cleaning teeth has a stylish modern design. It is made in white and blue. To turn on the device or turn it off, use the On / off button. Below it is the Mode button, which allows you to select the desired water jet mode( there are three of them).Below this button there is an indication indicating how the device works. Each time you press this switch, the mode changes from Normal to Soft and from Soft to Pulse( pulsing).irrigator b well wi 911 reviews

Modes of the device and its charging

Irrigator for cleaning teeth can work in three modes. They are switched on by means of a switch with a certain indicator lit. Under normal conditions, the food that is stuck between the teeth is removed. Soft mode of the device is designed for gently massaging the gums. Pulsing not only removes food between the teeth, but also massages the gums, provides a high-quality rinsing of the oral cavity. irrigator of the oral cavity b well wi 911

The mouth irrigation agent B.Well WI-911 needs to be recharged from time to time. To do this, insert the charger cable into the irrigator socket located in the lower part of the charger and connect the adapter to the electrical outlet, making sure that there is no water in the socket of the device.

The flashing LED indicates that the device is charging. Once the device is fully charged, the indicator will remain lit. Blinking HF during the procedure indicates the need to recharge the battery. It takes eight hours for the battery to fully charge. irrigator b well wi 911 user guide

Irrigator B.Well WI-911: Instructions for use

Before using the instrument, select the appropriate nozzle and install it in the cavity of the irrigator. It is necessary to fill the tank for water. There are two ways to do this:

  • Open the container and fill it with water, keeping the device in a vertical position. Water should not have a temperature of more than 40 ° C.Next, you just need to close the cap of the container.
  • Completely remove the container for water from the machine. The device must be in an upright position at this time. Pour in a container of water, the temperature of which is not more than 40 ° C.Install the container in the appropriate compartment on the device.

Only fresh water should be pumped into the machine. Do not use toothpaste, saline solution and chemical solutions. In order to avoid malfunctioning of the unit, when filling it with water, it is necessary to keep the device switched off. Do not use the appliance if the water runs out.

Before switching on the irrigator, it must be placed in the mouth. Bend over the sink and hold the device in a vertical position. The nozzle should be pointed at the teeth. In order not to spray, you need to cover the oral cavity in the process of irrigation.

The drug starts to work in the mode that was selected in advance. When using the machine, you can change the mode by pressing the switch. Fully filled capacity ensures continuous operation of the unit for 60 seconds.

The jet should be directed into the space between the teeth and into the folds of the gums. Slowly you need to move along the dentition. Particularly carefully it is recommended to process the areas between the teeth and in the region of wearing braces. Begin the procedure with the back teeth, gradually moving to the front. Irrigation of the oral cavity does not replace the cleaning of teeth. Irrigation should be carried out for five minutes and after brushing your teeth.

After using the device, turn off the device by pressing On / off, and take the device out of the oral cavity. Without removing the nozzle, open the container and drain the remaining water. Further the irrigator is included for a short time to download the water that has remained. When finished, wipe the unit with a dry cloth. Always need to drain the water that has remained - this will prevent the growth and reproduction of harmful bacteria.

If the machine is not used for an extended period, it should be thoroughly wiped and dried before storing.


Portable irrigator B.Well WI-911 depending on the outlet can cost from 2 to 3 thousand rubles. You can buy the device in shops of household and computer equipment, in pharmacies and via the Internet. portable irrigator b well wi 911

Irrigator B.Well WI-911: reviews

Users are completely satisfied with this unit. It is noted that it has good water pressure, unlike other portable irrigators. There are three modes. It is compact, and therefore it is convenient to take it with you on vacation or at the dacha. The built-in battery makes the device comfortable to use. Charge with regular use is enough for a week.

Irrigator does not spray water and is easy to operate. It is powerful enough, and does an excellent job with the declared functions. Eliminates microbes and food debris. Has an acceptable cost. After using the device, sterile purity is felt in the oral cavity.

Irrigator B.Well WI-911 reviews has negative. They indicate a small capacity for water, because of what every minute you have to add water. The machine does not work well in Soft mode. In normal mode, water hits the sky and gums. Many people note that the appliance is not sealed and often gets water. As a result, the device breaks down after several months of use.

Stomatologists praise this unit. It is recommended to use it regularly to prevent oral diseases. It is said that it helps to strengthen the gums and prevents the formation of tartar. Thoroughly cleans the mouth, which prevents caries from developing. When using it, there is no need to use a conditioner and dental floss, which is capable of injuring the oral cavity. The irrigator is suitable for people with sensitive teeth.

In general, this device is considered the best by the users in comparison with other portable irrigators. Most people were satisfied with the result obtained during the application of this mechanism. They say that they do not represent life without this device. It is noted that with his appearance in the house they began to go less often to the dentist.