Why does a person snore in a dream? How to deal with this?

Why does a person snore?

Very often in middle-aged people there is such an ailment. Some believe that there is nothing to fear, and others think that this is a disease that must be fought. In this article, we will understand why a person snores in a dream, and whether to worry about this. First you need to understand what this ailment is. Snoring in a dream is a sound that occurs when air flow through the respiratory tract due to vibration of the pharynx tissues.

Why a person snores in a dream - the causes of

There are a lot of reasons why a person has snoring, but the most common ones are nasopharyngeal damage, physical defects, malfunctions in the nervous system. Snoring occurs in a deep sleep, when the soft tissues of the tongue, palate and throat are relaxed, and the inner tissues sag while lowering into the respiratory tract. If you have snoring a fairly long time, then this can be a harbinger of a dangerous condition - apnea. If you start a disease, then a full stop of breathing may occur soon. Another very serious disease, which leads to snoring, is oxygen starvation, or hypoxia. The ailment is accompanied by lack of sleep and fatigue. For example, a person can take and fall asleep in transport or driving a car.

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Snoring in a dream - prerequisites

1. Body weight increased
People who are obese often snore much more often. To snoring, it is necessary to lose weight by any means. Develop a special diet, sign up for the gym, go out for the morning and evening jogging. Also, do not eat before going to sleep, as the full stomach causes a curvature of the diaphragm, which in turn interferes with normal breathing.

2. Regular intake of alcoholic beverages

The reception of strong alcoholic beverages significantly reduces the tone of the throat muscles, which in turn helps to relax the palate and throat. If you still want to drink a little alcohol, then do it three to four hours before bedtime.

3. Smoking

Smoking is the cause of many diseases, including snoring. Cigarette smoke causes irritation of the mucous membrane of the nose and throat, because of this the airways narrow, there are chronic edema of the pharynx. It is for this reason that the risk of stopping breathing increases. We think this reason is enough to stop smoking.

4. Sleep in the wrong posture

Try to sleep lying on your side, as sleep on the back provokes snoring. If you still can not help sleeping on your back, then remove the pillow. The fact is that it leads to an inflection of the cervical vertebrae and strengthens the snoring.

In the end I would like to discuss the question: "How to win snoring?".First, you need to revise your daily routine. Be sure to sleep well, go in for sports, walk in the fresh air more often. Try to completely eliminate the intake of alcoholic beverages, quit smoking. If the snoring has passed into a chronic form, then consult a doctor. Nowadays there are a huge number of clinics and special centers that will help to overcome your illness.

We hope that this article has given you an answer to the question: "Why does a person snore in a dream?".