Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikova: contraindications and evidence, reviews

Alexandra Severova Strelnikova, teacher of singing, invented her own method of respiratory gymnastics. Some of its principles look at least unusual. Because of this, Strelnikova's breathing gymnastics, the testimony and contra-indications of which we will consider in the article, is called paradoxical in separate sources.

Stretch testimony and contraindications

How the method of

appeared AS Strelnikova had a daughter who was very sick in her youth. She often had heart attacks. Once it happened when there was nowhere to wait for medical help. Then she began to breathe the way her mother had taught her. By the morning the pain had gradually subsided, and the rhythm of the heart had become the same.

Since then this method has been practiced by AN Strelnikov. Respiratory gymnastics contraindications, according to some doctors, also has. But the daughter, despite the illnesses in her youth, recovered, and even in old age did not suffer from heart diseases and osteochondrosis.

Many celebrities, including Alla Pugacheva, Larisa Golubkina and Lyudmila Kasatkina, took lessons from her. Despite the fact that gymnastics Strelnikova contraindication has, in 1972, a woman still managed to obtain a patent.

Until this time, official medicine has tried to ignore its methodology. But in the 1970s, a certificate was obtained for the development of a method for treating various diseases.

An experiment was performed, but the results were not high. Only a few people could be cured then. Therefore, the breathing exercises Strelnikova, whose testimony and contra-indications were studied in practice, was found to be ineffective.

Strelnikova respiratory gymnastics contraindications

AN Strelnikova had many years to prove the necessity and use of her mother's methods.

Consider the main principles on which it is based.

Basic rules of

The special feature of the method is inhalation. It must be done quickly and vigorously, with strength and short. The air is actively drawn through the nose with noise.

Exhalation, on the contrary, is done smoothly and slowly through the mouth. At the same time, there is no need to exert any effort. The process proceeds naturally, freely, calmly and without obstacles.

Each of the exercises is performed with a score and controlling breathing. If all the elements are executed sequentially, then from the rhythm you will not go astray.

Breaths and movements in the gym are one.

The rhythm here is the same as in the step at the march. Exercise is subject to a certain tempo at the same time. Each of the elements lasts less than a second.

Exercises can be performed in a standing, sitting and lying position, depending on the condition of the person.

All of them are repeated in a multiple of four. After mastering the gymnastics, the score is increased 2 times, and then gradually to 32. The maximum number of breaths can be 96. Of course, at first it seems unrealistic, but gradually it can become realizable.

All classes are held in a cheerful mood, which increases the healing effect.

gymnastics Strelnikova testimony and contraindications

Let's pass directly to the exercises, of which the Strelnikova gymnastics consists. Contraindications after this. They need to be studied before starting the exercises.

Exercise 1

The head should be rotated from right to left. A short and noisy breath is made at the very end. The wings of the nose may contract, but not swell. First try in front of the mirror.

Exercise 2 "Ears"

The same is done with the head inclined. A sharp breath should fall on the final point.

Exercise 3 "Small pendulum"

The head should be tilted first forward and then back. A short and rapid breath comes at the end of the movement.

Exercise 4 "Hold your shoulders"

Hands should be bent at the elbows at shoulder level. Alternately, they should be reduced, raising one hand, then the other higher. Noisy breath is produced during compression of the lungs.

gymnastics Strelnikova reviews contraindications

Exercise 5 "Pump"

Make the body tilt forward with springy movements. The inspiration occurs at the lowest point.

Exercise 6

The slopes in this case are reversed. Hands are raised and brought together. Breathing is done at the extreme point.

Exercise 7 "Squats"

Spring movements occur in a half-fall, while the arms are lowered and folded. Breathing is done at the time of the extreme point when squatting.

Exercise 8 "Big pendulum"

The inclinations forward and back produce, likening to a pendulum. Breathing is done at the extreme points.

gymnastics Strelnikova contraindication for nearsightedness

General contraindications

Has gymnastics of Strelnikova contraindication for nearsightedness, glaucoma and arterial pressure. In addition, do not combine this practice with other breathing exercises, for example, the yoga system or qigong, even though in these practices you can even find some similarities.

But in the case of wrestling, running, swimming, matching is entirely acceptable.

Strelnikova Gymnastics for bronchitis

All infections occurring in the respiratory tract cause various changes. Respiratory gymnastics Strelnikovoj contraindications at a bronchitis does not have. On the contrary, it helps in both acute and chronic forms. Of course, the changes will not happen as quickly as we would like. Therefore, you need to have patience.

If you feel sputum accumulation during a cough, then do not use force to clear your throat. This can damage the vocal cords. If a fit of coughing approaches, do not cover your mouth with your hands and turn away. The head should be lowered, and the hands should be put in such a way that the fossa on the navel remains between the palms, and press them on the stomach.

gymnastics for Strelnikova contraindications

Gymnastics Strelnikova: indications and contraindications for asthma

If bronchitis is not treated in time, the disease can develop into asthma. Its main symptoms are periodic attacks of suffocation. This is caused by spasms in the bronchi. Such a disease is severe. Complex means are used for its cure, but there is always a risk that they may not be near. Then the case may end in rehabilitation in hospital conditions.

Gymnastics Strelnikovoj contraindications has no and at an asthma. If you master the exercises, they can help in times of asthma attacks. The exercise "Pump" with a torso of the trunk will help.

Leaning down, make a few sharp breaths, and then, having straightened up, but not straightened completely, exhale through the mouth. After that, they lean slightly forward again. Lowering his head, noisily and abruptly inhale. They straighten again and exhale quite calmly. After a break in a few seconds, the exercise is repeated. So it is necessary to do for a quarter of an hour before the onset of relief.

The waist can be worn with a wide belt or wrapped in a towel without straining tight. When inhaling, feel support on the lower back. Then gymnastics Strelnikova with asthma will pass easier and more correctly.

Other exercises that help with an attack are "Turns of the head" and "Hug your shoulders."They are performed in a sitting position with interruptions of 10 seconds.

Start with the "Pump".If the exercise does not help, go to "Hug the shoulders", and after it - to "Turn the head."If even then the attack of suffocation did not go away, it's okay! Next time, be sure to try again. One day you will succeed and then to cope with the next crisis, you will no longer need medical products.

There are many examples of achieving positive results. So, according to the testimony of people practicing the method, you can stop an asthma attack right on the street or in any place where you have a disease. The main thing - do not get confused, but start doing exercises. And the attack will recede.

If the elevator does not work in the house and you have to walk, some people already have shortness of breath on the way. In that case, do not take deep breaths or any physical exercises. It is best to bend to the floor so that your hands hang below your knees, and stay in this position for 5-6 seconds. If it's still hard, lean your hands on your knees and keep standing like that, trying to breathe again with calm and deep breaths and exhalations.

gymnastics for Strelnikova indications and contraindications

Gymnastics for Strelnikova: indications and contraindications for losing weight

Women who want to lose extra pounds, very lucky. They have the opportunity to realize this without any debilitating diets. The proof of the positive effect is AN Strelnikova herself. If you look at her figure, imprinted in 77 years, then the women's trained eye will determine that it is wearing clothes of the 48th size. In addition, at this age she wore high-heeled shoes. From the memories you will learn that Strelnikov did not recognize any diets, loved sweet and often spoiled himself for the night. And even thus she had a beautiful, slim figure! Probably, many women will be inspired by the information and decide to try respiratory gymnastics.

You need about three times a day to do the whole complex. Execution of gymnastics is "out of the box".The right exercises will give you a lot of fun. And when you notice the result, you will even be surprised, as the body will become more mobile, and the body becomes healthier.

Smokers, even if they did not aspire to such an effect, can "laugh" to smoke. At least it is guaranteed that for a day of cigarettes will go less.


AN Strelnikova dealt with the most severe patients. She was not stopped by the fact that the ambulance had even refused to come to some patients. Gymnastics Strelnikova contraindication, although it did, but for Alexandra Nikolaevna, the main thing was the desire and readiness of a person for recovery. She could not bear only laziness.

On the Internet there are different opinions, which causes gymnastics Strelnikova. Reviews, contraindications and testimonies, opinions of ordinary people and experts - all this can be found in the media quite often. For example, many state that health is improving. But those who then stopped practicing, noticed that it was getting worse again, and sometimes even worse. This leads to the conclusion: if you take up the health of your body, then you should continue to do this. It is not necessary that the described method be used. The main thing is to take responsibility for your health and self-esteem yourself. Then no attacks and crises will not be terrible.