Nemet hand. What is the reason?

Feeling that the arm is numb, we usually start to knead it, and immediately feel relieved. Of course, each of us thinks about the causes of this ailment. Experts argue that a similar problem is common today in both older people and among young people. And the reasons for its appearance can be quite serious.

Most often dumb hands from squeezing and squeezing vessels and nerves. If this feeling occurs too often, it means that the body has developed a disease. Perhaps it is a vascular disease or a violation of the correct operation of the spine. When too often the arm grows dumb, delivering a lot of inconveniences and unpleasant sensations, it makes sense to turn to a specialist. In modern rheumatology, numbness in the hands is treated quite successfully. If we talk about vascular diseases, then we will need drugs that contribute to their expansion. Unfortunately, such drugs only eliminate the problem for a while, but do not guarantee the restoration of the full capacity of the vessels and their good cleaning.

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And here simple and very effective recipes of traditional medicine come to the rescue. If your hands and feet become numb, it makes sense to use the well-known Tibetan technique, which cleanses the vessels with the help of garlic infused with vodka.

But there is no less useful and more economical another recipe. For him, we need at least three liters of fresh milk whey, one full glass of granulated sugar and three glasses of peeled garlic cloves. All components must be placed in a large container and fermented with a spoonful of sour cream. In this form, the yeast should stand for two months. Daily stir it with a wooden spatula, and after the due date begin the reception.

Take three times a day for fifty milligrams of this infusion before eating. If the hands are numb all the time, it is recommended to go through the entire course of treatment. To do this, you need at least nine liters of cleanser. This recipe helps to clean all the vessels of our body. After its application in the body, there is an unprecedented ease, the hands and feet are no longer numb.

There is one more, no less effective recipe. He perfectly fights with numb fingers. It will take a large saucepan, five liters, not less, and fresh beetroot. Fill the pan with the tops and fill with clean water so that it completely covers the leaves. Put it on the fire. Bring to a boil and then, after reducing the flame to a minimum, steam for about twenty minutes. The broth is well wrapped and let it cool. Strain and take before each meal half the glass.

If the arm grows dumb, the next decoction is well combined with the massage procedures. A liter of water will need fifty grams of ammonia and ten grams of camphor. Keep it in a glass bottle, tightly clogged and always in a cool place. At the first sensation of numbness, begin the massage.

In the case when the arm is numb and the uncomfortable numbness is felt only in the fingers, massage with the following mixture will also help. Mix half a cup of sugar with the same amount of vegetable oil, shake well. Lubricate your fingers with a spiral motion for five minutes. Then we put the hands into the salt solution for an hour( two tablespoons of table salt per liter of water).

Be sure to include in your diet milk, cheese, nuts, eggs, beef, liver and brewer's yeast. It is in these products that there is a mass of B vitamins useful to our body, in particular vitamin B12, responsible for the formation of lipid envelopes of nerve cells and good hematopoiesis. Remember that numbness of the limbs is a clear indicator of the violation of the proper functioning of the joints, spine and cardiovascular system. Therefore, if the first symptoms occur, immediately begin appropriate treatment.