Apparatus "Soyuz-Apollo": reviews about the effectiveness of treatment of prostatitis, instruction

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Currently, there are a huge number of diseases that prefer to affect the female or male body. Reproductive system in different sexes has its own peculiarities and specific pathologies, but therapy is required to exclude the development of complications and more serious deviations in health.

Every man who has reached the age of 35-40 years is at risk. Chronic diseases of the prostate become permanent companions. Pain sensations in the pelvic region and perineum, difficulty urinating, sexual impotence are only the first bells of the fact that the prostate gland is not working properly, so it's urgent to sound an alarm and seek qualified help from a specialist. Most of the men refuse to go to the doctor, there are many reasons for this, some are simply afraid to talk about their problem, and some do not believe that medicine can solve his problem. But, as practice shows, all the same, sooner or later one has to go to the doctor, because the disease progresses and leads to serious consequences when the pain no longer has strength.

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But there is also that category of men who are used to rely only on themselves, and at the first discomfort they are looking for an alternative method of treatment, for example, the medical device Soyuz-Apollo. You can use it at home, no trips to doctors and procedures are required. Apollo Apollo Device Review

How effective is the device in the treatment of prostatitis, how to apply it correctly, price and reviews - that's what we'll talk about further.

A bit of history

Based on historical facts, the creation of the Soyuz-Apollo device( reviews about it are mostly positive) began thanks to innovative developments in space science, when clinical trials were conducted on men in space conditions on a spaceship. During the testing, pathological and physiological changes in the state of the astronaut's organism during the flight or staying at the space station were studied.

As a result of such studies it was proved that it is simply necessary to develop devices that will help to stop stagnation in the veins, and it quickly grew in a vacuum. Several years passed testing, which eventually led to the emergence of the experimental technology "Chibis", which has a positive effect on the blood flow through the veins and erectile dysfunction.

After numerous tests and experiments the efficiency of the device was proved. After a few years, it was decided to create an apparatus for the average buyer who can without special skills use the device at home. In the mid-seventies of the last century a compact portable device called Soyuz-Apollo appeared. Reviews about the device at that time were divided equally into good and bad, but after a while the device was improved several times and now has a more positive effect on the male body. The device has been actively used to treat various kinds of diseases of the genitourinary system, solving problems with erectile function. Due to its efficiency, affordable price and convenient operation, it quickly became popular among men.

"Soyuz-Apollo": what is it?

The Soyuz-Apollo device is a convenient high-tech system. Its appearance resembles a compact device in a square plastic case with a digital display that is connected to an adjustable pneumatic pump. Unlike the "Chibis" and "Apollo" devices, the predecessors of "Soyuz-Apollo", which could only be used after special training and training, the control of a modern device is available to any man after reading the instructions.

The result of its use is the appearance, consolidation and stabilization of a full erection. As a result - the normalization of nervous regulation, management of endocrine mechanisms and a return to a full sexual life.

The principle of operation of the device is based on a combined vacuum pulse in conjunction with a traveling pulsed magnetic field. The man himself will be able to adjust the duration and strength of the effect on the body of the Soyuz-Apollo device. For men, this device is indispensable, because it has such a positive effect:

  • improves lymph circulation;
  • eliminates stagnation of blood and lymph in the organs of the small pelvis, which is especially important when sitting, for drivers;
  • improves blood circulation in the pelvic organs;Apollo Apollo Device for the Treatment of Prostatitis
  • removes tissue hypoxia;
  • reduces the inflammatory process in the prostate gland;
  • reduces pelvic pain;
  • restores normal urination.

In addition, in men with a chronic form of prostatitis, there is sustained remission, which is practically impossible to achieve with intensive physiotherapy.

Also reviews about the medical device "Soyuz-Apollo " many men say that after its application the penis in sizes increases. And this is due to the fact that there is a stretching in the super-erection of cavernous bodies.

Apparatus Soyuz-Apollo

Apparatus for the treatment of prostate Soyuz-Apollo can be purchased on a free sale without any prescription. The following components are standard:

  • user's manual;
  • guidelines for proper application;
  • coupon with warranty;
  • convenient handbag;
  • vacuum tube made of plastic;
  • air filter;
  • processor, spare fuse;
  • monitor;
  • inductor-compressor;
  • computer.

During purchase, it is absolutely necessary to check the device and all accessories. It is better to consult a doctor and pass the examination in order not to harm, because the device for treatment of prostatitis "Soyuz-Apollo " has a number of contraindications, and they need to be known before the treatment.

When is the Soyuz-Apollo device used?

Despite the extensive range of actions, there are special indications for the use of the device. The instruction to the device says that it is necessary to apply it at such indications:

  • catarrhal prostatitis of light form;
  • chronic prostatitis;
  • seasonal exacerbations of prostatitis;Apollo Apollo Device
  • combined therapy of prostatitis together with medications;
  • prostate adenoma of the first and second stage;
  • postoperative period after surgical intervention on pelvic organs for rapid recovery;
  • disorders of urination;
  • reduction in male strength;
  • low libido;
  • blood stagnation in the pelvic area;
  • erectile dysfunction;
  • infertility primary or secondary.

Even if you have listed pathologies, it is important to consult with your doctor before using the device to exclude possible contraindications, and they are also available.

Who should not use the Soyuz-Apollo device?

No matter how good the Soyuz-Apollo device , still has a number of contraindications, which are described in the instructions. Among them:

  • wounds on skin integuments;
  • cracked;
  • thrush;
  • is a sexually transmitted infection;
  • thrombogenesis in serious form;
  • atherosclerosis in the advanced stage;Apollo Apollo Device for Men
  • is a dizzying inflammation of the tissues of the penis, which do not pass for a long time.

After the doctor conducts a series of studies and excludes contraindications to the application, it will be possible to start therapy with the Soyuz-Apollo device. Feedback from those who have already tried it, mostly positive, but there are those who respond to it as a bauble that does not have any positive impact on men's health.

How to use the device correctly?

This compact and handy device is shown for home use. The device "Soyuz-Apollo" for the treatment of prostatitis( reviews about it are good) is easy to apply. It is necessary to place the penis in a plastic flask, after connecting the device to the computer. After that, you can press the start button. At regular intervals, the compressor sucks all the air from the bulb, as a result of this action, a pressure difference is created, the vessels expand. The gradual filling of the bulb and the evacuation of air from it are supplemented by the action of the magnetic field, which is generated by the apparatus. As a result, the vacuum effect is supplemented by a magnetic field.

The duration of the procedure depends on the symptoms, the severity of the course of the disease, and on the outcome to be achieved. The average time of the procedure is 5-10 minutes. The course of therapy lasts up to two weeks. As a preventive measure, it is recommended to use the device 7 days twice a year. As a therapy for prostatitis, adenoma or disorders in urination, the course is at least two weeks, and for the prevention of chronic prostatitis, 10 procedures are sufficient.

The results can be judged by the conducted surveys after the passed course.

Therapeutic effect of

Treatment with Soyuz-Apollo device, the instruction tells about it, occurs on the principle of autohemotherapy - this is the treatment with the patient's own blood with the use of vacuum. This approach helps to get rid of prostatitis and restore men's strength. Thanks to such a useful device you can get rid of inflammatory processes in the prostate gland without drugs, which have many undesirable manifestations and contraindications. During the course with the use of the Soyuz-Apollo device, the patient's feedback confirms this:

  • regenerates the genitourinary system;
  • produces more testosterone hormone, due to the fact that the primary function of the testes is restored;Apollo medical device
  • inflammation of the prostate gland goes away, which means that immunity rises, and this has a beneficial effect on potency;
  • is a qualitative cleaning of blood vessels of the pelvic organs.

Precautions during treatment

. No matter how good the device is from prostatitis "Soyuz-Apollo", the doctors say: you need to remember that it is necessary to carry out the procedures with special care. It is better, if the first unpleasant symptoms have appeared, to consult a doctor, self-medication can sometimes bring serious harm. Even the onset of improvement can talk about the opposite, relief is a harbinger of a chronic form of prostatitis. Through time illness can return. Untimely treatment can lead to serious consequences.

There are various rumors on the Internet about the therapy, many reviews about the Soyuz-Apollo device: divorce, do not believe it is a pumping out of money. .. But this can be said about any medication, because each person has individual characteristics of the organism, and the currenteach individual disease, plus concomitant diseases. Therefore, it is impossible to say exactly how effective the device is.

How much does the device cost?

The original device "Soyuz-Apollo", reviews of which are good, in pharmacies in Russia is not for sale. You can order it only through the Internet, the average price is within 70 thousand rubles. The price of the device may seem high enough if compared with medicines, but if we weigh the pros and cons, then in the end it turns out that the device will bring more benefits. Imagine only how many side effects drugstore medicines, and for effective treatment of them can be assigned several and for a long time.

Do I have to buy the device: the pros and cons of the

? Because many negative reviews about the Soyuz-Apollo device go, and the price is not affordable for everyone, many men are wondering whether it is worth paying attention to it at all. But it is important to remember that its cost is due to the ease of operation, besides this there are no undesirable manifestations.

Also the manufacturer reports that the device is completely safe. The principle of work is not new, although the creators assure that it is unique in its kind, but its predecessors were used in space conditions and proved to be effective in time. Most often after the first procedure, a positive result is already noticeable, but it does not last long, since it takes a whole course to complete recovery. Its effectiveness in the treatment of prostatitis is due to the training of blood vessels, which improves blood flow in the organs of the small pelvis. Puffiness is removed, the prostate is reduced in size, urination is facilitated. original device Apollo reviews

As for the shortcomings of the device, it is one - this is a high price. Many will say that for a device for home use this is too much, but it is worthwhile to take a course and feel relief when its cost goes to the background.

Reviews of the

Physicians' Device Indeed, after the device hit the market, different reviews began to be heard about it. Some say that he is a dummy, an unscrupulous manufacturer just wants to cash in on the diseases of men, because for them their sexual power is everything. In order to remain fully armed as long as possible, the male representatives are ready to give any money. But in fact, there are real testimonials about the Soyuz-Apollo device for those who did not just sit at home and conduct the procedures, but also saw the doctor.

It is specialists who speak well of him. After all, they perfectly know the problem with which the patient comes to them. What are his symptoms, and how does his condition change after each procedure. The doctors themselves say that after using the device, there are such improvements:

  • symptoms of prostatitis weaken, it becomes less pronounced;
  • swelling of the prostate decreases;
  • significantly improves blood circulation in the pelvic region, stagnation in the veins goes away, the walls of the vessels are significantly strengthened;
  • reduces inflammation, which means that the immune system is strengthened;
  • normalizes metabolism in the tissues of the prostate;
  • function of the prostate is restored;
  • improves urination function;
  • blood flow to the penis improves, and this leads to increased libido, increased erection and increased duration of sexual intercourse;device from prostatitis alliance apollo reviews
  • normalizes the production of testosterone, which eventually improves the function of the testicles;
  • sperm quality improves, which means that infertility is treated.

If you follow from the above, then you can say for sure that the device is useful for men's health. It is impossible to talk about its ineffectiveness on several negative reviews, which have not been tested by anyone. If even the doctors who observed the condition of the patients after the course of treatment say that the effect is obvious, then why listen to someone, you need to buy, take a course of therapy and restore male strength to all envious persons.

After examining all the reviews, you can say for sure that more than 80% of men are completely cured of prostatitis, and 90% of the stronger sex restores potency. The figures speak for themselves, so why listen to someone? The first unpleasant signals have appeared, go to the doctor, confirm the diagnosis, buy the device and start therapy. And those who do not want to wait for violations in the genitourinary system can be prevented twice a week.

But we should not discount the fact that the body is individual and individual in its own way reacts to any therapy. The same remedy or method of treatment can not be a panacea for all patients with the same diagnosis. So everyone decides for himself whether to purchase the device or not.