Corset for the lumbosacral spine with hernia

The lumbar-sacral spine of the spine has the greatest burden. From his mobility and the proper operation of muscles and ligaments, the dexterity and speed of the person's movements, his ability to play sports, physical labor, and simply lead an active lifestyle depend on him. And this department of the spine is most often subjected to various diseases and injuries.

No one is immune from low back pain, and they can appear with hypothermia, awkward movement or overstrain. Many sick doctors recommend using a corset for the lumbosacral spine. It is prescribed not only for pain in the back, but also for the treatment of osteochondrosis, radiculitis, with hernia and after trauma. It is recommended to wear corsets to athletes, people performing work related to spinal strain, to women during pregnancy and many others. But they are different, therefore, in order for the bandage to bring benefits, and not harm, it's worth it only after consulting a doctor.

What is a corset for the lumbosacral spine?

This is an orthopedic device made of air-permeable material and having stiffeners and fixing straps. It is worn on the waist region for immobilization of the spinal column, reducing the load on it and relieving pain. corset for lumbar sacral spine Corsets for the lumbosacral spine differ in the degree of rigidity, material and size. Most of them are a wide belt of very dense fabric. In the back area, it is reinforced with metal or plastic plates or ribs. They can be 4 or 6, depending on the purpose of the corset. Sometimes the stiffeners cover the waist in a circle. Such a belt can fix only the lumbar region or partially capture the thoracic and sacral. The degree of fixation of the spine can be regulated by means of elastic fasteners. What are the corsets for?

These devices are prescribed for children and people suffering from spinal diseases, and even healthy. What are the functions of the corset for the lumbosacral spine?

- It supports the spine, reducing the load on the muscles.

- Corrects various deformities and curvatures of the spine.

- Reduces back pain.

- Fixes the spine and protects the vertebrae from displacement. corset for lumbar sacral spine with hernia

- Promotes rehabilitation after trauma.

- Helps in the treatment of herniated intervertebral discs.

- Relieves all painful pinches of nerves.

- Reduces the load on the lower back during exercise and heavy physical labor.

When is it recommended to wear?

Back pain may occur for a variety of reasons. Therefore corsets for the lumbosacral spine are prescribed not only for the sick, but also for healthy people. They are recommended to be worn:

- in sports;

- during heavy physical exertion;

- with prolonged sedentary work, for example, when driving a car;

- for women during pregnancy. corset for lumbar sacral spine female

But most often special corsets for the lumbosacral spine are prescribed for various diseases and injuries:

- herniated intervertebral discs;

- osteochondrosis;

- radiculitis;

- spondylarthrosis;

- osteoporosis;

- progressive scoliosis;

- state after operations;

- for rehabilitation after fractures and other injuries.

What types of corsets exist?

Depending on the purposes for which the band is intended, they can be divided into the following groups:

- fixing - slightly reduces the load on muscles and intervertebral disks;

- corrective - is designed to correct various curvatures of the spine, most often scoliosis;

- supportive - reliably fixes the spinal column in one position and facilitates the early recovery of vertebrae and discs;corset for lumbar sacral spine how to wear

- warming - is a soft wide belt that has a warm and mild massage effect, normalizing blood circulation and relieving pain.

Depending on the degree of fixation, all corsets are divided into the following groups:

1. Rigid - effectively support the spine, relieving the load on muscles and vertebrae and reducing pain. They provide immobility in the lumbosacral section, so they are often used to prevent and treat injuries. Wearing them for a long time is not recommended, except for cases of recovery from fractures and surgeries.

2. The semi-rigid belt retains the mobility of the spine, but makes the load on the muscles and vertebrae slightly smaller. It is used for pain in the back, for the prevention of trauma to the appearance of a hernia in heavy physical work. You can wear it for a fairly long time, but only after consulting a doctor. Such a corset for the lumbosacral spine with hernias is very effective and is prescribed quite often.

Special bandage for pregnant women

There is one more variety of such adaptations - a corset for the lumbosacral spine of a female. It is used during pregnancy. What are the goals of this belt? corsets for the lumbosacral spine

- The bandage helps the spine to cope with the increased load.

- Eliminates back pain, frequent during pregnancy.

- Helps prevent intervertebral disc herniation.

- Supports a large belly and prevents stretch marks.

- The corset also helps after pregnancy: it helps to restore the abdominal muscles.

How to use a corset with a hernia?

This disease causes severe pain and stiffness in the movements. Quite often, doctors recommend using for the treatment and prevention of a hernia corset. It not only helps to relieve pain, but also reduces the load on the damaged disk. Most often, semi-rigid corsets are used for this. They can have different ribs and inserts, as well as a massage pillow, which has an additional healing effect. The sense of wearing such a corset is that it unloads the muscles of the back and relieves their spasms, fixes the correct position of the vertebrae and has a slight heating effect. All this helps to cope with the hernia. It is shown wearing such a belt and for the prevention of pain, for example, with physical activity or playing sports. Rigid corsets are used only on the prescription of the doctor in especially severe cases of the disease or during recovery from surgery. You can wear them for no more than two hours.

Most popular models

An ordinary semi-rigid corset or a warm bandage in the form of a belt is inexpensive. Depending on the material of manufacture and manufacturer, such a product can be bought for one and a half to two thousand rubles. But additional rigid inserts, plastic frames and convenient fasteners increase its price. Special medical corset, prescribed for hernia, costs from 5 to 20 thousand rubles. And if done to order, the price can increase to 30 thousand. Its value depends heavily on the brand. The most popular manufacturers of orthopedic products produce original models that have returned the joy of free movement to thousands of patients. Therefore, it is best to purchase a corset for the lumbosacral spine of Oppo, Medi or Orlet. Despite the low price - from 2 to 11 thousand rubles, the products of these companies are very high-quality.

How to choose the right one?

Corset for the lumbosacral spine with hernia can only be used for the doctor's prescription. This device for the prevention and treatment of diseases of the spine, so his choice should be approached seriously. corset for lumbar sacral spine photo What are the recommendations for this?

1. Before buying a corset, you need to consult a doctor to help you choose the type and size. Such things are selected individually so that they can only bring benefit. If the desired device is not on sale, you can make it on order or search in online stores. There are different corsets for the lumbosacral spine. The photo will help you determine if it suits you.

2. Before buying a corset it is advisable to measure it so that it fits perfectly in size. The belt should not strongly squeeze the spine, so as not to cause swelling. But it's also not worth buying freely - it will not bring any benefit.

3. It is necessary to pay attention to the fabric of which the band is made: it must be hypoallergenic, breathable, and from the inside natural and soft. The most convenient and inconspicuous under the garment is a knitted corset for the lumbosacral spine.

How to wear?

You should not buy a corset yourself and wear it with any back pain. This is a serious orthopedic device, and its misuse can be harmful. There are special rules for wearing a corset:

- it is designed to be worn in an upright position. It is not recommended to stay in the corset, and even more so to sleep in it;special corsets for the lumbosacral spine

- it is necessary to fasten the fastening fasteners correctly. If the corset is tightened too tight, blood circulation may be disturbed and edema may develop, and a weak fixation of it will not bring any positive effect;

- it is undesirable to wear a corset for a very long time. The duration of wearing is determined by the doctor, but usually it is no more than 6 hours a day;

- if a doctor is ordered to wear a corset to get rid of the pains with a hernia, then it should be worn only with the appearance of painful sensations.