What should be the diet for dyskinesia bile ducts?

Dyskinesia today, according to experts, is a fairly common disease that leads directly to stagnation of bile, as well as subsequent disruption of the digestive tract. Among the main reasons leading to the development of this ailment, doctors call the following: hereditary factor, violation of diet, sedentary lifestyle, increased CNS excitability, etc. It should be noted that in order to combat this problem, it is not only necessary to take special medication, but also a special diet for dyskinesia. What is it different? This is what we will discuss in this article.

diet for biliary dyskinesia Diet for biliary dyskinesia. Basic principles of

Today, many believe that fasting promotes the competent removal of bile from the body. However, this statement is incorrect, since bile itself will only gradually accumulate, and meanwhile the symptoms of the disease will increase, in some cases even hospitalization may be required. According to experts, the diet for dyskinesia of the gallbladder should be fractional, that is, to provide about five or six meals a day. In addition, dinner should be eaten about two hours before bedtime. It is better if it consists exclusively of light dishes.

diet for dyskinesia Diet for biliary dyskinesia. Approximate diet

First and foremost, doctors strongly recommend that you give up fatty and cholesterol-rich foods. So, the diet should consist of lean fish or meat, a large number of vegetables and fruits. It is noteworthy that in the approximate percentage ratio, it is the food of plant origin that should be somewhat win. Special attention should be paid to watermelon, zucchini, apples, carrots and cauliflower. Of course, this list can be continued, but doctors recommend to base their own preferences. As an additional source of fiber, you can eat food bran, muesli, whole grain bread. The diet for dyskinesia of the bile ducts gives priority attention and the way of cooking. So, it is better to eat boiled and baked dishes, a good option is cooking and steaming. It is strictly forbidden to eat all sausages, fatty dairy products, alcohol, carbonated drinks, and smoked products.

diet for dyskinesia of the gallbladder Drinking ration. Useful recommendations

The diet for dyskinesia of the bile ducts suggests abundant drinking. For example, doctors advise daily to drink about two liters of the most ordinary still water. In addition, it is very useful to drink a variety of medicinal decoctions( for example, from rose hips or corn stigmas).


In conclusion, it should be noted that in any case, you should consult a specialist on nutrition in this ailment. It is he who will be able to select a competent, and most importantly, a useful diet, which, in turn, will have a beneficial effect on the course of the disease.