Medotvod from vaccinations: rules of registration, who and for what reasons issues

Today we will find out what the medotavod of vaccines is, how to get it and why it is needed. This document can be extremely important. Therefore, it is impossible in any case to avoid its registration, if there are prerequisites for the implementation of the process. Vaccination may not go as smoothly as you would like, if you neglect to refer to a medical worker. So what kind of document is this? immunodeficiency vaccination

What is this

Medotvod is a document that provides a respite for vaccination. Most often it is issued to children. He confirms the patient's contraindications for vaccination. Has a temporary effect.

Do not confuse a med-vod from vaccinations with rejection of them. In the first case, this is a medical official medical document, in the second - the decision of the parents. Usually, this certificate is issued at the discretion of doctors. After it, the pediatrician makes an individual vaccination schedule. And the subsequent vaccinations will do already taking into account the availability of a medical pilot.

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Who issues

Who should handle the issue of this document? It is not hard to guess that medical institutions are engaged in this, in which one or another citizen is observed on a permanent basis. Not necessarily it should be a state polyclinic, maybe private. The main rule is regular observation of a person with contraindications to vaccination.

The most common method of vaccination against vaccinations is given to children when examining the received tests and examining before the procedure. If a doctor suspects having contraindications, he should give a medical guide. The certificate is issued for free, it is issued very quickly. As practice shows, after the end of the inspection you will have to make a document - the basis.

Contents of

What is usually found in the medical device from vaccinations? Usually no special information is here. Only information about the patient, the date of issue of the certificate and the reason for the prohibition of vaccination. Also it is worth paying attention to the fact that the doctor writes the duration of the document. It is established in accordance with the legal norms in. The minimum period is a month, the maximum is a lifelong medical leader. By the way, the latter option is extremely rare. inoculations after the medical officer

In some cases, a medical guide from vaccinations to children and adults is given for 2 weeks. For example, after a cold. But in practice, the planned vaccination is postponed for 30 days.

The doctor fills in the appropriate form-reference, puts there the personal signature and seal of the medical institution - ready, you can not be afraid of another vaccination for another period. In some cases it is necessary to collect a consultation or a whole commission. Under similar circumstances, it will be necessary to wait for some time until a group of doctors decides how to deal with vaccination.

Temporary ailments

A mediator from vaccinations to adults and children is issued under the responsibility of medical personnel. Therefore it is important to have exactly the contraindications to vaccination. Otherwise, the issuance of a certificate can be regarded as a violation of the laws of the country. What can be attributed to the reasons for issuing a deferral of vaccination?

Some believe that the poor state of the child on this or that day is the perfect occasion for getting a medical discharge. But as practice shows, this is not so. If the child is healthy, but today he feels unwell, do not expect a delay from vaccination. You should have good reasons for getting help. medical vaccination against children

Yes, a temporary ailment can be a sign of serious health problems. But if the doctor does not see them, there is no interference with routine vaccinations. Parents themselves can write a temporary waiver of this procedure for a certain period of time.

Relative contraindications

Most often, the population is faced with the relative causes of deferments from vaccination. It can be said, this is a temporary phenomenon. There are a lot of relative reasons, the transfer can last a long time. But most often they include some deviations in the analyzes.

Do you need a medotovod from vaccinations? The reasons for which this certificate is issued for a time are various. These include:

  • chickenpox;
  • allergic reactions;
  • acclimatization of the child;
  • recent contact with any patient.

On this possible list of the relative reasons for obtaining medotvoda does not end. Just some items require more detailed consideration. So, what should I look for? medotvod from vaccinations cause

Temperature deviations

The most common variant of the development of events, in which a medical guide is given from vaccinations for a while, is the deviation of human temperature from the norm. Ideally, people should not be above 36.6 Celsius. But as practice shows, vaccination is carried out at a temperature of 36 to 37 degrees. So the situation is in reality.

If the child has a breakdown or fever, he should not be vaccinated. But even the medical operator can not give - doctors just say to come the next day to check the condition of the child. Maybe he just has a temporary decline in strength. Then you will be immediately vaccinated.

Practice shows that sometimes even a fever does not bother doctors, and they do not delay vaccination. So only irresponsible cadres behave. Unfortunately, this behavior is not so rare. After all, low / high temperatures are often considered a temporary phenomenon. medotvod from vaccinations to adults


Very often given medotvod from vaccinations after ARI.In the same way as after other diseases. After all, the relative reasons for obtaining our today's certificate include the presence of a disease. Anyway, which one. Even a common runny nose can cause a delay in the vaccination of the child and the adult.

Perhaps no one is going to vaccinate a sick child. As practice shows, in this case, the certificate-medotvod from vaccinations is issued for 2 weeks after the disease. Or as a whole for a month from the date of discovery of the disease.

Absolute release of

In addition to the relative reasons for obtaining a medical delay from vaccination, it is possible to single out an absolute exemption. In such circumstances, you or a lifelong cancellation of this or that vaccination, or about a year. What is the absolute reason for receiving a medotovod from vaccinations up to a year? This includes:

  • HIV and AIDS;
  • oncological diseases;
  • passage of chemotherapy;
  • Systematic diseases in chronic form;
  • anemia;
  • decreased hemoglobin;
  • allergic reactions to constituents of the vaccine;
  • acute diseases, accompanied by malignant course.

Often, under similar circumstances, patients are given a medical guide from vaccinations( specific) on a life-long basis. Usually, DPT is most often excluded from the standard vaccination list. It is quite normal, because this drug is considered heavy. He is not always well tolerated even by perfectly healthy children. By the way, vaccinations after the medical adviser will be conducted exclusively on an individual schedule. Otherwise, the risk of complications in a person at any age is high. Remember this. medical certificate from vaccinations

Consultation and commission

It has already been said that under certain circumstances a doctor can not independently decide to postpone vaccination. Instead, a medical commission is set up to assess the situation of a particular patient. In the end, the most correct decision will be made. And if the doctors find the grounds for delaying the vaccination really serious, you can completely cancel it. To very doubtful reasons medotvoda include:

  • negative reaction of the body to the previous vaccines;
  • any immunodeficiency;
  • insufficient body weight;
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • is an allergy to egg white in the patient.

It is also worth noting that some vaccinations can not be postponed for medical reasons. For example, everyone necessarily does ADS and ADSM.An exception is a lifetime exemption from vaccination. It is also believed that the vaccine against poliomyelitis, too, should be done to all those who have not been released from such injections for life.

After the medical operator

What if you were issued a medical certificate from vaccinations? It has already been said that this certificate requires the drawing up of an individual vaccination schedule. This is usually done by a pediatrician. But especially responsible parents prefer to contact a specialist immunologist. Only he can correctly make a schedule of vaccinations for you and your child, taking into account all the features. medotvod from vaccinations after orvi

If you are categorical about any vaccines and do not intend to do them to your child, you do not need to hammer your head with medical laboratories. Just write a refusal of vaccination. Parents themselves have the right to decide which vaccines to do and not do to their minor child. If you are afraid of negative consequences, you can for a certain period refuse such injections. For example, until the child turns 1 year old - by this time the immune system is already more stable. Many parents do just that. In any case, if you want to get the most accurate schedule of vaccinations, you need to contact the immunologist.