Water Pepper

Currently, a huge number of people are adherents of traditional medicine. According to her methods, human treatment is produced by drugs and substances, prepared only from natural ingredients. In addition, each person can prepare such funds at home. In general, practically all medicinal plants are first checked by ordinary people in practice. Only after some time they are interested in scientists: they either disprove the useful properties of some kind of herbs, or confirm them by experience.

To this variety of medicinal plants today is water pepper. What is it, you ask? Water pepper refers to buckwheat plants. It is often called a mountain peppery. This herb is known to people since ancient times. During the Middle Ages, many alchemists considered it a very valuable species. Water pepper grows in water. It tastes bitter and very bitter. Perhaps, that is why the plant received such a name. Water pepper lives only one year. Its height rarely exceeds sixty centimeters. It should be noted that its hot properties lose its pepper if it is subjected to drying or heat treatment of a different nature.

This herb most often grows on the shores of natural reservoirs. These are ponds, lakes and swamps. It occurs almost everywhere in the European part of our state. Collect water pepper is recommended in late August or early autumn. It must be cut with a special sickle or ordinary scissors. For the collection, both inflorescences and leaves are suitable. It is worth recalling that the drying of water pepper deserves special attention. It is necessary to constantly mix the grass, otherwise it quickly blackens.

In folk medicine, as mentioned above, water pepper is quite popular. Its use in recipes is due to the fact that the plant has many useful properties. For example, if a person has a strong headache, a fresh plant is pushed and applied to the back of the head. In addition, a disease called hemorrhoids is cured with the help of infusions from this plant: the baths of water pepper will help get rid of this ailment for a long time. Experts recommend the use of this plant with many other drugs in cases of bleeding.

Pepper water extract liquid any person can purchase at the pharmacies of their village. The cost of this tool is different. However, such an extract is available to everyone, since its price rarely exceeds fifty rubles per hundred milliliters. As for such a drug, it is much easier to use it in medicine. This is due to the fact that the concentration of useful elements specifically in the extract of such pepper is much higher. To produce it requires a large amount of the plant itself. However, only a few manufacturers subject the grass to processing with high temperatures. It is worth noting that due to this fact, the bulk of vitamins, acids and much more that is contained in water pepper, is preserved.

In conclusion, I must say that water pepper is contraindicated for some people. Do not use it as an external remedy if your skin is badly damaged. Remember that fresh grass is a burning agent. Pregnant women are also advised not to use water pepper. In any case, it is better to consult a specialist in advance. Be careful and take care of your health. Never do self-medication if you are not sure of the beneficial properties of the drug used.