What vitamins are fresh in cucumbers? What vitamins are found in cucumbers? What is the most vitamin in a cucumber?

Probably, there will not be a single person who, on a summer, hot day, is ready to give up a modest and crisp gherkin. And if they exist, they just do not know what vitamins are in cucumbers!

Available on the pocket vegetable and easily digestible, it becomes the king of spring-summer dishes. Its composition on 8/9 is made up of water, but 1/9 is a storehouse of irreplaceable elements that the body can not work out on its own.

Vegetable is so loved by a person that in the growing season it can be preserved in cans for consumption in winter.

History of

appearance The fruit-bearing and oriented to growth in Russian latitudes, the cucumber has absolutely different roots and is not Russian culture. The first mentions are found in Indian literature more than 5000 years ago. Knowing what vitamins are contained in cucumbers, a vegetable quickly fell in love in Egypt, Greece. As for Russia, there are opinions that it was imported from Asia and widely used in the 16th century.

Today you can meet the wild relatives of cucumbers in India. There is a legend that when cucumbers were rare, the Turkish sultan ordered to cut the stomachs of the courtiers to find out who ate the vegetable sent to him as a present.


To answer the question "what vitamins in cucumbers" it is necessary to disassemble the composition of the vegetable on the shelves. The figures are given per 100 grams.

The main element is water, it in cucumber is 95.2 grams. Carbohydrates in aggregate form 3,6 grams and consist of: sugar 1,7 gr;starch 0,8 gr;fiber 0.5 gr. The share of starch is so small that in comparison with potatoes it is 1:20, that is, in the latter it is 20 times larger. Low-calorie vegetable in the composition also has fats( 0.1 g.);proteins( 0.7 g.) and plant sterols.

Vitamins: B 1,2,3,6,9;A, E, C, K, PP.

Microelements: potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, sodium.

Microelements: selenium, iron, fluorine, zinc.

All together form in 100 grams of a cucumber only 14 kcal.

What is the most vitamin in a cucumber?

Among the vitamins listed above, an honorable place belongs to ascorbic acid( C), which contains 10 mg of the vegetable. Vitamin is known for its antioxidant, protective properties, positive influence on the psyche and help in the fight for slender forms. Of course, containing celery in its composition, ascorbic acid is not a rival to lemon, but it is not far from it( in the lemon of vitamin C contains 40 mg per 100 grams of product).

The presence of vitamins A, E promotes the production of collagen, protects the body from viruses and infections. Thanks to these vitamins, cucumber is used in cosmetology as a component of masks for bleaching skin and cleansing the face.

Vitamins of group B by their specific gravity in the vegetable composition occupy the last positions among other utilities, however, their small amount can positively influence the exchange processes.


Having understood what vitamins are contained in cucumbers, it will not be fair to leave aside potassium, which in the composition of the vegetable is 141 mg. This macro element provides normal life activity of a person: regulates the level of acids and salts;supports the work of the kidneys;struggles with fatigue;normalizes blood pressure and removes toxins.

The amount of potassium in cucumbers is comparable to its presence in strawberries, onions and mandarins. The daily requirement for this element for a person is 2 grams / day, that is, eating 300 grams of cucumbers, you can provide the body with 21% potassium from the average daily rate. This is more than enough, because, in addition to cucumbers, a person consumes meat, potatoes, fruits( bananas, citrus fruits) in the day, which also contain this macro-element.

Benefit from cucumbers

When brewing coffee, especially in hot seasons, remember what vitamins are in fresh cucumbers, set aside a cup of drink and eat a better crusty and healthy vegetable. The benefits of cucumbers are as follows:

  1. The high content of liquid in cucumbers helps the body avoid dehydration, eliminate toxins.
  2. When you watch a doctor, the use of juice from cucumbers is able in some cases to split stones in the gallbladder.
  3. The risk of cancer of the lactic and prostate gland, uterus, and ovaries is reduced.
  4. Rescue losing weight. People forced to sit on diets, no doubt, can eat a low-calorie vegetable, without fear for weight gain. Of course, in a moderate amount.
  5. Diabetes medication. Cucumber juice contains the hormone necessary for pancreatic cells to produce insulin.
  6. Pressure normalization. The leader among the vitamins - potassium, in combination with magnesium, helps people with high / low blood pressure.
  7. In everyday life the wiped mirror in the bathroom with a cucumber will become less foggy. A creaky door with greased cucumber loops will become quieter.

Female rescue

What vitamins in cucumbers - it is defined, but their effect on female attractiveness is not. As it turns out, you can not just enjoy the taste of a green vegetable, but also apply externally, saving money for beauty novelties.

Elementary and quickly remove the swelling of the eyelids and relieve fatigue from a long stay at the computer will help a couple of cucumber slices. It is only necessary to remove the make-up from the eyes and, applying cucumber slices for eyelids, lie down for 10 minutes. This method helps to get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

In the pursuit of a beautiful sunburn, skin burns occur. Remove the discomfort on sensitive areas of the body( face, neck) is helped by a mask of cucumber.

Tighten the skin of the face, smooth wrinkles, remove pigment spots, rejuvenate the procedures and means based on cucumber.

Knowing which vitamins a cucumber contains, many are unaware that the use of a vegetable as a food product and a cosmetic product can affect the elimination of cellulite.

Pickled cucumbers

The product is indisputably delicious and indispensable on the festive table. Marinated cucumbers increase appetite and add spicy taste to dishes. What vitamins are found in cucumbers after they are preserved? Unfortunately, with salting a vegetable and exposing it to heat treatment, vitamins are destroyed, but trace elements remain.

In the process of fermentation( this applies to salted, not pickled cucumbers), lactic acid is formed, which has a beneficial effect on metabolic processes, creating glucose and providing the body with energy.

Because of the high salt content, cucumbers cooked in this way are not recommended for people with hepatitis, cholecystitis and cholelithiasis. Also, pickled cucumbers are excluded from the diet for atherosclerosis, kidney disease, hypertension and chronic nephritis.


Knowing what vitamins in cucumbers are worth knowing about their contraindications. Vegetables grown with nitrates and pesticides are not recommended for anyone. If there is uncertainty about their origin, but really want to eat an early cucumber, it is suggested to protect the vegetable by removing the skin from it.

To people suffering from stomach diseases: gastritis, ulcer, hyperacidity, this product is contraindicated. Pregnant women should be cautious about using fresh and especially salted cucumbers. When overeating, upset stomach, bloating and belching is possible. In a small amount it is a storehouse of vitamins, trace elements and just a delicious additive to dishes.