How useful are tomatoes for the body? Properties and caloricity

Are tomatoes useful? This question, perhaps, was asked not by one person. This article will tell you about which tomatoes have useful properties and contraindications. Also you will learn about the calorie content of this vegetable and its application in certain situations.

than useful tomatoes for the body

Are tomatoes useful? Ask the doctor

If you are interested in this issue, then, most likely, you belong to a group of people who want to eat right. It is impossible to answer it unequivocally. Certainly, the useful properties of tomatoes( fresh or processed) are undeniable. However, some people should refrain from such food.

Nutritionists say that if you have any health problems, you need to consult a doctor before eating such a meal. Which tomatoes have useful properties and contraindications?

Limitations in the use of tomatoes

  • From the use of tomatoes it is necessary to abstain from people who are prone to allergies to this product. In this case, we are talking not only about fresh fruits, but also their derivatives.
  • Also tomatoes are contraindicated for lactating women. The product may lead to increased gas production and colic in the child. Tomatoes are also an allergen for infants.
  • If you suffer from liver and gall bladder diseases, then you absolutely can not eat tomatoes. Vegetable can provoke an exacerbation of pathology.
  • Patients with urolithiasis should discontinue use of the product.

Benefits of vitamins for humans

Useful substances in tomatoes are found in large quantities. Tomatoes can boast the following composition: vitamin C and E, B1 and B6, B2 and B5, A and PP.The vegetable contains calcium, magnesium, zinc, and many other useful substances.

All these components together have a fantastic effect on the body. A person becomes more cheerful and healthy with the regular use of these red vegetables for food. Let's consider in more detail, than tomatoes for a human body are useful.

how useful are tomatoes for women

For the digestive organs of

Why are tomatoes useful for the body? Fresh tomatoes contain a lot of dietary fiber. Most of them are in the peel. These substances are not digested in the stomach and intestines. They strengthen the perelstatics of the intestine. Due to this, the human body can get rid of fecal stones.

Digestion and stool with a similar diet is getting better. Vegetables, including tomatoes, are an excellent prevention of stomach diseases. Tomatoes are recognized as the strongest antioxidant. After a few weeks of daily consumption of tomatoes you will notice the ease and comfort.

tomatoes and nutrition

For a figure of

How useful are tomatoes for women? Tomatoes are a low-calorie product. With regular use of this vegetable, you can quickly get rid of extra pounds. In this case, you do not have to starve yourself and debilitating diets.

In 100 grams of tomatoes contains no more than 20 kcal. This energy value allows you to consume vegetables in unlimited quantities. The most useful is to eat tomatoes with boiled meat, vegetable oil, cheese and other fats. Such nutrition will contribute to the rapid absorption of nutrients. How can tomatoes be useful for women?

whether tomatoes are useful

Tomatoes and beautyNot the last role the vegetable plays in preserving beauty. Thanks to vitamins A and E, the product promotes a healthy complexion. The skin is tightened with time( with regular use of tomatoes).Also, many shortcomings disappear from the face and body. Tomatoes promote regeneration and healing. In addition to the internal effect, the vegetable can also have a local effect. To do this, prepare a mask based on a tomato or its juice. What are the benefits of tomatoes for the body? Scientists have found out that this vegetable is able to prevent the formation of cancer cells. Special protection of tomato affects the pancreas, thyroid and prostate gland. The tomatoes mysteriously inhibit the development and division of cancer cells. As a result, the disease abruptly recedes or does not strike at all.

It should be noted that for this purpose it is preferable to use tomatoes after heat treatment. It can be boiled, baked or stewed. Remember that tomatoes in the treatment of cancer are not a panacea. Do not give up traditional medicine, but just supplement it.

tomatoes useful properties and contraindications

Benefits for the Nervous System and Vessels

How useful are tomatoes to the body yet? The composition of tomatoes includes zinc and magnesium. These elements are simply necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. With the periodic use of the product, the veins and capillaries become stronger. To some extent, tomato can prevent the development of varicose veins and hemorrhoids.

Magnesium has a cumulative effect. That is why, with daily use, you can note that the sleep has settled, irritability has disappeared. Also, this element helps to improve efficiency and improve mood. It is impossible not to mention serotonin. It is a hormone of happiness, without which a person begins depression.

Effect on the protective functions of the body

Tomatoes contribute to the strengthening of immunity. Due to the high content of vitamin C in tomatoes, people are less sick. Ascorbic acid is a natural antibiotic. In case of illness, a shock dose of vitamin C can put on your feet. This does not mean that you need to eat several kilograms of tomatoes. Daily consumption of the vegetable will help strengthen the immune defense.

useful properties of fresh tomatoes

How to choose and prepare correctly?

To get the maximum dose of nutrients from tomatoes, it is necessary to choose and prepare the vegetable correctly. The best option is to grow the product yourself. If you do not have such an opportunity, then buy tomatoes in the store or in the market. The season of these vegetables begins in late summer and lasts until late autumn. It is during this period that tomatoes contain the greatest amount of nutrients.

The maximum benefit is obtained when eating vegetables in raw form. In this case, do not cut the skin. Prepare a salad or vegetable slicer. For heat treatment, it is better to choose quenching or baking. In this case, the curled peel can spoil the appearance of the dish. Remove it before cooking.

useful substances in tomatoes

Summing up the article

You now know how useful tomatoes are for the body. In addition to the positive qualities, the vegetable also has a pleasant taste. Always remember about contraindications to use. Cook tomatoes properly, eat them with pleasure and be healthy!