Useful information about drug treatment

As a rule, the decision to treat drug dependence is made by the drug addict when the level of his destructive social position and lifestyle reaches a critical boiling point and the emerging financial, legal and family problems begin to dominate the mind of the addicted person.

Often the search for ways to get rid of the addiction leads only to medical help. During such therapy, the patient is offered only methods of physiological influence on the body, thereby solving problems that are associated only with physical pain, the so-called breaking.

The process of recovery from drug dependence should take place in conjunction with a full psychological impact, during which the individual is being rehabilitated, self-esteem is increased, motivation for treatment is stimulated, and psychological correction, during which the addict's worldview changes. Such a package of measures leads to a full awareness of the inevitability of the final transition of the addict to a full-fledged constructive way of life within the framework of traditional social values.

How to quit drugs

Stages of drug dependence prevention

Based on the above, it is possible to formulate three key stages of effective drug dependence treatment and prevention of relapse:

  • Motivation;
  • Rehabilitation of the person;
  • Social support.

The first stage is a direct motivational process and narcological assistance, during which detoxification procedures are carried out by medication. However, this medical effect has no effectiveness without the proper level of psychological assistance, during which the patient's motivational mood is corrected. Without such work, psychologists can not achieve the proper level of therapy due to the banal reluctance of the addict to participate fully in the process of his own rehabilitation.

In addition, the environment of a drug dependent person should also change and create for the patient all the conditions under which he can feel himself a full-fledged part of society and finally take the path of rehabilitation.

After passing a full course of medical care, detoxification and fully realizing the need for treatment, the drug addict turns to the second important stage, which consists of a complex of psychological rehabilitation programs. Details about the methods of read here , the effectiveness of treatment depends on your understanding of the concept of the disease.

At this stage it is necessary to be careful enough not to get caught in unscrupulous pseudo-narcological rehabilitation centers. It must be understood that drug addiction is a disease, and therefore it is necessary to treat it with full responsibility, trusting psychological health, and with it the social adaptation of your loved one who has fallen into the drug addiction network, only to professional and reputable medical institutions. Learning the rules of sober life in the PERSONALITY program with useful information can be found on the official website of http: //

From theory to practice

Stages of drug treatment

Having gone through the so-called theoretical stage of psychological rehabilitation of a person, which can last from one month to six months, a drug addict must start implementing the third practical stage, during which the full realization of all the potential accumulated in the first two stages is carried out.

Realizing itself as a person and a full-fledged part of society, with its traditional values ​​and values, a drug addict needs to feel full support not only from his family and friends, but also from his mentor, who will become for him a so-called guide to the normal world of sobriety andconstructiveness.