Healing plant - mistletoe is white! Therapeutic properties and folk recipes

Mistletoe is covered with legends for its unique healing qualities. In ancient times, it saved people from various ailments, it was not without reason that they called it "grass of salvation."This shrub parasitizes on fruit trees and in diameter reaches 120 cm. The plant is attached to the bark of the tree and sucks the juice out of it, but does not kill it. It occurs mainly in the European part of the Russian Federation - in wooded groves. The mistletoe starts to bloom in February, and ripens by September. Fruits near the bush are round, white in color.

mistletoe white medicinal properties

How does the mistletoe deliver the white: the healing properties of

A plant that parasitizes fruit trees or hawthorn is most useful and is used in therapy for atherosclerosis, intracranial pressure, severe hypertension, brain trauma and heart pain. The healing effect of the mistletoe is white. Therapeutic properties, according to the medicine men, are amplified many times when it is mixed with the vinca small( quickly eliminates dizziness, migraine, vasospasms).

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Mistletoe, growing on willow, oak, black osokore or beech, heals from diseases of joints. Collected from a birch, a thorn or plums, can cure malignant formations of a mammary gland. Even if you can not find the right tree - it's ok, because the mistletoe is white( photo attached) from any donor has medicinal qualities.

Chemical composition and use of

The unique composition of mistletoe is famous. It contains practically all the useful microelements necessary for a person. In addition, the plant is rich in steroids, organic and fatty acids, triterpene saponins, rubber, carbohydrates, flavonoids and cardenolides. Traditional medicine offers a lot of recipes for medicinal products from this herb, which have a calming effect on the body.

mistletoe white properties

The mistletoe is anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, analgesic, wound-healing and diuretic. The healing properties of this plant help to strengthen immunity, expand blood vessels, lower blood pressure and eliminate depressive condition. Moreover, mistletoe berries increase lactation in lactating women.

It is recommended for menopausal disorders and nervous irritability that the mistletoe is white. The healing properties are effective when used together with the drug dose. Herbs in equal proportions are flooded with water, infused for 8 hours. The infusion is taken every two hours - 150 ml each. This herbal duet is recommended even for children suffering from hyperkinesis, as well as people with severe headaches and epilepsy.

Alcohol tinctures help cope with pain in the spine and joints( rub).Inside solutions are used for spasmodic cough, tuberculosis and bronchial asthma. Excellent stimulates the endocrine system, normalizes the functional activity of the thyroid gland and pancreas mistletoe white. The properties of the plant are also used to give vivacity, to remove unpleasant symptoms during hormonal reorganization, to increase efficiency.

mistletoe white photo

How to apply mistletoe white?

- Take a dessert spoon of chopped herbs and let it brew in boiled water( 250 ml) for 10 hours. Then extract the infusion, heat and consume 100 ml before eating.

- It will take 50 gr.stems of grass, which must be crushed and brewed with two glasses of water - insist half an hour and take 1/3 cup for 1.5 months.

- Dried leaves of the plant are brewed like tea and taken on a cup 3 times a day with honey - a course of not more than a month.

The natural preparation of mistletoe white is forbidden during pregnancy. Before starting treatment, consult a doctor, since the plant is toxic and can provoke severe cardiovascular disorders.