The longest coma, or the whole life without consciousness

The famous song sings: "There is only a moment between the past and the future."He is called our life. But what, even if this "moment" a person conducts unconscious? Is it worth in this case for him to stick? No one will give an exact answer to this question. However, there are cases when a person has been between life and death for decades and has grasped this "moment".Let's talk about the longest comas in which a person has visited.

A dream lifetime

The most debt of a coma was recorded in the US.At the end of 1969, the New Year, a 16-year-old girl with pneumonia got to the hospital. Be it an ordinary case in medical practice, she would undergo a course of treatment and return to a full life. But Edward O'Bara suffered from diabetes. On January 3, insulin did not reach the circulatory system, and the girl lost consciousness for many years.

The last phrase of modern "Snow White" was a request to the mother not to leave her. The woman kept her word: she spent thirty-five years at her daughter's bedside. She celebrated all her birthdays, read her books and believed in the best. I was away only for sleep and shower. In 2008, the mother died, and her sister was taken over by the sister of an unusual patient.

In November 2012, at the age of 59, "Snow White" died. Thus, the longest coma lasted 42 years.

the longest coma

It is noteworthy that all the unconscious years the poor girl held with her eyes open. She did not see or hear others, did not react to anything. Edvard O'Barasmoglu's eyelids can only be closed on the day of his death.

Is there a chance to wake up after many years?

Until recently, doctors were sure that between the life and death of a person is only the first month. Then his return to consciousness is impossible. Some relatives of patients did not like this situation, and they waited for years at the bed of a loved one until he wakes up.

The longest coma, after which the patient began to react to others, lasted 20 years. It was so many years that American Sarah Scantlin spent unconscious, after she was hit by a drunk driver. To be precise, unconscious, she spent 16 years. Then she began to communicate with loved ones with the help of the eyes. After another 4 years, some reflexes and speech returned to her. However, after awakening, Sara sincerely believed that she was still 18 years old.

Edward of the Bar

In fact, the longest coma, after which a person came to, happened with a resident of Poland - Jan Gbsky. Pole unconscious spent 19 years. When Yang woke up, most of all he was amazed at the number and assortment of goods in stores. And not for nothing. He "fell asleep" in the early eighties, when martial law was introduced in the country. Gzhbsky came to himself in 2007.

Cases in Russia and Ukraine

In these countries, too, there are cases of a miraculous return to life. So, the Russian teenager Valera Narozhnigo came to his senses after 2.5 years of deep sleep. In a coma, a 15-year-old boy found himself after being struck with an electric shock.

A Ukrainian young man, Kostya Shalamaga, spent 2 years unconscious. He was in a hospital bed after the accident. A 14-year-old boy who was riding a bicycle was hit by a car.

hyperglycaemic coma symptoms

Of course, both of these examples can not take place in the Guinness Book of World Records in the category "The longest coma".But the parents probably did not want the boys to become famous in this way. In both cases, relatives say that the miracle happened, because the relatives prayed and believed in it.

Life after a "long sleep"

The longest coma from which a man came out made scientists return to the study of this unconscious state. Now it is known that the brain is able to recover itself. True, it is not yet clear how to "include" this mechanism.

African researchers believe that you can find a cure for a coma. According to them, it is possible to temporarily bring a person to consciousness in our days. Some sleeping pills have such properties. However, this issue has been little studied.

So far, according to observers, the most difficult for a person who has been between life and death is psychological adaptation. It is difficult for a patient to believe that he is older, his relatives have grown old, children have grown, and the world has become different.

the longest coma after which a man came to himself

Some people, after returning from a deep sleep, just do not understand their loved ones. So, for example, Englishwoman Linda Walker, waking up, began to speak in Jamaican dialect. Doctors believe that the case is associated with genetic memory. Perhaps Linda's ancestors were the bearers of this language.

Why do people fall into a coma?

It is still not clear why some people fall into this state. But each case shows that there was some deviation in the body.

At the moment more than 30 types of coma are known:

  • traumatic( accident, injury);
  • thermal( overcooling, overheating);
  • toxic( alcohol, drugs);
  • endocrine( diabetes), etc.

Any kind of deep sleep is a dangerous state between life and death. In the cerebral cortex, inhibition occurs, the work of the nervous system and blood circulation is disrupted. At the person reflexes extinguish. It is more like a plant.

the longest coma lasted 42 years

It used to be that a person does not feel anything in a coma. Everything changed, after the incident with Martin Pistorius. The young man fell into a coma because of a sore throat, and lived there for 12 years. After awakening in 2000, Martin said that he felt everything and understood, he simply could not give a signal. At present, the man is married and works as a designer.

Hyperglycemic coma, symptoms and emergency care

Diabetic who should be singled out in a separate row. It was in it that the first heroine of our article was 42 years old. The main thing is that at the initial stage of this disease, a person can be helped.

When in the body with diabetes increases blood glucose and accumulates toxins, then the hyperglycemic coma develops. Symptoms of the disease are as follows:

  • is growing in weakness;
  • is constantly thirsty;
  • is losing appetite;
  • frequent urge to enter the toilet;
  • increases drowsiness;
  • skin turns red;
  • breathes faster.

After these symptoms, a person can lose consciousness, fall into a coma and die. To prevent this, you need to urgently enter insulin intravenously or intramuscularly. And also call an ambulance.

the longest coma

The main thing is not to mix this type of loss of consciousness with hypoglycemia. With the last disease in the blood in the blood sugar drops. Insulin in this case will only hurt.