Humble - a liquid for electronic cigarettes with a secret

Beginner steamers probably do not know what Humble is. The liquid for electronic cigarettes with this name, however, has long enjoyed a well-deserved popularity all over the world. This is evidenced by numerous positive reviews of both specialists and supporters of the non-standard method of smoking.

Product Description

Humble is a liquid that is used in electronic cigarettes as the main reagent.

humble liquid

It consists of the following basic components:

  1. VG.Vegetable glycerin, which is responsible for the process of vaporization itself. For the human body, this element is practically harmless. But the more it is contained in the product, the more intense the process of formation of steam.
  2. Flavors or flavors. They perform an aesthetic role more. These products are needed to saturate the smoke with certain flavors.
  3. PG.Propylene glycol. It does not affect the formation of smoke. The task of this ingredient is to enhance the transfer of taste from the flavors. This ability of propylene glycol has long been used in the food industry and medicine.

Typically, Humble is a liquid that is a mixture in which the ratio of the main components of VG / PG = 80/20.This combination is considered optimal for the consumer to get maximum pleasure.


Humble - a liquid created by American specialists. This product has radically changed the idea of ​​goods from overseas. Previously, they were considered very expensive and almost inaccessible to the domestic consumer. With the advent of the new brand, the situation has changed significantly. Since 2015, Humble Juice Co. has been producing liquid. This is a young company, which immediately announced itself loudly. She decided to break the existing traditions regarding the price and quality of premium products. The company's work is aimed at ensuring that the product it produces has: • The quality of the

  • ;
  • relatively low price;
  • is a unique fragrance.

The unity of these three indicators allowed the new company to take a leading position among manufacturers of similar products. Today, its products are considered an excellent purchase for those who appreciate good quality and do not mind at the same time save money.

The price of pleasure

People who are just beginning to get involved in the electronic way of smoking understand that this is not an expensive pleasure. Here we mean not only the cost of the devices themselves and supplies to them. Many are at times struck by the price of liquids, which are used for vaporization. In sum, the value of such expenditures is fairly decent. This circumstance prompted the company Humble Juice Co to revise the issue of pricing their products.

liquid for electronic cigarettes humble

This firm decided to go first to meet its consumer. The liquid for electronic cigarettes Humble is unique in that, given the excellent quality of the original ingredients and a rich choice of fragrances, the price of the finished product is more than democratic. It is almost three times cheaper than numerous analogues of the premium class. Depending on the specific seller, its value ranges from 950 to 1600 rubles. This amount is completely available to any owner of an electronic cigarette. In addition, the low price allows them to pamper themselves more often with new flavors.

Customer's opinions

Beginners are always interested in the opinion of experienced vapers. To choose for yourself a particular product, you need to learn more about it. Young followers of the idea of ​​e-smoking want to hear how professionals treat the new sensational brand. So is Humble really good? Reviews of the overwhelming number of steamers about this product are only positive.

liquid humble reviews

First, no one doubts the excellent quality of the original components. This, of course, is a big plus for any product. Secondly, the flavor characteristics of the couple in this case are worthy of the highest praise. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the rich choice of fragrances, where everyone can find a suitable option for themselves. Thirdly, the relatively low price for a large enough bottle of 120 milliliters attracts those customers who see a direct benefit in their choice. If you put all the advantages together, the solution comes by itself. Everyone will want to try a product that has so many advantages.

Product details

What is interesting and unique in its way to Humble( liquid)?The review of this product will help the consumer to understand all the subtleties even before the purchase.

humble fluid review

You should start from the bottle. Opaque plastic packaging with a screw cap is very convenient and practical, since it additionally has protection from children and a control system for the first opening. The kit also has a special cap with a dispenser for direct liquid pouring. Thanks to him, even an inexperienced beginner can cope with refueling. The advantages of Humble can also be attributed to large volumes of vials. This allows the steamer to ensure for a long time that he enjoys his favorite fragrances. Do not often run around the shops and look for the right product. In addition, the undisputed advantage of this liquid is its low by world standards price for a sufficiently large( 120 milliliters) volume. The cost of such a product is available to anyone who has decided to become a viper. Due to the variety of tastes available Humble will always be able to find its buyer. But it's worth talking about separately.

A variety of flavors

Today many vaporists are interested in the Humble liquid. The tastes offered by the manufacturer are quite diverse and original. The line of the new brand now has 10 flavors:

  1. American Dream is translated as "the American dream".It is the taste of crispy rice snacks with fruity notes. This is the breakfast of an ordinary American.
  2. Donkey Kahn contains the aroma of banana-strawberry smoothies.
  3. Humble Crumble. It resembles the taste of the famous blueberry cake with cinnamon, which for Americans is a popular option for a quick snack.
  4. Berry Blow Doe. It looks like a candy with a raspberry-blueberry taste.
  5. Hop Scotch is a mixture of sweet iris, vanilla and creme brulee.
  6. Vape the Rainbow is reminiscent of the Skeetles fruit candies with a taste of sweet sherbet.
  7. Smash Mouth. Here everything is simple. The aroma is identical to the custard with strawberries.
  8. Unicorn Treats are wonderful corn flakes with marshmallow marshmallows.
  9. Sweater Puppets contains the aroma of sweet melon and mango.
  10. Pee Wee Kiwi. Already from the name itself it is clear that this is kiwi, apple and watermelon.

liquid humble tastes

The rich choice allows the buyer to choose exactly the option that he needs to create the right mood.