"Mexibel"( "Belmedpreparaty"): reviews, instructions for use, release forms

"Mexibel" from "Belmedpreparatov" is a medicament that provides antihypoxic, antioxidant, nootropic, anticonvulsant, membrane-protective, anxiolytic effects.

Forms and specificity of the composition

The preparation has two forms of release.

1) Coated tablets. mexibel preparations medications

Each tablet "Mexibela" from "Belmedpreparatov" contains the active substance: succinate methyl ethylpyridinol( one hundred twenty five milligrams).Excipients are: methylcellulose, calcium stearate, lactose monohydrate, silicon dioxide, colloidal anhydrous, povidone K-25, opadrai II color( batch 85F), white, potato starch, sodium croscarmellose.

2) Solution for injection in a 5% concentration, which contains 0.2 grams mexidol as an active ingredient. Reviews about "Mehibele" from "Belmedpreparatov" are presented below.

Pharmacological properties of

The drug increases the resistance of the patient's body to stress and the influence of the main damaging symptoms, as well as to oxygen-dependent pathological conditions( hypoxia, intoxication with antipsychotics and alcohol, shock, ischemia, cerebral circulation defects, etc.).Has a hypolipidemic effect of moderate degree.

Due to the use of the drug, the state of the membrane structures of blood cells is stabilized, the leukocytes and platelets become more stable during hemolysis, the physico-chemical changes in the properties of the membranes of nervous tissue cells are reduced( viscosity of the lipid bilayer decreases, the membrane fluidity increases and the proportion of lipid-protein increases), andthis, in turn, has a beneficial effect on biosynthetic and metabolic activity.
mexibel preparations medications

The lipid peroxidation is inhibited, the activity of superoxide dismutase increases, the content of cGMP and cAMP inside the cell increases, the activity of enzymes bound by the membrane is modulated( acetylcholinesterase, adenylate cyclase, Ca-independent phosphodiesterase), receptor complexes( acetylcholine, GABA, benzodiazepine)to binding to receptors and improving the transport of neurotransmitters, as well as the transfer of synaptic).According to the reviews, the instruction for "Mebisel" "Belmedpreparatov" is available in each pack.

Due to the use of the drug, the content of dopamine in the brain increases, the compensatory activation of aerobic glycolysis increases, oxidation-reduction processes in mitochondria under hypoxic conditions are restored, the synthesis of creatinine phosphate and ATP increases. Decreased toxemia of enzymes and endogenous intoxication in acute pancreatitis.

The effectiveness of

The injections of "Mebel"( "Belmedpreparaty") improve the working capacity and memory of patients, exert anxiolytic influence, eliminate tension, anxiety, anxiety, fear, improve the emotional background. In addition, the drug has a neuroprotective effect, stimulates the recovery-adaptive processes in the brain in the presence of craniocerebral trauma.
mexibel preparations medications

Accelerates the evolution of intracranial hemorrhages, including also post-traumatic hemorrhages. In patients who suffered a serious cerebral circulation defect as a component of complex treatment, it favorably influences the processes of oxygen transport in the brain during hypoxia, reducing the maximum respiratory rate and increasing the steady-state level of oxygen partial pressure in the nervous tissue. It also reduces the consequences determined by reperfusion syndrome during coronary insufficiency.

Reviews about "Mebisel"( "Belmedpreparaty") are of interest to many.

When is the drug used?

The drug is used as an integral part of complex therapy with:

- circulatory disorders of the brain of an acute nature, determined by a traumatic brain injury;

- cognitive disorders in atherosclerotic lesions of brain vessels of the head;

- intellectual insufficiency and memory disorders in elderly patients;

- intoxication;

- withdrawal syndrome against alcoholism, if there are vegeto-vascular and neurosis-like defects;

- anxiety disorders in neurotic and neurotic states;
mexibel protein medications

- purulent-inflammatory processes of acute form occurring in the abdominal cavity( peritonitis, necrotic acute pancreatitis);

- poisoning of acute nature by antipsychotic drugs. According to reviews, the injections of "Mexibel"( "Belmedpreparaty") are very effective.


The drug in the form of tablets is taken orally from 0.25 to 0.5 grams per day in two to three doses. The maximum dose ranges from 0.6 to 0.8 grams. The duration of therapy is from two to six weeks. With the purpose of suppressing alcohol withdrawal from five to seven days. Each patient is individually selected the dosage of the drug, which is determined by the degree of the disease. Gradually, the treatment stops, the dose decreases for two to three days.

In the form of a solution, the drug is injected into a vein, drip, from forty to sixty drops per minute. Dosage is also selected individually. In a day it is recommended to apply from five to ten milligrams per kilogram. The maximum daily norm is 800 mg. This points to the tablets "Mexibel"( "Belmedpreparaty") instruction.

Special instructions

In the treatment of acute brain blood circulation, the drug is used as part of a complex intravenous drip treatment of two to three hundred milligrams a day for five to seven days, after which a switch to intramuscular injection is administered in the form of an injection of two hundred milligrams twiceper day. Maximize the dose can be up to five hundred milligrams, if the course of the disease is more severe. Treatment lasts from ten to fourteen days.
mexibel preparations medications

With dyscirculatory encephalopathy in decompensation state, intravenous drip medication should be prescribed for hundred-two hundred milligrams two to three times a day for two weeks, and after that, the introduction of the muscle within two hundred milligrams during the same period.

With an alcohol withdrawal syndrome, a drip intravenous drug is administered, two to three hundred milligrams from five to seven days.

Intoxication with acute antipsychotics presupposes intravenous use, from one hundred to three hundred milligrams for one to two weeks.

When purulent inflammatory processes occur in the acute form in the abdominal cavity, the dosage is determined by the severity of the pathology, variants of the course, the prevalence of the processes. Cancellation is carried out gradually, only after achieving a stable clinical and laboratory effect of a positive nature.

With interstitial edematous pancreatitis in acute form, one hundred milligrams is prescribed three times a day drip.

With the easy flow of necrotic pancreatitis, intravenously is administered from one hundred to two hundred milligrams three times a day: at an average degree, two hundred milligrams;when heavy in the first day is used in a pulse-dose of eight hundred milligrams, divided into two methods, then three hundred milligrams twice a day, gradually the daily dose decreases. If the course of the disease is very severe, then the initial dose is equal to eight hundred milligrams per day until the symptoms of pancreatogenic shock are permanently blocked, as soon as the condition stabilizes, intravenously administered three to four hundred milligrams twice a day, the daily dose gradually decreases. Cancellation should also not be harsh, carried out after a persistent improvement in performance. mexibel protein medications tablets

Side-effects of

According to reviews, the "Mexibel"( "Belmedpreparaty") digestive system can react as follows: "metallic" aftertaste, dryness, flatulence, nausea and diarrhea. Among other side effects, there is a state of spilling heat on the body, drowsiness, allergic reactions.


Sensitivity of an individual character to a drug. Liver and / or renal failure of an acute nature, age to eighteen years, gestation period, lactation time. The drug is used with caution in the presence of a history of hypersensitivity reactions. mexibel medications medication

Reviews of "Mebebel"( "Belmedpreparaty")

Patients' reviews of the use of the drug are controversial. Among its advantages is efficiency and affordable price. The drug quickly helps, eliminates severe headaches. However, the injections are quite painful, so they need to be injected gradually to reduce discomfort. At the same time, it is noted that there is a high risk of side effects, such as chills, weakness in muscles, a sharp increase in pressure. Therefore, the drug should be used only after a medical consultation.