About how Hepatitis C is transmitted to everyone

Hepatitis C is an infectious disease that causes parasites that damage human liver cells. They are very small, but their multiplication leads to cell death, which causes inflammation in the liver - viral hepatitis C. In most cases, this disease can not go on its own and goes into a chronic form.

The peculiarity of hepatitis C is that for a very long period of time it is asymptomatic. But at the same time the infection continues its development, and the person, without even knowing about it, is the source of infection. The number of people with this disease is high enough, so everyone should know how hepatitis C.

is transmitted. There are following ways of infection with hepatitis C:

  • In contact with infected blood or its components;
  • Sexual;
  • From mother to child during gestation and childbirth.

Infection through the blood can occur not only when it is transfused. Very often it occurs through second-hand syringes, filters, needles, etc. You can catch and when using scissors and other manicure accessories, razors or toothbrushes. Infection can result in the use of improperly treated tools for piercing, tattooing, and even dental treatment.

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Just as hepatitis C is transmitted, that is, through sexual transmission, there is infection with sexually transmitted diseases, HIV, hepatitis B virus. Especially the risk of infection in people who have inordinate contacts with a lot of partners.

The cases of transmission of a virus from a sick mother to a child during pregnancy and childbirth are not more than 5%, and about half of such children are cured of it independently.

Knowing how hepatitis C is transmitted and observing not very complicated rules, you can protect yourself from this disease. In medical institutions, the control over the instruments used is very strict, which allows us to speak of a minimal risk of infection. Often, infection occurs through non-sterile syringes, which are used by drug addicts. This fact is another reason to leave this addiction.

Personal care products, including manicure tools, toothbrush, razor, should be kept separately. In case you come to the salon to do a manicure, pedicure, piercing or tattoo, pay attention to the tools that the specialist is going to use. If they are not disposable, turn around 180 degrees and leave. The hepatitis C virus has a high pathogenicity, so it is possible to get infected by contact even with a minimal amount of blood, which is virtually invisible.

When practicing sex, you need to protect yourself with condoms and monitor the condition of the mucous membranes. If they have microtraumas or cracks, then the risk of infection is significantly increased.

In order to prevent intrauterine infection of the fetus, the expectant mother should be observed with an infectious disease specialist who will give detailed recommendations to avoid exacerbation of the disease and give birth to a healthy baby.

The consequences of hepatitis C are very serious. In this disease, liver function is very complicated and any additional stresses, such as alcohol, medications, poor nutrition, can lead to a disease such as cirrhosis of the liver, and sometimes to cancer. In addition, it is possible to damage the kidneys, nervous system, skin, joints, lungs and other organs and systems.

Knowledge of how hepatitis C is transmitted and compliance with generally accepted rules can significantly reduce the likelihood of infection. But in case you or your loved ones have this disease, do not despair. In the treatment of chronic forms of hepatitis C, long-term remission can be achieved, and in the acute form, 20% of patients recover completely.