Whether it is possible to heat a throat at an angina? Angina in children: symptoms and treatment

Persecution and sore throat are standard signs of infectious diseases transmitted by airborne droplets. If it's all clear with colds and SARS( these diseases pass quickly and without consequences), then what about with sore throat? This pathology often takes a chronic form. Therefore, it is so important to treat it correctly. Many patients ask themselves: is it possible to heat a throat with a sore throat? Today you will learn about the consequences and ways of carrying out this manipulation.

Is it possible to warm a throat with a sore throat

Angina in children

The most common tonsillitis occurs in childhood. The reason for this is staying in large groups: kindergartens, schools, on the site. Angina is a fairly contagious disease. It can be caught by airborne droplets or by personal contact. You can get sore throat even yourself, being in an isolated room."How?" You ask. Everything is very simple!

The causative agent of angina may be fungi, viruses or bacteria. The latter most often cause such a disease. If you suffer from a chronic bacterial runny nose or have tooth decay, then microorganisms easily affect the tonsils with the slightest decrease in immunity. Overcooling, overwork, stress, a small cold - and now the child has already fallen ill with angina. How to distinguish pathology from a viral infection or another disease?

Symptoms of

How does the disease manifest in children? Everything depends on the severity of the disease and its kind. In all cases, there is a fever. The values ​​of the thermometer are 38-40 degrees. With a sore throat always hurts. Often a child can not eat normally. Strong discomfort delivers even a drink. If you look into the throat, you will see enlarged tonsils, which can have a purulent coating in the form of dots or lacunae. This sign indicates a purulent bacterial tonsillitis, which is more dangerous for its complications than for viral diseases.

With a sore throat, the child may have a headache or stomachache. Sometimes there is a digestive disorder, accompanied by increased gas formation and dilution of the stool. In tonsillitis, the patient experiences general weakness and apathy, increased drowsiness. You can not tolerate the disease on your feet, as it can cause complications: rheumatism, renal pathology, heart and vascular diseases.

angina in children with symptoms and treatment

Methods of treatment

Angina in children, whose symptoms and treatment is determined and prescribed by the doctor, often occurs in acute form. This is the easiest to cure. When rendering wrong or untimely help to the patient, tonsillitis takes a chronic form of the flow. It is more difficult to get rid of such a disease. Depending on what angina has symptoms in children, and treatment should be prescribed accordingly.

For bacterial damage, antibiotics are prescribed. To date, the most effective means for fighting tonsillitis can be considered penicillins with the addition of clavulanic acid: "Augmentin", "Amoxiclav."If a child has an allergy to these medicines, which is not uncommon, then cephalosporins or sulfonamides are prescribed. Symptomatic therapy involves the use of antipyretic and analgesic agents. If tonsillitis occurs with nasal congestion, to facilitate breathing, the child is prescribed vasoconstrictor in the appropriate age-related dosage.

Is it possible to heat a throat with a sore throat with a blue lamp

Local treatment

Sore throat with angina can be quickly stopped with local medications. Antiseptic and analgesic troches( Strepsils, Septotelet) are used in children only after 4-6 years. Since 4 years, antibacterial tablets for resorption have been used( Gramcidin, Grammidine).Sprays for irrigation are allowed from 2-3 years: Ingalipt, Tantum Verde. The Bioparox preparation for the treatment of angina has proved to be well established. But recently it has been banned due to frequent adverse reactions.

Can I warm my throat with sore throat?

Many parents do not want to stuff their child with pills, especially antibiotics. They prefer to resort to grandmother's methods of treatment. Thermal procedures in this case come to the fore. Before resorting to such, you should check with your doctor if you can warm your throat with sore throat. After all, it is possible that manipulation will harm your child, and without any help.

When asked if the throat can be heated with purulent sore throat, doctors respond negatively. The reasons for refusing such a procedure are mass.

  1. When warming, a rapid expansion of the vessels, which can trigger the entry of bacterial infection through the bloodstream to other organs and systems( a complication of sore throat).
  2. Thermal treatments promote the spread of pathogenic flora through the lymphatic system. The tonsils are its top.
  3. Heat is the best medium for bacteria multiplication. Warming the throat of a child, you feed microorganisms, and do not destroy them.

So, a complete contraindication for warming up the throat with angina is its purulent form and high fever. There is an opinion that at the very beginning of the disease, when there is no plaque yet, and of all the signs there is only pershenia, such manipulations can be useful. It is important to execute them correctly.

Is it possible to heat the throat with angina salt

Ways of warming up with improvised means

There are several proven ways to warm up the throat:

  • heat salt in a dry frying pan, wrap it in a handkerchief and attach it to the neck;
  • make an iodine net on the skin in the tonsil area;
  • boil the potatoes and get some hot steam.

These manipulations have long been used by our ancestors for warming up. Modern medical professionals are skeptical about such actions. You can experiment as much as you like, but it will not lead to anything good. For example, alcohol is dangerous for a child's body. As it turned out, even from diluted vodka, do not compress. With a hot steam you can burn the delicate skin of the baby. In addition, sitting near the boiling water is not so safe for a small child. On iodine, some children may have an allergy. If you do not know whether it is possible to heat the throat with angina salt or other methods described, it is better to consult a pediatrician. It is possible to say with high probability that the doctor will prohibit such manipulations.

Is it possible to heat a throat with purulent angina

To warm the throat from the inside

Hot tea with angina warms the inflamed mucous from the inside. But will he help in the treatment of tonsillitis? Of course not!

Boiling water, which the child will drink, can only aggravate the pathology. The hot liquid that adults can use is not always as easily accepted by a child. One wrong move, a big sip, and the mucous is already burned. This, in turn, will create favorable conditions for the development of microorganisms. Hot tea with angina is better to replace with warm mors from guelder-rose, cowberries or other antiseptic berries.

For the treatment of tonsillitis, Lugol is often used. Iodine solution can rightly be considered an effective remedy. It has not only a warming effect, but also destroys pathogenic microorganisms and promotes the regeneration of tissues. Use this drug should only be prescribed by a doctor.

hot tea with angina

Minidum lamp

Can I warm my throat with a blue lamp? According to some physicians, this remedy really can be useful in the treatment of tonsillitis. Do not confuse the blue lamp with ultraviolet. Their principle of operation is completely different. The Minin lamp sends infrared radiation, delivering heat to the desired area. Unlike the ultraviolet, it is not capable of causing burns, and also has no bactericidal effect. The blue lamp removes puffiness, improves blood circulation, promotes tissue regeneration, increases immunity. Viral angina is one of the indications for the use of this device. It is forbidden to heat the throat with this device with a purulent deposit and an increase in body temperature.

sore throat

Summing up

If you doubt whether it is possible to heat a throat in a sore throat to a child, then it is better not to perform such manipulation. Visit the pediatrician for a suitable treatment. If a specialist recommends antibiotics, then they better not give up. Good health to you!