What to do if it hurts to swallow and what is it related to

Everyone has experienced pain in his throat at least once in his life. However, not everyone is able to identify the true cause of the puffiness of the larynx. In this article we will try to understand this problem.

Often this is due to viral diseases. Influenza viruses and common cold are our frequent "guests".Often, the culprits of unpleasant sensations in the throat are bacteria. Together with oxygen, an incredible amount of harmful bacteria and viruses penetrate into our body, however, if immunity works, then it struggles with them.

Bacterial infection is transmitted through household items: toys, phone, personal care products. It is enough to touch the door handle, and after unwashed hands rub your eyes and nose, in order a few days to get sick, for example, with sore throat. A person starts chills, it hurts to swallow, a runny nose appears and the temperature rises.

The high contagiousness of viral diseases allows bacteria to cover a very wide audience in a few days. At the initial stage, the patient can infect several dozen people. It's not for nothing that doctors all over the world advise people in the peak of seasonal exacerbation of bacterial and respiratory-viral infections to avoid the place of congestion of a large number of people.

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Why does it hurt to swallow?

There are a number of causes and factors for the onset of sore throats that are not associated with a viral etiology. In particular, the following factors may lead to this:

· Allergic reactions. Some people have allergies to animal hair, mold, pollen of plants, dust. They experience nasal congestion, they are painful to swallow, there is abundant watering and runny nose.

· Low humidity in rooms. In winter, when the heating season starts, the humidity of the air decreases significantly. In the morning, many people have dryness and a sore throat. If you have a stuffy nose and you breathe with your mouth, in this case the laryngeal mucosa dries up and loses its elasticity, which makes it difficult for a person to swallow, and has a feeling of puffiness.

· The next reason is external stimuli: air pollution, smoking, frequent use of spirits, spicy dishes and so on.

· Disturbance of gastroesophageal reflux. With this disease, there is a constant irritation of the larynx and esophagus with gastric juice, which penetrates there from the stomach, due to improper functioning of the sphincter.

· If a person is constantly sick of swallowing while eating, this can indicate the formation of a tumor. It can develop in the tongue, throat and larynx. Pain can then appear, then disappear. It is urgent to visit a doctor and make ultrasound.

· Impaired immunity due to chemotherapy, taking medications, diabetes, overwork or HIV infection.

· Chronic diseases: sinusitis, sinusitis, often affect the throat.

In childhood and adolescence, streptococcal infections are more common. If an adult is ill several times a year with colds, then a child under 18 years can be five to six times a year. First of all, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system, eat and harden properly.

If you are painful to swallow and you experience constant discomfort in the larynx - contact the following specialists: infectious diseases specialist, pediatrician( therapist), lor( otorhinolaryngologist).In time, the treatment will save you from serious diseases.

For prevention and treatment, you can rinse your throat with infusion of chamomile, red beet juice, soda, calanchoe. It helps and relieves the inflammation of elder Siberian, it is brewed, and then they perform the procedure for rinsing the throat.