Myostimulation: contraindications, recommendations and results

Myostimulation is a method of influencing the tissues and muscles of the human body with the help of electrical pulses possessing certain characteristics. Initially used in medicine for the rehabilitation of patients with central nervous system diseases and serious injuries, myostimulation of the body has found its application in cosmetology. With her help, you can eliminate many visible age-related changes - for example, sweat the press, tighten the buttocks, restore the lost skin tone.

For the procedure, we use an apparatus called a miostimulator. The effect is carried out with the help of electrodes, attached or superimposed on certain parts of the body or face. Impulse currents cause the muscles to actively contract. Simultaneously, the effect on subcutaneous fatty tissue, skin and blood vessels. On the effectiveness of exposure to the body, one session of myostimulation can be compared with an intensive two-three-hour training. However, myostimulation, contraindications to which should be taken into account, has a serious advantage over conventional fitness: it allows you to work selectively on those parts of the body, whose appearance can not be corrected by training.

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As a result of the procedure, muscles are not only pumped up, but blood circulation and lymph drainage are improved, as well as microcirculation in tissues. Thanks to this, myostimulation, contraindications to which should be carefully studied before contacting a cosmetology clinic, is, among other things, an effective means of combating cellulite. It allows you to cope with postnatal stretch marks: they become less noticeable, and the skin on them begins to tan.

Indication for carrying out myostimulation of the face is a loose, flabby skin( including on the eyelids), puffiness and excessive fat layer, wrinkles. At first, peeling is usually done, since the upper stratified corneum cell layer can reduce the effectiveness of the procedure. The result of myostimulation is a tightened face oval, the disappearance of fine wrinkles and the transformation of pronounced, deep folds into less visible ones, getting rid of bags under the eyes, and also a visible improvement in the condition of the eyelids, one of the most problematic areas of the face, in which the age-related changes are most pronounced.

However, no matter how effective and safe is myostimulation, contraindications to this procedure can not be ignored. They are quite serious: first of all, different neoplasms, renal failure, liver disease, tuberculosis in active form. This method of correction of a figure and at disturbances of a circulation, diseases of a blood, and also at a thrombophlebitis is counter-indicative. Myostimulation of the abdomen or lumbar region can cause serious harm in urine and cholelithiasis. Absolute contraindication to this procedure is pregnancy, as well as the presence of the patient's implanted pacemaker. Finally, myostimulation can not be recommended for acute inflammatory processes and skin diseases.

The optimal course is a course of 10-15 procedures lasting 30-40 minutes each. They are held with an interval of several days. The effect is noticeable after the first one, but it accumulates gradually, so do not abandon further procedures after visible improvements - otherwise the latter will not last for long. In some people, myostimulation, contraindications to which for health reasons are completely absent, can cause unpleasant sensations due to individual sensitivity to impulse currents. In this case, the procedures, unfortunately, have to be abandoned, since addiction is impossible here.