Homeopathic preparation Avia-More: instructions for use, reviews

The work of the vestibular apparatus is often disturbed when overcoming large distances by car, bus, train, ship or during an air transport flight. This phenomenon we call motion sickness. The most susceptible to such feelings are women and young children. To eliminate unpleasant symptoms or prevent them from occurring, you can take a variety of means. For their appointment, people do not always visit a doctor. Quite often the consumer decides when and what drug he should choose. This article will tell you about the homeopathic remedy "Avia-More".Reviews, instructions for use will be presented later.

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Composition of tablets, price category

"Avia-More" pills belong to homeopathic medicines. They include cukulvan, borax and chinese white. In addition to the active substances, the preparation contains additional components. It is lactose and magnesium stearate. A medicine is given on 20 tablets in a box. The instructions for use are enclosed with each Avia-More product package.

The price of the medicine depends on the region in which you live. The average cost of the drug is 100 rubles. More precise price you can find in the nearest pharmacy kiosks and pharmaceutical points.

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Indications and limitations

What information does the user give to Avia-More about the preparation for the application? The annotation states that a medication is prescribed for motion sickness in land, air and water transport. A medication can be used to treat a problem or for prevention purposes.

Among the contraindications, the manufacturer notes an increased sensitivity to the components included in the drug. Also children's age is up to 6 years. Do not use medication for pregnant women and lactating mothers without first consulting a doctor. Persons with stomach and bowel diseases should consult a specialist before using the described medication.

Avia-More: instructions for use

For children from 6 years of age and adults, the drug is shown to use even before embarkation in a vehicle. Such a regimen may prevent nausea. Take one tablet. During the trip, you can use 4 more pills. The break between their use should not be less than half an hour.

If you do not want to carry out preventive measures, you can not use the drug in advance. In this case, as soon as you feel worse, take one pill. Take the drug every half hour until the condition improves.

About Avia-More the application instruction says that you need to keep the tablet in your mouth until it dissolves completely. In this case, the drug is used separately from food. Do not take the pill with water. Otherwise, you will not get absolutely no benefit from the therapy.

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Opinions about the homeopathic composition: consumer feedback

What do consumers say about Avia-More? Instructions for use contain scant information. Often this worries users. Patients report that the annotation does not include any side effects other than allergies. In fact, any medicine taken orally can cause digestive problems.

Some women use the described pill during pregnancy( in the first half).At the same time they say that the medicine is dealing with toxicosis. Future moms take one tablet of the drug before getting out of bed and during the day they repeat the procedure as needed. However, doctors are not advised to do so without appropriate prescriptions. About the means of "Avia-More" instructions for use says that you can take it during pregnancy only after a doctor's examination.

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You learned about the homeopathic remedy, which has the trade name "Avia-More".Instructions for use are described in the article. The drug has a pleasant taste. The composition is considered safe even for pregnant women, but gynecologist advice is required. Doctors sometimes prescribe medicines to young children. However, the presence of these facts should not lead you to self-administration of the medicine. Consult a doctor if you have seasickness, get the right recommendations. Good health to you!