How can I whiten my teeth?

To our great regret, our teeth turn yellow with time. This process is quite normal, but it spoils our appearance, so the procedure of bleaching is required by many. The enamel of the teeth is thinned, yellow dentin shines through it. Sweet-toothed teeth turn yellow very quickly, this is because bacteria that live in the mouth, eat sugar, in this connection, the acid destroying the enamel is released. Quite noticeable traces on the teeth leave and cigarettes. Hardcore coffeemakers are also very soon beginning to wonder about how you can whiten your teeth. Today, dentistry has many options in the arsenal for carrying out this procedure.

Professional whitening is usually done in dental clinics. To such kind of bleaching it is possible to carry technology ZOOM.This service is very popular. The dentist isolates the teeth from the oral cavity and gums with special spacers, then the ZOOM bleaching gel is applied to the teeth( it can contain up to 30% hydrogen peroxide).This gel is activated by a certain lamp light. Then the doctor will treat teeth with fluoride to strengthen the enamel. It is enough to perform one procedure - and the teeth will become lighter on several tones. You can also say that today the clinics are using the new ZOOM-2 technology. This technology does not just whiten teeth, but also heals them, restores enamel. However, thinking about how you can whiten your teeth, it is worth considering that this procedure is not suitable for people with a strong sensitivity of the enamel.

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Laser whitening is characterized by the fact that in order to activate the whitening material, a laser is used. The radiation time when exposed to the tooth takes no more than two minutes. This method is good because it is fast enough, completely painless and the result remains for a long time. The disadvantage of this procedure is that it is very expensive.

There is another option, how you can whiten your teeth at home, it is also called "night" bleaching. You can do it yourself, first by consulting a doctor. The doctor will make casts of jaws and will make on them special cases, which are very similar to boxing kapy. Such "kapy" filled with bleaching solution, at night they should be worn on the teeth. The duration of such a procedure will depend on the sensitivity of the teeth, determined individually. This bleaching solution is less concentrated than whitening in the clinic. Such teeth whitening lasts about two weeks. The effect lasts a long time, while the "kapy" will remain with you and you can repeatedly use them.

When considering new methods of teeth whitening at home, you can also mention the special Blend-a-med White Strips whitening strips, which should be glued on the teeth. Another thing to tell about Colgate Simply White. This is a special gel for bleaching, which should be applied to the teeth with a brush, it stiffens and stays on the teeth until it clears with saliva. The course is required for up to two weeks. The result is noticeable, but not the same as when whitening in the clinic.

Those who are looking for a way to whiten their teeth, but do not want to go to the clinic, folk medicine also offers their own recipes - for example, you can rub your teeth with lemon peel( inner white flesh) or rinse with lemon juice. You can apply for birch birch ashes, mixed with salt. To remove plaque from the teeth, you can use a variety of abrasive agents, from baking soda and to river sand.

Today is full of advertisements of different whitening pastes, which promises us a wonderful result for modest money. Typically, these pastes include solvents or abrasive materials that remove stains from the enamel. These products must necessarily meet the strictest security requirements. However, such requirements are not always observed, while the constant use of such pastes can cause serious harm to the teeth. Therefore, when deciding what it is possible to whiten your teeth, it is better to choose more effective and safe methods.

To conduct this procedure is not necessary for patients with periodontal diseases, with caries - they need to first try to eliminate the existing problems, so that bleaching does not subsequently create additional difficulties. Patients with braces or fillings on the front teeth should also refrain from this procedure, as there will be uneven staining of the enamel and seals. To children and pregnant women to conduct teeth whitening is also undesirable.