Chronic epididymitis in men: symptoms and treatment

Before the formation of chronic epididymitis, the events preceding it must occur. Acute inflammation is a consequence of infection of a man, after which the disease passes into the chronic phase. But a complete cure often does not occur, after a while there is an exacerbation.

Definition of

When a chronic epididymitis is formed, the epididymis suffers. The inflammatory process develops long before the man feels unwell. However, such conditions can lead to infertility and will be treated promptly. Functionality of the genitals will be broken.
Chronic epididymitis

The diagnosis of chronic epididymitis is not always deplorable, with proper therapy the inflammatory process becomes reversible. The adit of the testicle, called epididymis, performs an important function in the formation of the male seed. It is located on top of the exit path of the testicle. Inside its cavity there is a mixing of spermatozoa with additional substances necessary for the mobility of the "vetch".

Inflammation in epididymis blocks the strokes, significant changes in the tissues of the genital organ occur: friability, swelling. In addition to infections, the formation of the disease affects trauma, pathology in the genitourinary system, chronic prostatitis.

Types of inflammation

There are acute and chronic epididymitis. On the left or right side, inflammation occurs randomly. The initial stage of the disease is accompanied by a palpable pain, the period of malaise can last up to 6 weeks. Long-term complications pose a threat to men's health. Infertility is the result of untreated stages.
Chronic epididymitis treatment

Chronic epididymitis is a complication occurring more than 6 weeks. This disease can go into an acute phase at any time. The main factor affecting the development of inflammation, is the decrease in immunity. The only exception is the scrotal injury from stroke, infringement or prolonged pelvic transport with a passive lifestyle.

The structure of the epididymis includes: the body, the pointed tail and the head. The egg is directly connected with it, so the infection quickly penetrates into the scrotum, causing inflammation - orcoepididymitis.

How to determine the very presence of the disease?

Unpleasant sensations in the groin area are a sign of the inflammatory process. Pain in the testicles is the main signs of chronic epididymitis. You can establish this state by probing the scrotum. Often the discomfort intensifies over time, grabbing the entire body tissue.

The intensity of pain in each man is different, it all depends on the degree of damage and duration of infection in the testicle. The disease progresses during a decrease in immunity due to smoking or drinking alcohol. The appearance of the organ also changes, which can be seen on examination. There is swelling and redness.
Treatment of chronic epididymitis in men

In the testicle area, men often feel a burning sensation, an apparent warming in the place of redness. When an erection occurs, the symptoms intensify, giving pain and inconvenience. Often the pain appears during urination, the frequency of urge increases. Acute stages of the disease are accompanied by blood in the urine.

Mechanism of action of infection

If chronic epididymitis is formed, men need to be treated not only with respect to the genitals, but also prevent bladder diseases. The bacterial medium penetrates the ducts ascending. If the therapy is incorrect, the infection will again fall into the epididymis and cause a relapse of the disease.
Symptoms of chronic epididymitis

Consider the sequence of infection of a man with sexually transmitted infections:

  • Initially, bacteria enter the urethra.
  • In the urethra, inflammation develops.
  • Infection can travel through the ducts, getting into the epididymis and bladder.
  • Bacteria damage the mucosa and the walls of the vessels. So there is blood in the urine.

Further progression of the disease leads to pathologies in the structure of the tissues of the organs, edema and the appearance of severe pain. After the symptoms abate, men can develop bilateral chronic epididymitis, which eventually will lead to exacerbation.
Bilateral chronic epididymitis

Epididymitis is more commonly observed in men of sexually active age. In small boys, such cases are very rare, when a patient is diagnosed with inflammation, a version about child abuse arises in such patients. However, one must not forget that the disease can be formed due to trauma.

What is observed with advanced stages of the disease

In addition to the appearance of pain and bleeding, you can see the swelling of the surrounding tissues. Periodic discharges from the urethra are also formed, which are observed at the time of early infection. If a man has already developed chronic epididymitis, the symptoms appear periodically. Given the listed signs of inflammation, fever can form.

The temperature rise is inherent in the acute phase of epididymitis, and the symptom is observed at the time of exacerbation of the chronic form of the disease. Escherichia coli Escherichia coli becomes a frequent source of inflammation of the testicle. It causes diseases in the genitourinary system: urethritis, pyelonephritis, cystitis. With such diagnoses, the risk of acquiring epididymitis increases.
Chronic epididymitis on the left

Sources of inflammation of the epididymis

Chronic epididymitis is not an independent disease. It is formed due to the following factors:

  • Urethritis, prostatitis, vesiculitis. Flu, pneumonia, tonsillitis.
  • Alcoholism, smoking, passive lifestyle and excessive consumption of sweet, fatty.
  • Sexual infections: chlamydia, gardnerella, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, trichomonads.
  • Tuberculosis, gonorrhea.
  • Injuries or prolonged grafting of the genitals.
  • Hemorrhoids, orchitis.

Some drugs may cause chronic epididymitis. These include the heart means "Amiodarone".

Risk Factors

Exacerbation of chronic epididymitis can occur with a decrease in immunity and under the influence of other provocators:

  • In men who have an active sex life with a frequent change of partners. Inflammation is caused by bacterial infection of the urethra. With a large list of infections, a new disease can be picked up with a probability of 100%, in contact with more than two women per month. Gardnerella are present in every second partner.
  • Passive way of life during daily work in a sitting position contributes to the violation of blood flow in the groin.
  • Active sports increase the risk of injury to the scrotum from the seat of a motorcycle, a bicycle.
  • Problems with immunity, blood diseases, HIV.
  • Operations on the organs of the genitourinary system.
  • Congenital factors cause chronic epididymitis. The treatment of such forms of illnesses lasts a lifetime.

Diagnosis of

When chronic epididymitis is detected, treatment should be performed in a clinic under the supervision of a specialist. Immediately appoint the delivery of laboratory tests to confirm the alleged disease. They include: analysis of urine for baculovirus and general, a smear from the urethra, blood. Additionally, ultrasound and nuclear scanning may be required. The injured body itself must be inspected.
Chronic epididymitis symptoms

Assignment of tests:

  • According to the study, urine determines the type of infection. Bacteria can be present in several species, which complicates the construction of proper treatment.
  • The smear helps to identify sexually transmitted infections in the active phase.
  • In the blood, an increased white blood cell count is observed at the time of inflammation.
  • Conducting ultrasound diagnostics helps to establish pathologies in the structure of the genital organ and the channels connecting it. Often the cause of epididymitis is the twisting of the testicle.

How to fight?

Not all men are willing to admit to having a disease in the genital area. After all, such an act will affect physical intimacy. But when infectious infection, you urgently need to exclude sexual contact, the partner can suffer. After the therapy, she will again transmit the infection to the "grief-lover".

It is important to know how to treat chronic epididymitis. Bacteria are destroyed with antibiotics. But before the prescription of the drug, the sensitivity of the drugs is revealed and among them the most effective is selected. Injuries are eliminated in an operative way, and stagnant processes are removed by therapeutic methods.

The type of preparation and dose is selected by the urologist, andrologist, infectious disease specialist. From antibiotics choose: "Doxycycline", "Ceftriaxone", "Azithromycin".The drug "Ibuprofen" helps to relieve inflammation. Prescribe medicines against infections: "Fluoroquinolone", "Levofloxacin," "Ofloxacin," "Trimethoprim."

Prophylaxis during inflammation of

With the development of tenderness in the groin area, it is recommended to carry out treatment in a supine position. This is how the normal blood flow is achieved, the traumatism of inflamed tissues decreases, the probability of discomfort is removed. During the sitting posture, you must put a roller of soft tissues under the scrotum.

When observing swelling, it is recommended to apply a cold compress. Use ice and other items from the refrigerator, wrapped in a towel. The procedure is no more than 30 minutes. To ease unpleasant symptoms, a sedentary bath with warm water will help if there are no signs of swelling of the testicle.

With exacerbation of chronic epididymitis, laser-magnetic treatment is prescribed. It helps to reduce the active phase of the disease, quickly removes unpleasant symptoms, improves the resistance of organ tissues to repeated infection. If there is a suspicion of purulent formations in the scrotum area, an operative method of control is used: large areas are excised with a scalpel, and with small ones they are struggling with the method of notching. The latter measure is effective as a prevention of the initial stages of microscopy of tissues.

Natural substances

Treatment of chronic epididymitis in men can be carried out with the help of folk methods. The herbs sold in pharmacies are suitable:

  • Lumbago is a herbaceous plant of the family of buttercup. The natural product is added to alcohol tinctures and released in a dry form for the preparation of broths. The herb has an anti-inflammatory effect. To make a medicine it is necessary independently: 1 teaspoon of a dry substance on 200 g of water. It is necessary to boil the mixture and leave for 15 minutes.
  • Horsetails have antibacterial properties. For a cup of water take up to 3 tablespoons of herbs. The mixture must be boiled and left for 10 minutes. After use the received medicine as a drink.
  • Echinacea herb helps restore immunity and defeat the infection. Prepare a remedy similar to the previous one, only a quarter of a spoon of peppermint is added to the mixture. The product has no contraindications and can be used every day until symptoms subsided.

Preventive actions of

Suspects for epididymitis in men should be encouraged to visit a doctor. Self-treatment, as well as a complete refusal of diagnosis, leads to a terrible diagnosis - infertility. Sports men are recommended to choose clothes that support the scrotum. Lovers of sitting around the clock in the chair need to resort to daily active warm-ups.

Pain in the early stages of chronic epididymitis may be completely absent. A small discomfort becomes the only sign of the development of malaise in the groin area. Infection is also not recommended for self-reliance, relying on the strength of immunity. Symptoms of infection will pass, and the bacterial environment will gradually develop.