MRI of the brain in Yekaterinburg: medical centers, reviews

The human brain is one of the most complex organs responsible for the work of the whole organism. If earlier his research was labor-intensive and almost impossible, then nowadays magnetic resonance imaging is popular. This is a very effective way to assess the state of the brain, as well as to identify the various changes occurring under the cranium.

MRI of the brain in Yekaterinburg offers a small number of clinics. Consequently, the queue for the procedure is quite long, because here people come from all over the Sverdlovsk region. How to sign up for a procedure and how much does this service cost? The answers to these and other questions will be disclosed in the presented review.

Advantages of MRI

If earlier in the neurologist's arsenal there was only a special malleus and a needle with which, by relying on experience, the doctor diagnosed, now everything has changed. The device MRI works wonders, because with its help you can in the early stages to identify not only the presence of tumors, but also various aneurysms of blood vessels.

Magnetic resonance imaging is a special method of scanning different parts of the human body without a harmful dose of radiation. That is why the procedure of MRI of the brain in Yekaterinburg can be safely conducted both for adults and children.

There are two main types of devices: open and closed type. In the latter, the patient is positioned horizontally. This non-invasive method of diagnosis has some limitations on the composition of the patient. The thing is that this method is a tubular device, inside of which there is a special pull-out table. It is on him that the examined patient lies, and during the research he is inside the tomograph. Some, by the way, may have fears or discomfort due to fear of closed space.

mrt of the brain in Yekaterinburg

Scanning is performed in several areas at once( this is what distinguishes the modern MRT method from conventional X-ray).Therefore, one procedure is enough to get a full picture, allowing to determine the state of human health at a given time.

Some features of MRI

As for the shortcomings revealed when using the MRI device, there are only a few. Here they are:

  • Long standby time. The procedure can take from 10 to 50 minutes, depending on the department and the power of the device. However, modern models work at a very fast pace, so you will not have to wait long.
  • Restrictions on the height and weight of the patient. In people whose body weight exceeds 120-130 kg, there is no way to go through this procedure in a tomograph. For this reason, they should enroll in an open type MRI.Required. About where to make an MRI in Yekaterinburg - read below.

Many medical procedures usually take quite a long time. And MRI gives the most accurate and informative results. Consequently, the above disadvantages are not so terrible.

where to do mrt in Yekaterinburg

How does the procedure work?

The patient is placed in a device with a strong magnetic field, under the action of which the hydrogen atoms occupy certain positions and generate a kind of signal read by the system. After that, an image is automatically created.

It should be noted that the hydrogen content in different tissues is different. Consequently, a smart device easily recognizes them and easily builds images that represent a real picture of the processes occurring within the human body.

where is the best place to do in Yekaterinburg

Indications for the procedure

When can a doctor send a patient to an MRI?If:

  • receives complaints of persistent headaches;
  • there was a craniocereberal trauma;
  • often causes syncope, dizziness;
  • man complains of loss of hearing, smell, sight.

MRI is performed to confirm or refute a diagnosis. Therefore, it is necessary to record on it only after a thorough examination of the main specialists( neurologist, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, etc.).

make the brain of a single recording center in Yekaterinburg


Since the MRI of the brain in Yekaterinburg is performed with the help of special devices( mostly closed type), not all citizens will be able to transfer the procedure easily. Contraindicated MRI:

  • to persons suffering from claustrophobia without the use of special sedatives;
  • to people with cardiac or renal insufficiency;
  • pregnant;
  • people with built-in pacemakers or metal pins;
  • people with tattoos on the body, made using metallic paints.

Any unnecessary movement or object, trapped in a magnetic field, will distort the result. Do not forget about it.

mrt of the brain in Yekaterinburg addresses

Clinical Magnetic Resonance Tomography for Adults

Below you will find the location of the MRI of the brain in Yekaterinburg( the addresses of the clinics that provide this service).Among them:

  1. The regional hospital №1, located on Volgograd, 185.
  2. City hospital №40, the address: Volgograd, 189/1.
  3. City hospital №41, built at the address: Nachdiva Vasilyeva, 25.
  4. Diagnostic center "Tomography"( March 8, 212).
  5. UMMC-Health Clinic( Sheynkman, 113).
  6. MO "New hospital"( Zavodskaya, 29).
  7. LDC MIBS( Civil, 9).
  8. MC Paracelsus( Bolshakova, 68).
  9. Road Hospital( Baidukova 63).
  10. Ural Research Institute of Phthisiopulmonology( XXII Part, 5o).
  11. Research Institute for the Protection of Maternity and Infancy( Repina, 1).
  12. MC "Diagnostics Plus"( Soboleva, 9).

Thus, the apparatus of MRI in Yekaterinburg is not so much. Therefore, it is necessary to register for the procedure in advance.

MRI for Children

Next time. Nowadays, people often ask themselves: "Where do MRIs of the brain take place in Yekaterinburg?" Not all devices are designed for people who have not reached adolescence. Here are the addresses of those units of medical centers that provide this service:

  • Research Institute for the Protection of Maternity and Infancy( Repina, 1).
  • Children's polyclinic UMMC-Health( Sheynkmana, 73).
  • Children's city hospital №9( Reshetskaya, 51).

Mgr of the brain for children Yekaterinburg

Presented clinics are equipped with expensive devices that have special devices for reliable fixation of the child. This avoids distortion of the results obtained during the procedure.

The cost of

The price of an MRI of the brain in Yekaterinburg varies from 2100 to 9000 rubles, depending on the institution chosen, the capacity and type of apparatus used, and the period of its operation. Why such a spread? It's not just the equipment, but also the qualifications of the doctors, as well as the need to use contrast. In any case, the final cost of the procedure for MRI of the brain in Yekaterinburg, you can find out only after consulting with the staff of the clinic.

Take your choice seriously. Asked to find the answer to the question: "Where is the best MRI in Yekaterinburg?", Pay attention to the following characteristics:

  • Work experience of the medical institution.
  • The ratio of positive and negative reviews.
  • Qualification of the staff( sometimes you can understand by feedback).
  • Possibility of the doctor-diagnostician performing the decoding of the data obtained as a result of the tomography( the other doctor does not know how the examination was conducted, therefore, he can put the wrong diagnosis).
  • The license for the right to perform the procedure and certificates for the device.
  • Lifetime of the device.

If you do not know where to make an MRI of the brain, a single recording center in Yekaterinburg will help you decide on a suitable clinic. By dialing the following phone numbers: +7( 499) 116-80-06, +7( 812) 409-93-74, you will receive a full consultation and will be able to stay at the best, in your opinion, medical center.