Effective treatment of adenoids in a child with a laser

In this article, we will examine how painless treatment of adenoids in a child is performed with a laser. They represent the hypertrophied pharyngeal tonsil, which is located on its back wall. Only a doctor can see it through a special mirror. treatment of adenoids in a child with a laser


The main function of tonsils is protection from various microbes. In the throat is a lot of tonsils, as well as smaller concentrations of lymphoid tissue. Pharyngeal tonsil is the largest accumulation of this tissue, which most often grows, becomes inflamed, transforming into adenoids, which can seriously damage human health. In children, adenoids appear at the age of two to seven years and cause respiratory infections accompanied by cough and chronic rhinitis. Adenoid overgrowths can become inflamed, and this process is called adenoiditis. The most effective way to get rid of them is treatment of adenoids in the child with a laser.

What is the purpose of removal of adenoids?

Naturally, not every child needs to remove adenoids. But with too m

uch increase in the pharyngeal tonsil, hearing worsens, a chronic runny nose appears, deformation of the facial skeleton becomes possible, and in this case the removal of adenoids is simply necessary. Otherwise, such complications can arise:

  • Decreased local immunity. With an enlarged amygdala, the mouth of the auditory tubes overlap the nasopharyngeal cavity with the middle ear. Because of stagnant factors, various rhinitis and otitis develop. With further increase in the tonsils, inflammation spreads to the structures located below - bronchi, trachea, pharynx.
  • Hearing loss. The increase in the pharyngeal tonsil affects the decrease in the mobility of the tympanic septum. This is manifested in the fact that the child confuses individual words and sounds.
  • Decreased performance and lethargy. Increased adenoids cause permanent oxygen deficiency, the child is often forced to breathe through the mouth. In turn, lack of oxygen reduces mental ability, increases fatigue, attention becomes diffused, and weakness is characteristic.
  • Allergy. Since the outflow of mucus is difficult, the adenoids form an ideal environment for the propagation of viruses and bacteria, and in the presence of appropriate circumstances, an allergic reaction may occur.
  • The "adenoid type" of the facial skeleton is formed, which is caused by a violation of the uniform development of bones, which is impeded by too much pharyngeal gland. The voice becomes nasal, the child can not pronounce individual sounds. treatment of adenoids by laser in children reviews

Also adenoids can cause irritability, poor sleep and nocturnal enuresis.

Therapeutic effect and specificity of laser therapy

According to doctors, treatment of adenoids in children with a laser gives good results. The effectiveness of this method is evidenced by the fact that due to its carrying out in the future it may not be necessary to eliminate adenoids. This treatment is a kind of physiotherapy, which is associated with the heating of the laser beam of medical adenoids that exerts such an effect:

  • eliminates edema;
  • eliminates inflammation;
  • has an antimicrobial effect;
  • reduces pain;
  • enhances tissue regeneration;
  • stimulates immunity.

In what cases is the laser treatment of adenoids given to a child? treatment of adenoids by laser in children in Moscow


The main indication for laser therapy is the increase in the pharyngeal tonsil in a child of the first-second degree, which is not very pronounced. In addition, laser treatment is intended for children under the age of three years in order to delay surgical intervention. It is due to the fact that in the early childhood to remove adenoids can not always.


Among the contraindications are:

  • vascular and heart disease;
  • defects in the functioning of the thyroid gland;
  • high temperature;
  • blood pathology, in particular anemia;
  • tumors of various types;
  • tuberculosis and other infections. treatment of adenoids in children with laser reviews of doctors

Advantages of

Treatment of adenoids in a child with a laser of dignity has the following:

  • restoring breathing through the nose;
  • no painful sensations;
  • complete elimination of the infectious process and inflammation;
  • local involvement of an inflamed area;
  • improvement of blood microcirculation;
  • increased absorption of medications while using with laser therapy;
  • stimulation of local immunity;
  • acceleration of material exchange;
  • rapid improvement of health;
  • is a non-stationary therapy.

Treatment of adenoids by laser in children in Moscow is carried out in many clinics. For example, in "Lor Clinic of Doctor Zaitsev," "Medionics," "He-Clinic."

Features of Laser Therapy

Before conducting laser therapy, the following tests are required in children: effective treatment of adenoids in a child with a laser

  1. Inspection by a doctor-otolaryngologist. Only an expert is able to determine the extent of the amygdala and determine whether effective laser therapy will be effective in this situation. In addition to research with a nasal mirror, the doctor can palpate the adenoids with a finger either with a flexible or rigid endoscope. In the form of adenoids, such a dangerous neoplasm as juvenile angiofibroma of the nasopharynx can hide, and in this case all physiotherapeutic methods of treatment are unacceptable.
  2. Radiography or computed tomography of the nasal sinuses. X-ray examination of the sinuses near the nose is necessary, since the adenoids are able to combine with the process of inflammation of airway pauses, that is, sinusitis. If sinusitis is combined with adenoids, then there is no contraindication to physiotherapy, but it should be accompanied by drug therapy.
  3. Coagulogram and general blood test. The latter has for the most part a screening character, but it must be performed to exclude other concomitant pathologies in which physiotherapeutic procedures are contraindicated. Coagulogram is also performed with a diagnostic purpose, but with reduced blood clotting, laser therapy is not recommended. The nasal cavity is washed beforehand with a salt spray, the mucus and discharge from the adenoid surface are removed. painless treatment of adenoids in a child with a laser

Anemization of

After this anemia occurs, causing local vascular spasm in the nasal mucosa. For this purpose, vasoconstrictors or adrenaline solution are used. With adenoids, laser therapy is a painless procedure. A certain difficulty is only to keep the child in a stationary state. The laser light guide is inserted into the common nasal passage, and the adenoids are irradiated. The duration of treatment for adenoids in a child with a laser and the number of sessions are determined by the age of the patient. Specialists recommend using adenoids to apply the laser repeatedly( throughout the year - two to three times).As soon as the course of laser therapy ends, it is advisable to continue therapy with medicines under the supervision of a doctor, including also homeopathic remedies. Within ten days after laser irradiation, it is not recommended to visit the pool or bath, and physical activities are not allowed. You can not use acidic and rough foods, and you must refrain from taking cold or hot food.

Adenoid reduction

Adenoids complicate not only nasal breathing, but also close the mouth of the auditory tubes, as a result of which the ventilation of the middle ear is disturbed. As a result, such diseases as otitis may develop, which lead to the formation of adhesions, scars, deposits of calcium salts. Because of this, the hearing is irreversibly reduced. Growth in large sizes, that is, in the third and fourth degree, it is desirable to eliminate the operative method. Before removal, it is necessary to treat them, because the complete elimination of large growths is not always possible, while still larger particles can grow from the remaining particles.

Effective treatment of adenoids in a child with a laser is now very popular. Currently, there are methods by which you can reduce their size to normal, destroying abnormal growth( vegetation) and without affecting the healthy lymphoid tissue. Laser reduction, that is, reduction, of adenoids is one of them. It is the elimination of adenoid growths in an incomplete volume, due to which it is possible to significantly reduce the size of the organ and alleviate the condition of the patient.

Features of treatment of adenoids in a child with a laser are that while the inflamed tissue is evaporated and soldered by capillaries feeding it. The remaining healthy lymphoid tissue continues to function. This procedure is performed under local anesthesia and lasts no more than twenty minutes. In addition, laser destruction of vegetation is used, most often by means of a pulse-periodic laser action at several points on the adenoids. Adenoid overgrowth is destroyed from within, resulting in their densification and further dystrophy. Thanks to the treatment of adenoids in a child, the laser without pain reduces the size of the growths, and the pharyngeal tonsil acquires its physiological appearance. treatment of adenoids in a child with laser features

Prevention of adenoids sprouting

To prevent the development of adenoid vegetations in children:

  • prophylaxis of acute respiratory pathologies and influenza - balanced nutrition, hardening of the body, use of stimulants of immunity and vitamins in the cold season;
  • maintaining the hygiene of the nasal cavity;
  • timely treatment of diseases of the nose, throat, ear and acute respiratory infections;
  • use of protective masks and prevention of communication with patients with ARI;
  • treatment in a medical institution if the first symptoms of adenoidal branching are found.

Similar pathology is much easier to prevent than in the future to treat. But with unavoidable removal, laser intervention should be chosen because it is safe.

Reviews about the treatment of adenoid laser in children

Reviews of this method of therapy are only good. The operation is completely painless, takes not too much time. Recovery comes quickly. As a result, nasal breathing improves in the child, immunity is strengthened.