What is the best tea to lose weight?

Probably, every inhabitant of the Earth regularly uses this drink: someone is less, and someone more. Those people who can not live without tea, are called tea trees. But there are also those who use weight to lose weight.

What tea is better for losing weight, let's try to figure it out now.

However, you should not get carried away with tea. In some cases, they can harm the body. For example, with a general weakening, during lactation, during pregnancy, with urolithiasis and with all the ailments related to the gastrointestinal tract.

Desired results, weight loss tea can not immediately show. In some women, weight loss can last for several months. For some, it is a laxative, for others it is soothing.

Some women who lose weight because of a tea diet have a bloating. This frightens some, and they forever abandon this case, while others, on the contrary, continue to drink tea to wait for at least some results.

Generally any tea drinking, as well as any diet, is best combined with physical exertion( moderate).This will provide a double effect - tea will help to lose weight, and physical exercises - to keep muscles in tone.

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So what is the best slimming tea?

Herbal tea can be brewed with either one ingredient or a large variety of herbs. Regardless of the number of components, it is very useful: it serves as a diuretic, removes toxins from the body, promotes fat burning, improves metabolism, etc.

Ginger tea for weight loss is considered very effective. In ginger there is an essential oil, which enhances the metabolic processes. Due to this ginger drink can also cope with a feeling of hunger. However, in the evening ginger drink is not recommended to use, as the essential oil has also a tonic effect.

Recipe for broth from ginger

Grind ginger, then pour it with boiling water. When the broth is infused, it is necessary to strain it. Drink the broth for half an hour before eating.

Strengthen the effect of ginger tea with honey and lemon juice. For decoction, ginger is also ground, watered and boiled for about 15 minutes. After this, honey is added to the already decoctioned broth and juice. The combination of ginger, honey and lemon juice saturates the body with vitamins and simultaneously burns extra pounds.

Slimming tea from burdock

Take 2 teaspoons of burdock( root), pour boiling water( 1 glass) and cook it on a small fire( about 20 minutes).After - cool and strain. Between meals, drink 1 glass of noodle soup.

Chinese slimming tea

The basis of Chinese tea is infusion, which includes many different herbs. Tea Puer with spices has a unique taste. Simultaneously with a rich aroma and taste, it effectively burns excess fatty deposits. This is a decent answer to the question of what kind of tea for weight loss is better.

Green tea for weight loss

This drink contains the maximum amount of antioxidants that control the metabolism and remove excess fat. The most effective green tea is oolong.

We hope that after reading this article on the question of which tea is better for losing weight, you already have an answer.