Jarina Reviews. Life style.

The drug Yarina belongs to the group of combined oral contraceptives with monophasic action( ie all tablets in the pack contain the same dosage of the same hormones).This drug has undergone long-term clinical studies and can be recommended to women( both giving birth and nulliparous) as an effective contraceptive.

In addition to its direct use, the contraceptive jarina has many other positive effects on the woman's body. Such as:

- reduction of bleeding during menstruation( anemia disappears, well-being improves);

- menstrual pain syndrome decreases or disappears;

- menstruation becomes regular and manageable;

- the antiandrogenic effect of the drug has been proven, which helps to improve the skin condition, prevents the development of cysts in the ovaries, etc.

Some components of the drug prevent weight gain on the background of regular use of the drug, which many young women so fear.

The drug is usually accompanied by a booklet that contains quite detailed information about the use of the drug, possible side effects and contraindications. The developers have described so scrupulously all possible effects that many women, after reading the insert, are frightened and refuse this drug.

However, do not worry, after many years of experience using the drug yarina reviews are quite optimistic. Many women are very happy with this PDA, they are so used to regularity and the ability to control their cycle, that they do not want to leave the drug. While, after prolonged use of Yarina( 1-2 years), the body must necessarily rest and make its own ovaries work( to develop their own hormones) in order to avoid the "withdrawal syndrome"( when the woman's body stops regulating her hormonal background).

About pregnancy.

Pregnancy after yarin is possible immediately after taking the last pill from the pack. If you have finished taking the pill and have not started a new pack, then you can immediately get pregnant, provided that you are healthy.

Pregnancy is also not excluded on the background of the drug, if you do not follow the rules for the use of tablets( forget to take in due time, skip one or several days, etc.), or you have health problems( poisonings accompanied by vomiting, diarrheaetc.).

Yarina reviews.

PDA Yarin exists in medical practice for a long time already, and at the same time, enjoys great popularity among women. Collected yarina reviews the most diverse, as expected. Some women report negative symptoms such as a decrease in libido( however, there are data on the opposite effect on sexual desire!), Weight gain( and vice versa, many even lose weight on yarin!), Acne, allergic reactions, nausea and someother symptoms.

But, at the same time, most women use yarina regularly and are satisfied with the effect.

If you notice the aforementioned negative phenomena, you should contact your gynecologist, perhaps this drug simply does not suit you and you need to pick up another PDA.

Looking at the drug jarina reviews, and having its own long experience in its application, I can say that this is a wonderful contraceptive that provides not only reliable protection from pregnancy, but also disciplines in its own way.

But do not forget that all the PDAs protect only from unwanted pregnancy, and from all other "misfortunes" such as sexually transmitted diseases( sexually transmitted diseases) and HIV infection, yarina will not protect.