Chestnut treatment at home

However strange it might sound, the treatment of a chestnut genyantritis is an excellent therapy. We will describe this method in our article.

Sinusitis begins with a simple rhinitis. As a rule, people do not pay attention to this ailment. Rarely does one begin to cure nasal congestion. It is believed that the runny nose will pass by itself. In fact, do not be frivolous about this disease. Since if the proper treatment is not performed, rhinitis can go to sinusitis.

Why does the disease occur?

treatment of chestnut antritis

A sinusitis is called the inflammatory process of the nasal sinuses. There may be several reasons for the appearance:

  • an untreated rhinitis;
  • re-infection of the body with colds;
  • poor state of teeth.

What is the essence of the disease? How is it manifested?

Here's what symptoms you can determine that a person has sinusitis:

  • first lays the nose, in the sinuses is accumulation of mucus;
  • formed pus;
  • there is no sense of smell;
  • there are headaches and heaviness;
  • pain occurs in the nose;
  • the body temperature rises;
  • memory problems begin;
  • falls working capacity;
  • fast fatigue.

chestnut treatment at home

If a person has the above characteristics, then it means that he has a sinusitis. It is necessary to begin treatment. If appropriate assistance is not provided, then there is a possibility that the disease will take a more severe form. This disease can also complicate other organs of the human body.


Surely everyone saw such a plant as a chestnut tree. It grows in parks and squares of cities. Chestnut is a very beautiful plant, in the spring it blooms with white flowers. And in the autumn the tree bears fruit. In addition to excellent external data, the walnut itself has a whole range of useful qualities. Therefore, often treated with genyantritis chestnut. This method is very effective.

Which substances make the chestnut a therapeutic agent?

Fruits contain such a rare vitamin, as K. Also, the chestnut includes almost the entire group of B vitamins, with the exception of B12.In addition to the above, the fruits of this tree contain minerals that are necessary for the realization of the metabolic process in the human body. The chestnut shell contains antioxidants. In addition to the above elements, the fetus contains substances such as essential oils and bioflavonoids. Thanks to these components, the chestnut protects the body from inflammation and infected cells. Also in the nut there are tannins. They can cover the nasal mucosa and provide a normal microflora.

treatment of sinusitis with chestnut in the home

Chestnut is saturated with vitamins and beneficial microelements. Therefore, this plant is a frequent component of various creams and ointments.

The effect of therapy

How effective is the treatment of sinusitis with chestnut? What effect does therapy have on the process of recovery?

Chestnut has a beneficial effect on the improvement of blood circulation in the sinuses. Due to this, the patient reduces edema and normalizes respiratory processes.

This plant provides the dilution of blood in small blood vessels that are in the sinuses of the nose. Blood thinning affects the recovery of the nasal mucosa.

There is a disposal of exudate.

Also chestnut is an anesthetic and antibacterial. If a person has acute pain, then this nut can not cope with them. But to normalize the state of health at the initial stage of the disease is within its power.


Before you talk about the very treatment of sinusitis chestnut at home, you should give some advice.

It should be noted that this fetus is recommended as an adjuvant in therapy. Do not assume that he will replace antibiotics. Sinusitis involves the presence of pus in the body. Therefore, the patient must take drugs that contain antibiotics and antihistamines.

The drug treatment plan is determined by a physician. It is not recommended to start taking these or other medications independently, as it is possible to harm the body.

Therapeutic agent

How is the treatment of sinusitis with fruits of chestnut? First you need to prepare a remedy for therapy. At first, the fruits of the chestnut are taken and poured hot boiled water. It is necessary to leave them for a certain period of time in order for the fruits to absorb water. Next, clean the chestnut from the top layer. Then cut the fruit into two parts. Of the halves should be removed turundas. They need to be placed in the aisles for a few minutes: 5 or 7 will be enough.

After the procedure is over, the patient will begin to mucus from the nasal sinuses. Thus, there will be free breathing and will decrease or completely headache will disappear. Treating a sinusitis with a chestnut at home is a good adjuvant.


Despite rapid relief after the procedure, it is often not recommended, as the nasal mucosa will be damaged. Carry out the introduction of chestnuts in the nasal sinuses with a break in one day. It is contraindicated to do these procedures when the disease is acute and the sinuses of the nose are clogged with pus.

Treatment of sinusitis with chestnuts. Feedback on the application of chestnut essential oil

Essential oil from chestnut has a beneficial effect in the treatment of sinusitis. It facilitates the patient's condition.

treatment of sinusitis with chestnuts

Those who have tried this method say that after use it really gets easier.

Particles of chestnut oil through breathing enter the upper nasal sinuses. There they settle. Due to its medicinal properties, the ingress of essential oil into the sinuses of the nose ensures a clean breathing of the patient. Also helps to eliminate the inflammatory process.

In order to achieve penetration of chestnut essential oil into the nose, it is necessary to perform inhalations. Also, aromatherapy gives a positive effect.

Treatment of sinusitis with chestnut at home. Reviews of inhalations

Carry out inhalation using essential oil chestnut quite simply. To do this, take one liter of hot boiled water. Add five drops of oil to it. Next, you should bend over the bowl with water and breathe. For better effect, it is better to cover yourself with a towel. You can also use an inhaler. The time for this procedure is 15-20 minutes.

It is important to know that water should not be too hot. Since there is a possibility of a burn of the nasal mucosa. It is also not recommended to perform inhalation in the acute form of sinusitis with pus.

treatment of sinusitis chestnut at home reviews

It is possible to add herbs such as chamomile, thyme and eucalyptus. The patients' testimonials about inhalations are positive. However, always follow the recommendations.

Cold Inhalation

How else can I treat the genyantritis with a chestnut at home? There is a method of cold inhalations. In this case, you need to apply a few drops of essential oil on the fabric. Then inhale. You can also put a drop of oil on the nasal mucosa.

treatment of sinusitis with fruits of chestnut

These procedures should be performed with caution, since there is a probability of an allergic reaction in the patient. You can dilute the essential oil of chestnut with other vegetable oil. This must be done to reduce concentration. The rate of rubbing data is 14 days.

Another version of

How to treat sinusitis with horse chestnut using leaves of a plant?

Not only the fruit, but also its leaves are used to create a healing agent. For preparation, take a few leaves of chestnut. They should be in a semi-dry state. Then they should be ground and poured with boiling water. Wait for a while, then do inhalation. These procedures have less effect. But they can be used by people who are sensitive to the very fruit of the tree.

Possible complications of

If a person has an allergic reaction to the chestnut, then after treatment, the patient will have swelling.

treatment of sinusitis with horse chestnut

You can also watch nasal congestion. If the patient has purulent maxillary sinusitis, then procedures using chestnut can lead to the infection of other organs. Therefore, before the procedure, a doctor's consultation is necessary!


Now you know how to treat the genyantritis with chestnut. Despite a whole range of positive characteristics, chestnut can have a negative impact on the human body. Therefore, before using it as a remedy, it is better to consult a doctor. Remember that consultation with the doctor is necessary for any malfunctioning of the body.