Shumakova Arina: biography, recommendations for weight loss, reviews and interesting facts

Shumakova Arina is a popular blogger, a successful businesswoman, a loving mother, the founder of a charitable project, and just a beautiful woman who, in her 41s, went through hard life trials with her head held high. And yes, by the way, Arina lost 40 kilograms in one year, continues to build her body and inspires many women with her example who want to see a dream figure in the mirror.

Shumakova Arina

History of a strong woman

Arina is not one of those who has eaten up all her life, gained 40 extra pounds and suddenly decided that it was time to lose weight. This amazing woman always watched herself - eat right, went to the pool, ran in the morning. But fate ordered that at 34 Shumakova Arina heard from the lips of doctors a disappointing diagnosis - swelling of the pelvic organs. And it remained either to fight for life and take hormonal preparations, day after day, mercilessly lifting the arrow of the scales upward, or to drop hands and say goodbye to all dreams and plans for a long happy life. .. Arina chose the first option.

As a result, permanent procedures, cavitary operations and hormone intake, coupled with incredible willpower, did their job - doctors said that the disease receded. But in the future they asked me to monitor my condition and take care that there was no relapse.

The story of Arina Shumakova is the story of a strong woman. She decided not only to protect herself, her goal was to return the old form, to see herself again young, healthy and beautiful. The disease added 40 extra pounds to her and gave her an extinct look, an exhausted and aged face. A new stage has begun: the path to a new healthy body.

History of Arina Shumakova

If you really want to. ..

Everything should be approached intelligently and in a complex way - Arina Shumakova decided for herself. Proper nutrition, exercise, various procedures to restore skin tone - with this, she decided to start a new life, and before learning a lot of useful information to lose weight properly and without harm to health.

Arina made a table with the number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, which must be received every day. She also wrote a list of foods that left her diet forever. And I began to act, as a result of which for 6 months from 91 kg I lost weight to 64. This is the first significant victory over my body!

The victory was decided to celebrate the trip, where Arina went with her daughter. Now the woman no longer needed to hide her figure under baggy clothes: her forms were beautiful feminine outlines.

Arina Shumakova proper nutrition

Have grown thin. What to do with the skin?

The most problematic place for Arina was the skin. After all, first when typing, and then with the loss of so many kilograms of the epidermis simply does not have time to stretch and contract, resulting in the body becomes flabby and friable. And even intensive physical exertion here is indispensable.

But could she surrender because of such an obstacle on the way to the beautiful body of Arin Shumakov? The biography of this woman characterizes her as a true fighter who is not used to fear difficulties. As a result - 3 courses for 12 sessions of LPG massage, mesotherapy, lymph drainage, anti-cellulite wraps, Charcot's shower. .. A huge amount of time, effort and money was spent on all procedures.

But the main thing is that Arina has achieved what she was striving for: now, when she is 41, she does not have a gram of cellulite! Her skin is in perfect condition, and any 20-year-old girl will envy the figure. Shumakova Arina is not going to stop there - now she is working to ensure that her body remains for many years to come. What was the secret of this amazing woman?

Arina willingly shares a secret with other

Having built a dream figure, it helps thousands of girls to become beautiful. The diet of Arina Shumakova is simple: the main thing is to eat regularly, do not starve and do not break down on harmful foods. When you follow its recommendations, the result will not be long in coming, and in two weeks you will see the first significant changes in the mirror.

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"Jogging" diet

Starting Arina advises with "jogging" diet - it lasts three days and is designed to start metabolic processes in the body. These days, you should eat boiled buckwheat buckwheat in any amount, without salt, it is desirable to take breaks between meals no more than 2-3 hours. Also allowed to drink 1% or fat-free kefir, but not more than 1 liter per day.

Thanks to the fact that you do not feel hungry and are always full, it's easy to stay for 3 days on such a diet. Of course, we must not forget that you should drink plenty of clean water - at least 2 liters a day. Arina believes that you can not underestimate the role of fluid intake when losing weight - together with her fat is removed, and if you do not drink enough water, then the lipid metabolism will be disturbed.

To get out of this diet, you need to competently - after the third day the body will get a large amount of protein, which is contained in buckwheat. Therefore, to preserve the balance of nutrients in the body, you should enter protein-free days.

Arina Shumakova

Protein-free days

There should be 2 of them - to smoothly exit the "jerk" diet and switch to proper nutrition. The menu made for these days is also suitable for those who observe the Orthodox fast: animal products are completely excluded in it.

The principle of protein-free diet is as follows: for breakfast - porridge( oatmeal, corn, millet), then two snacks - a sweet fruit or a few pieces of dried fruits, vegetable salad, for lunch - vegetarian soups or stewed vegetables, cereals with vegetable dressings, unsweetened snackfruit or vegetable salad, dinner - vegetable soup, or salad, or stewed vegetables. Before going to bed, you can eat a cucumber. Of course, do not forget about the large amount of water, without which even the most correct menu will not function at full strength, advises Arina Shumakova. Losing weight will become more intense if you add lemon and cinnamon to the liquid or make ginger tea. This is the root of ginger, which is poured overnight with water, and then drunk on an empty stomach and during the day. But such a drink is not recommended for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Arina Shumakova weight loss

Proper nutrition from Arina Shumakova

First, in any case, do not go hungry. Secondly, do not eat fast food and other harmful products. Third, drink enough water( more than 2 liters per day), on an empty stomach to drink ginger tea and water with cinnamon and lemon to accelerate metabolism.

Arina's correct nutrition program is designed for 55 days. In her group, she gives an approximate menu, which every girl should adjust to her own characteristics - growth, vest, activity, weight loss goals. And for those who want a 100% result, Shumakova Arina offers her help in preparing individual food programs for a fee.

But if you want, you can easily lose weight and on the approximate recommendations. This proved to all doubting in their group and instagram Arin Shumakov.

Reviews satisfied and thin girls with photos - is this not the best motivation to start the path to a dream? They claim that they lost extra pounds due to Arina's technique, they began to look beautiful and feel better. You just need to adhere to the basic principles of nutrition, which are listed below.

Approximate ration for the day

So that you do not want to break down, the menu should be diverse, because there is always the same very boring. For breakfast, you can eat a variety of cereals with honey, berries or dried fruits, curd casseroles without sugar or oatmeal pancakes. Arina offers many tasty and useful recipes without harm to the figure.

Snacks - casseroles from cottage cheese, fruit, dairy products. The main thing - take into account the time in which you eat: sweet fruits are better in the morning, unsweetened, as well as vegetables, yoghurts, kefir - in the second.

For lunch - complex carbohydrates( cereals, whole grains macaroni) and protein( fish, meat) with vegetables, for dinner - protein product( chicken, fish, omelet) with vegetables. Before going to bed, you can drink kefir or eat a cucumber. And that's all!

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People often lack the motivation to start moving forward. Women like Arina Shumakova help to understand that everything is possible in this life. And if the goal is set, it can be achieved, despite all the obstacles encountered along the way.

Interesting facts

Arina adheres to certain rules, which, she claims, help her stay beautiful and young. She is engaged in extreme sports( parachute jumping, diving, surfing), abandoned bad habits, travels and learns new languages ​​(she is fluent in six and mastering the seventh).She positively thinks and shares her positive emotions with others.