Ointment from cracks "Gevol": instruction

Ointment from cracks "Gevol" is a moisturizing and healing product that solves a problem with tough, rough and dry skin, and also helps to eliminate wounds and minor cuts. The drug helps to reanimate the health, restore the softness and velvety skin of the feet. The main active ingredient, which is a part of the drug "Gevol", is the nutritive fats and potassium ricinoleate.

With the application of the "Gevol" ointment, the skin regenerates and the natural beauty returns to it. The medication protects the cracked skin from infection and provides an analgesic effect. Ointment can be used to heal wounds on the skin of the hands.

Gevol ointment from cracks

Composition of

The preparation is based on a complex of effective components that have the main therapeutic effect:

  1. Lanolin.
  2. Dexpanthenol.
  3. Avocado oil.
  4. Potassium ricinoleate.
  5. Wheat germ oil.
  6. Natural fats.
  7. Jojoba oil.

The first component softens and nourishes the skin, it is presented as a saturated fat base. Lanolin improves the heal

th of the skin, eliminates lesions, dryness of the dermis, gives softness and tenderness.

Dexpanthenol is a derivative of vitamin D, has a wide range of action. This component leads to activity of renewal of damaged skin areas, restoring its health and sensitivity.

Avocado oil preserves the youthfulness and attractiveness of the skin. The microelement helps to soften the dry epidermis, and also prevents the appearance of corns and cracks. Oil perfectly moisturizes and improves the process of metabolism at the cellular level.

Potassium rhenium-acid refers to one of the active substances that make up the ointment from the cracks "Gevol".The component restores the natural elasticity and flexibility of the skin, normalizes the process of removing fat and sweat by the skin glands.

foot massage

Wheat germ oil is an important trace element that restores the beauty and health of the skin. The substance helps to strengthen, heal damaged and injured skin areas, giving them silky and elasticity.

Natural fats, which are part of the honey.ointments from cracks "Gevol", perfectly cope with dryness and flabbiness, well soften the epidermis. In addition, they enhance the protective features of the skin, preventing the negative impact of the environment.

Jojoba oil renews the softness and velvety of the epidermis. The component satiates and soothes the skin, nourishing it with a complex of natural substances.

In addition to the basic microelements, the ointment from cracks "Gevol" contains essential oils( lavender, lemon, rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus), which have a beneficial effect on the skin of the feet.


Ointment "Gevol" is released through online pharmacies in the following types:

  • in a tube;
  • in a vial( with or without a dispenser).

In tubes - 75 and 150 milliliters, as well as in ordinary bottles of 450 milliliters, and in bottles with a dispenser also 450 milliliters.

Indications for use:

  • for dry and rough skin;
  • for skin care for diabetic foot;
  • for the prevention of hard and cracked skin;
  • for the prevention of fungal diseases;
  • with excessive sweating of the feet;
  • to eliminate the unpleasant odor of feet.
unpleasant odor from the feet

How to apply ointment from cracks on the heels?

In case of dry or rough skin in the foot area, the ointment should be applied one to two times a day, preferably at night( with a thin layer).After application, it is important to massage your heels carefully, for best results, it is recommended to use the ointment after a warm bath.

It is necessary to squeeze a small amount of ointment on the hand and gently rub it into the cracks on the feet. After applying "Gevol" for a long time absorbed into the skin, so it is recommended to sit in peace from twenty to thirty minutes. After a little time, you need to wear cotton socks for maximum effect.

For elimination of small cracks it is required to spend from three to five procedures, ointment should be rubbed daily until the skin is fully restored on the feet.

To eliminate deep lesions it is necessary to conduct a course of treatment from one to two weeks.


The price for the drug varies from 650 to 1100 rubles. Ointment from cracks can be bought on the official website of the manufacturer or from distributors.

means for cracks on the heels


Ointment from cracks "Gevol" is an effective emollient and care agent, which is produced on the basis of natural trace elements. The medicine promotes active restoration of skin structures, and also promotes the rapid elimination of dry areas."Gevol" perfectly nourishes, softens and regenerates the skin, giving it an attraction.

According to reviews, ointment is one of the most expensive medicines, which is used from cracks on the feet. Many women consider the drug to be absolutely safe during pregnancy and lactation, as it contains components of only plant origin. Ointment from cracks on the heels "Gevol" is a hypoallergenic remedy, therefore does not cause unwanted skin reactions in the form of hives, itching or irritation.