From an insect bite a tumor and redness: what to do, what to treat?

In summer, many people go on a picnic, camping, on the beach, in the woods or at the dacha. Often we go out of town not alone, but with family and children. It must be remembered that in addition to all the charms and pleasures, nature is fraught with many dangers. One of the possible threats that lie in wait for a person in the warm season( especially in the countryside) are insects.

General information

So, we will talk about living things belonging to the detachment of arthropods and inhabiting almost all continents. This is the largest group of organisms on Earth. Such creatures are called insects. Of course, each of us at least once in his life suffered from their bite. The reaction to this phenomenon is determined by the type of insect and the state of the organism of a particular person. There are times when even a mosquito bite can lead to death. Painful manifestations cause not so much damage to the skin, as toxins that secrete insects in human blood. These creatures can bite for various reasons: to drink blood or for self-defense purposes. In any case, no one is immune from accidents, and going to nature, you involuntarily wonder: "If there was an insect bite, swelling and redness, what to do in this situation?"

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Which arthropods pose a threat to humans?

First of all, you need to understand what kinds of these living things can harm your health. Which insect bite causes redness and swelling or any even more severe consequences? In general, for a person especially dangerous are such varieties as a bee, wasp, bumblebee, hornet, and also ants of red color. Such insects bite only for the purpose of self-defense, while a toxin enters the skin and into the human blood, which, due to its special composition, causes intense allergic reactions. In most cases, the affected area of ​​the body reddens and swells. Wasps and bees cause damage with the help of a stinger. In this case, the insect dies, and the stinger remains at the wound site. Red ants seize the skin with jaws, usually repeatedly, with a toxin released into the human blood. When a person bites an insect( mosquito, flea, mite or bug) and sucks blood, it is accompanied by painful sensations.

Types of reactions

The bite of an insect swelling and redness causes, but not only. The consequences can be much more dangerous. Blood-sucking arthropods often transmit serious diseases( malaria, typhoid infection, encephalitis, tularemia, sleeping sickness, various kinds of fevers).Bites of spiders( black widow, karakurt, brown hermit) can provoke dangerous disruption of the body, up to a lethal outcome.

The most common effects are allergic reactions. Their manifestations are different in features and severity.

There are four types of such pathologies:

  1. Minor( skin irritation, general weakness, restlessness).
  2. General( toxins cause malfunction in several body systems, which is manifested by pain in the abdominal cavity, vomiting and dizziness).
  3. Serious reactions( impaired breathing and movement, difficulty swallowing, confusion, hoarseness).
  4. Anaphylactic shock( sudden drop in pressure, cyanosis of the skin, impaired consciousness and fainting).

Serious poisoning most often develops due to multiple bites, and its signs only appear after a few hours and require immediate medical attention.

Symptoms of

The most dangerous consequence of an insect bite( especially a bee or hornet) is an anaphylactic shock. It is characterized by a lightning current, therefore it requires emergency hospitalization. Consequences of this condition are: a fall in blood pressure, loss of consciousness and serious violations of cardiac activity. If the victim is not immediately provided with medical care, he may die. When there is an insect bite, swelling and redness, what if there is dizziness, nausea, increased palpitations and shortness of breath? Of course, to call an ambulance. Usually, in case of anaphylactic shock, adrenaline is administered to the patient, but sometimes hospitalization is required, as well as droppers and additional injections. If you already had a similar reaction to an insect bite, before you leave the city, take an adrenaline ampoule with you. But one dose is not enough, and if you were bitten by an insect, even having made an injection, you completely did not protect yourself. It is better to see a doctor after all.

Bite of a bee, bumblebee, wasp or hornet

These insects sting only for self-defense purposes. insect bite swelling and redness what to do Together with a sting into the human body, toxins penetrate. In this case, the place of the bite becomes painful and red, the skin swells, a burning sensation occurs. If toxin is intolerant, there is fever, nausea and headache, in severe cases - aches in muscles, respiratory disorders, syncope and anaphylactic shock. If you were bitten by a wasp, bumblebee, hornet or bee, first of all, you need to remove the sting from the wound and try to squeeze out the poison that got into it. Those who have had cases of allergic reactions, you need to drink a medicine for allergies, make a compress of ammonia or ethyl alcohol diluted with water. Bed rest and warm tea are also helpful. If the bite site is very sore, you can also drink an anti-inflammatory agent. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the victim( whether there was nausea or dizziness, if there is a fever and skin rash, if the pressure does not drop).

Mosquito bites

This phenomenon is not only unpleasant, but also potentially dangerous. Mosquitoes of certain species suffer serious diseases. Only the females of these insects are blood-sucking. The blood contains the elements necessary for the deposition of eggs. When a female bites a person, it introduces into the body matter. It is a toxin that slows blood clotting. insect bite swelling and redness It is because of it that the skin turns red and itches on the site of the bite. If you are bitten by a normal( not malarial) mosquito, most likely, it is not dangerous if you are not allergic( in this situation serious health problems may occur and even death may occur).

In any case, if the affected area of ​​the skin causes you inconvenience, you need to treat the site with a solution of baking soda, infusion of calendula, boric alcohol, kefir, bird cherry leaf, tomato juice or make a cold compress. From itching, you can use "Fenistil"( ointment from an insect bite, swelling and redness it takes off well), balm "Golden Star".If there are many bites or a strong allergy, you need to drink an antihistamine.

If bitten by a spider

These insects are very poisonous. In some cases, a spider bite can be fatal, so if this happens, you need to immediately call an ambulance. Spiders-hermits, tarantulas and karakurts are the greatest danger for humans. Tarantula bites very painfully, the bite causes redness, weakness, swelling of the skin. Symptoms can last for several days. When biting karakurt, there is a slight tingling, then there are pains in the muscles, nausea and dizziness. The bite of a hermit spider is characterized by the appearance of a large ulcer. It is also accompanied by a high temperature, a general weakness.

If an insect bite caused a swelling and redness, what if we know it was a spider? insect bite swelling and redness what to do folk remedies First of all, it is necessary to thoroughly wash the wound with water and soap. Then apply a hard bandage or tourniquet( not too squeezing the tissues), so that the affected area of ​​the body is immobile. It is also necessary to make a cooling compress, take "Aspirin" or "Paracetamol".It is advisable to drink plenty of liquid to remove the poison from the body. If the condition of the victim becomes worse, you need to see a doctor. Call an ambulance is necessary if the spider has bitten the child.

In an inpatient setting, patients are injected with an antidote.

What should I do if bugs are bitten?

These insects live in houses and apartments and make people's lives just unbearable. They usually live in furniture and inside walls. Bites bite, as a rule, at night. Their bites do not cause any special pain. But they are not as safe as they seem. Bugs are carriers of diseases such as plague, anthrax and tuberculosis. To get rid of these pesky insects it is possible only with the help of employees of the sanitary and epidemiological station or by processing the room yourself. For the elimination of bedbugs special means are used( they are very toxic, therefore it is important to observe precautions).After processing, you need to wash the floor, walls and furniture.

Mite bite: Danger and precautionary measures

These insects are most often found in forests and meadows. They are dangerous because they suffer from encephalitis - a serious illness leading to disability. If you have a tick attached to you, first of all, do not panic. Do not apply to the affected area of ​​the skin, either ointments or alcohol solutions, because in this case the mite will resist, introducing even more toxins into your body. Pincers or fingers need to carefully remove the insect from the wound. You can not pull it out sharply. After you have removed the tick, examine the attachment site( possibly a proboscis was left in the wound).Take the remedy for allergies and treat the affected area with a solution of alcohol. If there are cases of encephalitis in your area, contact a medical facility. If you go to the forest, take precautions to avoid becoming a victim of a tick. Once per hour, inspect each other. Wear high trousers and boots for a walk, it is advisable to tuck the trousers into the shoe tops or hook on an elastic band. Do not wear bright and dark clothes outside the city, because it makes it easier for you to notice you.

Insect bite: swelling and redness on the face

For most people, there is a pronounced sensitivity to the attacks of these creatures. Often, swelling and redness appear on the face, more precisely, next to the eyes. The skin in these areas is very thin and sensitive, especially in children. insect bite swelling and redness on the face Let's talk about how to cope with the consequence of the defeat of these tissues. In the article you can see what an insect bite looks like, a tumor and redness on the face( photos show it).If you observe such symptoms, first of all, remove the sting from the wound and treat it with alcohol. Then apply on the skin ointment, which will relieve swelling, redness and swelling. than to smear a bite of an insect a tumor and redness If you have previously seen allergic reactions, drink a medicine or make an injection.

If the foot is swollen after a bite

The tissue tightness is a normal reaction of the body to a toxin that has got into the blood. The protective forces of your body are activated to fight the poison, and inflammation arises.

If an insect bite occurred, the swelling and redness on the leg are noticed, it's very unpleasant, because this place itches, it feels burning, it hurts to walk. which insect bites redness and swelling To reduce inflammation, it is necessary to remove the sting from the wound, treat it with ammonia, ointment with a cooling effect. You can use a compress with vodka or cologne, apply ice to the place of bite, anoint with iodine or peroxide. If the swelling does not subside, you need to drink a remedy for allergies. If this does not help, you should consult your doctor.

What are the remedies for symptom relief?

If you have ever seen an insect bite, swelling and redness, a photo of this phenomenon, you certainly know what an unpleasant picture it is. In addition, pain, burning and other disgusting sensations are added to this. insect bite swelling and redness on the leg There are many tools to relieve symptoms. These drugs are divided into internal and external. A very unpleasant phenomenon is an insect bite. Tumor and redness( what to do with this, we discuss in the article) can be removed with the help of various means. First of all, these are medications( "Zirtek", "Loratadin", "Suprastin", "Tavegil") aimed at alleviating allergy symptoms. Than to smear at a sting of an insect a tumor and reddening? For this, balms "Golden Star" and "Vital", as well as "Fenistil-gel" are used. You can also make an ice pack to relieve itching and burning.

Folk remedies

The symptoms can also be alleviated with the help of plants. So, if the bug after an insect bite is swelling and redness, what should I do? Do people's funds help in this situation? The answer, of course, is positive. Plantain, dandelion, tincture Veronica officinalis, parsley leaves - lotions from these herbs can significantly reduce the painful manifestations. Compresses from the string, frozen milk, mint juice, drops of Echinacea( also can be taken orally) are no less effective. With poisoning will help to cope with activated carbon. In addition, there are complex homeopathic remedies, such as "Vitaon", Apis and Ledum, which can be bought at the pharmacy.

And, of course, repellent( aerosols and ointments that repel insects) are an effective method of preventing insect bites. But when using them, you must follow the precautionary measures. For children, the spray does not work, so they can use only a gel or ointment to protect against insects. Do not treat the inflamed skin with repellent, avoid contact with the eyes, and after washing it must be washed off. There are also natural remedies. This, for example, plant extracts( cedar, geranium, verbena, marigold, bergamot, vanilla, cypress, melissa, lavender and eucalyptus), the smell of which insects can not tolerate.