LFK with flat feet: ten simple exercises

A growing baby can have a huge number of different problems. One of them is a flatfoot. How to cope with the problem without harming the health of the child?

lfc with flat feet

On the

problem Flat-footedness is a deformation of the human foot, which, in principle, does not bring any particular discomfort. It should be noted that in children under the age of seven, there is no such problem at all, because by this time most often everything goes by itself: the flatfoot disappears, the foot function is normalized. However, even for preventive purposes, it is good to conduct certain activities with a child of any age. Excellent treatment will help physical exercise - exercise therapy with flat feet. By the way, this is probably the most effective way to deal with the problem.

Exercise 1

What kind of training can the course of exercise therapy consist of? With flatfoot, the following set of exercises will help. First: the child should be given a bottle, a small ball or a pin. He will have to roll this object with his foot. First one, then another.

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Exercise 2

The next exercise. To do this, the child should sit on the floor, bend his legs, and put the feet exactly on the floor. Under the legs of the baby you need to put a long towel, which he with the fingers of his feet should push the boot under him. It is forbidden to tear the foot off the floor. First, the procedure is done with one foot, then the second.

Exercise 3

The next exercise of the exercise therapy for flat feet. The child should unbend his knees, stretch out sitting and with the thumb of one leg to hold on lifting the other leg in the direction from the foot to the knee. Such stroking should be repeated 3-4 times with each leg.

lfk with flat feet in children

Exercise 4

What else does exercise therapy require when flanking? For the next exercise, you will need small details - pens, pencils, erasers. They need to be spread out on the floor, and the child must collect all this with his toes and distribute them to different piles. The procedure is to hold one, and then the second leg.

Exercise 5

Now you need to learn how to draw with your feet! A pencil is clamped between the child and he must draw the picture suggested to him. You can even arrange a contest, which foot is better to do it.

Exercise 6

The following exercise of exercise therapy with flat feet in children is very helpful: the child needs to sit on the floor and bend his knees. Now with the toes of the foot it is necessary to make movements of the caterpillar: squeezing and unclenching the toes slightly to move forward. If there are several children, you can even arrange fun starts!

lfk with flatfoot exercise

Exercise 7

The next exercise is also done in the sitting position. The kid should spread his knees, and put the feet to each other. Next, he needs to straighten his legs so that the position of the feet does not change at all.

Exercise 8

What else does exercise therapy require when flanking? Exercises must be diverse. Next: the child should sit down and straighten his legs, he just needs to describe the circular movement.

Exercise 9

What else can I do? The child should sit down, bend his knees and touch the floor with his fingers, making movements similar to the drum roll.

Exercise 10

The last exercise from the complex to combat flatfoot: the baby just needs to walk on his heels.