On which side it is better to sleep for health: recommendations, contraindications and reviews. On which side it is better to sleep pregnant

The fact that sleep is simply necessary for human health, doctors do not tire of repeating. So, everyone knows that you need to sleep at least 7 hours a day for an adult person. But this, it turns out, is not enough. It is also important to rest at night correctly. So, on which side it is better to sleep and what you need to know and remember, when you are going to have a rest with health benefits, this will be discussed later.

which side to sleep better

Why is the sleep pose of

so important? Recently, experts began to talk about the fact that it is very important not only to have enough time to rest at night. It is necessary also to do it correctly. Many will be surprised: what does this mean? So, doctors answer that only from one pose of night sleep depends much, namely:

  • The work of the digestive system in the first place.
  • Immunity status.
  • Appearance of the skin, especially in the face.

on which side it is better to sleep for the heart

It should be noted that, in fact, there are a lot of poses for sleep: on the back, on the stomach, but on the one and the second side. People even manage to sleep with a fist, curled up in a very small ball.

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Pose for sleep on the back

Before you figure out which side to sleep better, it should be said that representatives of the stronger sex are very fond of resting on their backs at night. But can this be done? What do they say about this state of affairs of the doctor?

  1. This position makes breathing very difficult. That's why people who like to sleep on their backs often snore rather than prevent others from sleeping. But this is not the worst thing. A dangerous sleep on the back is for those who suffer from asthma or apnea. It is very harmful to consider temporary respiratory arrest, which occur in this case.
  2. The second point about which physicians told recently: sleep on the back leads to a decrease in the oxygen content in the blood, which significantly increases the risk of respiratory illness. This became known as a result of earlier studies.

Pose for sleep on the right side

So which side is better to sleep: on the right or on the left? It is necessary to understand. What do experts say about night rest on right side?

  • This is not too useful for the digestive system. After all, gastric juice in this case may not be in the stomach, but in the esophagus. Immediately you can answer the question "which side should sleep better with heartburn?".Certainly not on the right.
  • A little less intensive becomes the work of the lymphatic system, that is, the elimination of toxins from the body slows down.
  • Doctors say that sleeping on the right side is best in hot weather. After all, in this case, there is a natural cooling of the body.
  • It is very useful to rest at night on the right side of the body for those who suffer from cholelithiasis.
  • Which side is best for those who are in constant anxiety? It is on the right. This is evidenced by the research of specialists.

on which side it is better to sleep after eating

Posture for sleep on the left side

What about the sleep position on the left side? So, if we talk in general, then it is more useful. But only if it is a healthy person.

  • In this case, the gastric juice is as if in a bowl, that is, in the cavity of only the stomach.
  • The lymphatic system works without delay, the toxins from the body are eliminated in normal mode.
  • This is a very useful posture for those people who suffer from diabetes. Or those patients who have liver problems. In this case, the anatomical feature of the organism comes into play.

on which side it is better to sleep with heartburn

Sleep without nightmares

Sometimes people ask specialists, which side should sleep better after eating. So, physicians assert that the best position for this is rest on the right side of the body. And all because in this case the processes of digestion of food will be in the active phase, and food will be easier to go to the 12-colon."What does the nightmares?"- Many will be surprised. It's simple. Often, if a person goes to bed with a full stomach, especially if eaten before going to bed, fatty or fried food, it is fraught with nightmares and night terrors. But you also need to remember that you should not go to a night's rest in a state of hunger. In this case, the dream will be sensitive, not strong. And as a result, the body can not fully rest.

On the sleep of cores and hypertensive patients

On which side is it better to sleep for the heart, that is, for those who suffer from hypertension and other "cardiac" problems? So, the doctors say that in this case, the ideal position will be a dream on the back. This helps the circulatory system work properly. Rest on the left side is not too good in this case. After all, the heart with a pose of a little clamped, which causes an additional burden on this body. If you fall asleep on your stomach, in that case the breathing system is not functioning properly, due to which the blood can not be fully saturated with oxygen. Which, again, is not very useful for the cores.

on which side it is better to sleep pregnant

Insomnia and problems with falling asleep

What is the best way to fall asleep to those who suffer from insomnia? People with this problem, as well as easily excitable individuals, lie best on their backs. It is important to turn the palms up. This position helps to calm down completely and relax as much as possible. And this is the first step on the way to a qualitative and quick falling asleep.

Pose for sleep during pregnancy

It is also necessary to tell more about which side to sleep better for pregnant women. After all, bearing a baby is an important and responsible period when you need to closely monitor not only your own health, but even such nuances as a pose for sleeping. So, it should be noted that the advice here will vary depending on the period of bearing crumbs.

  1. Approximately before the 12th week of pregnancy, a girl can sleep the way she likes. On crumb it will in no way affect.
  2. Starting from the 12th week, the belly of the future mother begins to grow gradually. So from a dream on a stomach it is better to refuse. Also a pose on the back is harmful. After all, it leads to squeezing the spine and impaired blood circulation.

on which side it is better to sleep during pregnancy

It should be remembered that if the future mother has problems with blood pressure changes, then from the posture on her back, she must refuse from the very beginning of bearing a child.

Ideal sleep position for pregnant

Unfortunately, for a period of 6 months( second and third trimester), the expectant mother will have to give up any other position except on her side. But which side of the body is best to give preference? Answering the question about which side to sleep better during pregnancy, doctors note: the most healthy sleep is on the left side. In this case, there is no transmission of internal organs, the blood flows better to the placenta, edema decreases and the pain in the back and pelvis disappears. If a woman is pregnant with twins, it is the dream on the left side that is for her. In this case, there is less stress on the kidneys and on the heart, which is very, very important.