"Goserelin": instructions for use and reviews of doctors

Unfortunately, oncological pathologies of genital organs, as well as problems with the reproductive system of both men and women, are not surprising. If you do not fight these diseases, then a person can die."Goserelin," the instruction for the use of which must necessarily be studied by the patient, is precisely intended for the treatment of such diseases.

Form release and features of the action

So, this drug is a synthetic substitute for gonadotropin-releasing hormone. Long-term use of this drug reduces the amount of estradiol in women and testosterone in men. This allows you to reduce the growth rate of malignant tumors of the prostate, breast, uterine fibroids or completely stop it.

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As for the form of release, "Goserelin"( the instruction for use is in the package with the medicine) is sold in depot capsules in syringes-applicators with a protective mechanism. Their capacity is 3.6 mg. In addition, you can find the drug in the form of long-acting capsules injected under the skin. Their capacity in this case is 10.8 mg. They can also be purchased in a special syringe-applicator equipped with a protective mechanism.

The drug has a high bioavailability. The maximum level of concentration in the blood is reached after 1.5-3 hours after admission, depending on the sex of the patient. As for the composition of the product, goserelin itself is the main active substance.

Indications for use

So, in order to start taking "Goserelin", the instruction for use provides such indications:

  • Prostate cancer in men.
  • Cancerous breast disease in women who are in reproductive or pre-menopausal age.
  • Endometriosis of the uterus.
  • Surgical intervention, which requires preliminary preparation - thinning of the endometrial layer.
  • Myoma of the uterus.
  • Suppression of the functional activity of the pituitary gland in the event of a future artificial insemination.

goserelin instructions for use

What contraindications exist?

As with any medication, there are contraindications to the drug "Goserelin."Instruction for use warns of such prohibitions on taking this medicine:

  • Too high sensitivity to the drug.
  • Allergic reaction.
  • Children under 14 years.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Pregnancy( even if it persists, the fetus may subsequently develop pathologies of intrauterine development).
  • Bone marrow compression.
  • Obstruction of ureters.

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Features of the application of

If the patient needs to use "Goserelin", the instructions for use( the duration of use is strictly determined by the physician) should be carefully studied. It contains information about such features of the reception: the capsule is intended for subcutaneous administration. Its localization is the anterior abdominal wall.

If treatment of gynecological pathologies is performed, the capsule should be taken every month. The dosage is 3.6 mg. To fight prostate cancer, a man is administered 10.8 mg every 12 weeks.

It should not be forgotten that during the first weeks of therapy the patient feels very bad, as the level of hormones increases. This is a normal reaction to the drug taken.

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The duration of treatment is determined individually. With gynecological pathologies, it can be no more than six months. It is important to remember that if the patient is assigned "Goserelin", the instruction does not provide for a repeat course of treatment. The fact is that the drug helps to reduce the density of bone tissue and the development of osteoporosis.

If the capsule has been missed for some reason, then it is necessary to implement it immediately, as soon as the patient recalls this. Women who missed another medication, there is a risk of uterine bleeding.

What kind of unwanted reactions can occur?

If a patient needs to take a drug such as "Goserelin" for a long time, the instructions and testimonials of other patients will provide an opportunity to understand how it works. Naturally, everyone will be interested in what side effects can cause the drug presented.

In men, such reactions may appear:

  • Decreased potency and sexual desire.
  • Breast swelling and soreness( not often).
  • Disorder of ureteral obstruction.

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In women, the following side effects may appear:

  • Enhanced sweat secretion.
  • Frequent mood changes and depressive state.
  • Pain in the head.
  • Dryness of mucous membranes of genital organs.
  • Strong decrease in sex drive.
  • Demineralization of bone tissue, which leads to brittle bones.
  • Breast size change.
  • The onset of menopause( in most cases, monthly bleeding is not restored).

Common to both sexes are also side effects: a rash on the skin, nose infections, increased blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbance. So, if the patient needs to take the drug "Goserelin", the instruction( the composition of the drug is already known) gives such specific instructions:

  • Capsules can not be taken together with alcohol, as this enhances the demineralization of bones.
  • Do not use anticonvulsant drugs, as well as glucocorticosteroids, together with the drug.

As for the reviews, they talk a lot about the large number of side effects and poor health in the first weeks of treatment. Not all patients benefit from the drug, although in most cases it is still effective.

goserelin instructions and reviews

If the specialist believes that the patient is advised to take "Goserelin", the instructions for use( the doctors' reviews must be taken into account) should be constantly at hand for the patient throughout the treatment period. Specialists are unanimous in their opinion: despite the large number of undesirable reactions that occur in almost every patient, the medicine is quite effective.

Specific recommendations for

There are situations when, after taking the drug, you need to see a doctor. For example, if:

  • signs of increased intracranial pressure began to appear.
  • Signs of hemorrhage to the pituitary gland: sudden and severe pain in the head, vision problems, dizziness, confused speech. These symptoms may appear as early as 2 weeks after the start of therapy.
  • There are signs of squeezing the spinal canal or problems with the urinary tract. This is usually indicated by pain in the lumbar region, too difficult movement of the upper and lower extremities, an admixture of blood in the urine. Urination is painful.

There are also some facts that need to be considered before the treatment:

  1. Anamnesis of the patient, which takes into account the presence of osteoporosis, high cholesterol in the blood, and the presence of uterine bleeding of incomprehensible nature, thrombosis in the patient and his relatives.
  2. The tendency of a person to smoke, because this bad habit contributes to the formation of blood clots.
  3. The desire of the patient to have a baby in the near future or already come pregnancy.
  4. Taking any medications, even those that are dispensed without a prescription. It is important to tell the doctor about all the biological supplements that are taken, as well as the herbal decoctions that are used in the treatment.
  5. The presence of an allergic reaction to any medication.

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Storage Features and Analogues

Like any other drug, "Goserelin" should be stored at room temperature, in a place that is well protected from ultraviolet rays and children.

If the patient does not have the opportunity to take Goserelin, the instructions for use( analogs can cope with this problem) advise you to consult a doctor. Moreover, this drug has a high cost - from 8,000 rubles.for the syringe. Among the analogs can be noted "Zoladex", "Buserelin".

That's all the features of the presented tool. Be healthy!