Drops "Sofreks": reviews, indications, price

Is it possible to instill drops of "Sofrex" into the nose of a child? Producers do not recommend using this medication to treat newborns. This is due to the fact that it can have a toxic effect on their body. Moreover, the drug "Sofreks"( droplets) is intended for the treatment of ocular and ear diseases. Although often doctors prescribe it and with a protracted rhinitis or sinusitis. sofradex reviews

Description, Composition, Packing

In what form can I buy a solution of "Sofradex"?Experts say that this drug goes on sale in the form of ear and eye drops. They are available in the form of a transparent and almost colorless liquid with the smell of phenylethyl alcohol.

Active components of this drug are framicetin sulfate, dexamethasone( sodium metasulfobenzoate) and gramicidin.

Also included in the drops are auxiliary ingredients such as lithium chloride, citric acid monohydrate, sodium citrate, phenylethanol, polysorbate 80, denatured 95% ethanol( or methylated industrial alcohol) and distilled water.

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You can buy the medicinal solution "Sopraidex"( drops) in dark vials of glass( volume 5 ml) with a dispenser-dropper( placed in cardboard packages).

Pharmacological characteristics of

The effective effect of the drug under consideration is due to its composition.

Framicetin sulfate is an antibiotic substance belonging to the aminoglycoside group. It has bactericidal properties and has a rather wide spectrum of antibacterial action. Also, this element is active against Gram-positive bacteria, including Staphylococcus aureus, and most Gram-negative microorganisms( including Escherichia coli, Proteus, Dysentery rods, etc.).

It is impossible not to say that the drops of "Sofradex"( ear and eye) are ineffective in stentococcus. They also do not work against pathogenic fungi, viruses and anaerobic flora. drop ephedra

The resistance of bacteria to framicetin sulfate develops very slowly.

Dexamethasone is called SCS, which has a pronounced desensitizing, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic effect.

This component is able to suppress inflammatory processes. It inhibits the migration of mast cells and the release of mediators of inflammation, and also reduces the permeability of capillaries.

After instillation of the drug into the eyes, dexamethasone reduces pain, lacrimation, burning sensation and photophobia. When instilled in the ears, this component eliminates all the symptoms of otitis externaire( including redness of the skin, a feeling of ear congestion, pain, burning in the external auditory canal and itching).

What is the role of gramicidin in the preparation of "Sofreks"?Experts say that this ingredient can have bacteriostatic and bactericidal effects. Due to its activity against staphylococci, it significantly expands the spectrum of the antimicrobial effect of Framicetin.

Pharmacokinetic indexes of

Are the drops of "Sofradex" sucked in? The doctors say that with local use, the systemic absorption of this drug is very low. However, in the presence of inflamed skin or open wounds, this medication can still be absorbed into the bloodstream. In this case, it is quickly excreted( unchanged) through the kidneys. The half-life of Framicetin sulfate is 120-180 minutes. suphraude in the nose of a child

When taking dexamethasone inwards, it is able to be absorbed instantly from the digestive tract. In this case, the half-life of the medicament is 3 hours.


According to the instructions, the drops of "Sofradex" with otitis externa help very well. They are also used for:

  • blepharitis;
  • keratitis( without epithelial damage);
  • conjunctivitis;
  • sclerites, episclerites;
  • iridocyclites;
  • is an infected skin eczema.


Ear and eye drops "Sofradex", the price of which is indicated below, should not be prescribed when:

  • viral or fungal infections, tuberculosis, purulent inflammation of the eyes, trachoma;
  • hypersensitivity to any of the solution substances;
  • herpetic keratitis( dendritic ulcer of the cornea), since there is a risk of an increase in the size of the ulcer and a significant deterioration in vision;
  • glaucoma;
  • thinning of the sclera and violation of the integrity of the corneal epithelium;
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding;
  • perforation of the tympanic membrane, since penetration of the medication into it can lead to ototoxic effect;
  • infants. cofferedex price

It should also be said that with caution this medication is prescribed for young children( especially in large doses and for a long time), since there is a risk of suppression of adrenal function and the development of systemic side effects.

How to use

How should I use the drops of "SofraDEX"?Experts say that this solution should appoint only a doctor.

For eye diseases with a mild course of the infectious process, the drug is instilled in the conjunctival sac by 2 drops every 4 hours. In case of severe infection, the medication is used every 60 minutes. As the inflammatory reactions decrease, the frequency of instillations is reduced.

For ear diseases, the medication is instilled into the external auditory meatus 3 drops four times a day. In some cases, a gauze tampon, previously moistened in solution, is placed in the ear.

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The duration of the use of this remedy should not be more than a week, except in cases of pronounced positive dynamics of the disease. In this case, it should be borne in mind that SCS can mask the ongoing infections, and the long use of antimicrobial agents may contribute to the emergence of a flora resistant to them.

Drops of "Sofreks" in the nose of a child

Despite the fact that the drug is intended for the treatment of ocular and ear diseases, it is often prescribed to children with prolonged runny nose in order to prevent the development of otitis. In addition, drops in the nose can be used to treat allergic rhinitis. Also, the solution is used in the complex treatment of otitis media of the middle ear.

For proper use of the drug, the child is put on his back and tilts his head back. In this position, 2-5 drops are added to each nostril and the patient is left for several minutes, so that the medicine penetrates to the site of localization of the inflammatory process.

In the treatment of otitis media, the drops are first diluted with physiological saline( 1: 1) and injected into the nose.

For the treatment of a protracted cold, the drug can be used in both pure and diluted form. In this case, assign 3 drops to each nostril three times a day for a week.

Do not administer more than 5 drops into the nose at a time.

Reviews and price

You can buy this medication at a price of 140-190 rubles per bottle. The difference in the cost of drops is not due to their quality or different manufacturers, but to the mark-up of pharmacy chains. Sofradex in otitis

Otolaryngologists say that the drops of "Sofrex" are a very effective drug that can be prescribed for various diseases of the ears and eyes. Patients agree with this opinion. They report that "Sofradex" does have a good anti-inflammatory effect. However, with a neglected disease, this medication is ineffective. Therefore, doctors recommend using it immediately after the appearance of the first signs of a pathological condition.