"Paranit"( spray): reviews. How much is the spray "Paranit"

The problem of pediculosis occurs, oddly enough, quite often even now. It would seem that the twenty-first century is in the yard, but this problem still remains a problem for many. Lice have a small cycle of maturation, a week later they are already adults, able to lay eggs - nits. Therefore, when they appear, you must immediately take up the work to destroy the parasites. Various means will help in this. One of the most effective is "Paranit"( spray).Feedback on its action will be discussed below.

Spray "Paranit" - the main action of

paranitis spray reviews Many are interested in the question of how effective this tool is. What is "Paranit"( spray)?Instructions for use contains all the features of use. It should be noted that this remedy is transparent, oily and odorless. The active substances are dimethicone and mineral oil( isopar).The first substance actively protects the structure of the hair from the action of the oil. The second is the main thing in the fight against parasites.

This remedy is not dangerous, it does not leave any irritations on the skin in recommended doses, it is intended for external use. Produced in a plastic bottle with a nebulizer, sometimes the package contains a comb for combing the nits.

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Method of application, reviews

paranitis spray instruction Before licking the lice in a child, you need to view the occipital and temporal parts of the head in good light with all the members of the family. After that you will know who to handle the head.

"Paranit"( spray), this instruction also describes, it is necessary to withdraw from the surface of the head by 10 cm. After that it is necessary to press the sprayer and apply the remedy on dry hair before they are moistened. Then you need to rub the substance into the roots. If a child or an adult has thick hair or a long hair, they need to be sprinkled over the strands.

After keeping the substance on the hair for 15-20 minutes, it is necessary to wash off with the use of the shampoo "Paranit"( spray).The feedback of many buyers of this remedy indicates that it needs to be washed very carefully. Oily base may not wash out for a long time. From the first time this is sometimes difficult to achieve, so you have to wash several times.

What precautions should be observed when applying?

paranitis spray instruction manual To prevent the use of such a tool as "Paranit" spray in the eyes( reviews of people who used it, confirm the need for such action), many before wearing a headband around their head. If the substance still gets on the skin or mucous membranes, you should immediately rinse these places with running water and, if necessary, consult a doctor.

For strong scalp combs, the remedy is not recommended, since the substance can damage the skin even more. The remedy is used strictly for the purpose and is kept as far from children as possible.

Contraindications to the use of

paronite spray from lice reviews The substances that make up the "Paranita" can cause allergic reactions. Therefore, do not use the drug for those who have sensitivity to the components that make up the spray.

"Paranit"( spray), the instruction on this also recalls, can not be used for children under 3 years old. This is due to the fact that a child can not withstand the presence of a given substance on the head for 15-20 minutes. Usually, the children are interested in what happens on their heads when adults pay so much attention to it. Kids begin to feel by hand the hair, then climb to the eyes, and this is strictly forbidden. Parents note that in this case, you need to use a less chemically dangerous product or very closely monitor the crumbs. Some keep the children on their hands, trying all the time to do something with them.

Since the effect of the drug on the body and its absorption through the skin has been little studied, it is not recommended to apply "Paranit" during pregnancy and lactation, as it can harm the baby.

Positive feedback on the action of

Is "Paranit" spray effective? Reviews about it can be found diverse. Let's start with the positive. The girls' moms note that when their children bring these parasites from school or camps, a panic attack immediately begins. After all, no one wants to carry such animals on his head. Using "Paranit", you can get rid of parasites for several treatments. Several treatments are required in order to hatched and killed non-combed nits.

Some "Paranit" helps with the first time, when the lice only settled and did not have time to put off the nits. Then the means actively fights with living individuals, saving the head from unnecessary tenants. Among the positive moments, it was also noted that the funds are enough for several times( up to 4).

Negative feedback

paranit spray price Quite easy to use "Paronite"( spray) from lice. Parents' reviews confirm this. But there are negative moments after the application of the remedy. Many of them note and explain this by their choice of another drug.

Among the main negative points, people who used the drug, singled out:

  • Not all lice die - some say that even after the third treatment you can find living parasites in the hair. This may be due to inadequate hair treatment with excessive thickness or length. The concept of moisturizing means a hair for all relative. Therefore, it is better to be safe and do more than just moisturize.
  • Hair loss - it was noted that after using the product, hair begins to fall out heavily. The active substances can not contribute to this. Most likely, this phenomenon can be observed with individual sensitivity to the components of the drug. Or hair loss on the head is not connected with the use of this remedy.
  • The main complaint of many parents on the spray is the strong oil contamination of the scalp. Some even had to use the means for washing dishes to wash away the "Paranit"( spray).The price of the drug, as noted by users, does not correspond to the time spent on washing it and its effectiveness.

Price of

With all the conflicting reviews, this tool is successfully used by many parents for themselves and children. But it does not apply to cheap drugs. How much is "Paranit"( spray)?In different pharmacies and cities, its price ranges from 500 to 700 rubles.

Recommendations for the effective use of

how much does a paranite spray Parents note that it is much more effective to get rid of lice when using the "Paranit" and a special comb that comes in the kit. It has thick denticles that help to comb the nits. It is better to take small hair strands, then you do not miss the eggs of parasites. In addition, scallop after combing each strand should be wiped with a cotton disc to avoid re-infection.

Some mums besides a spray use hair iron. Killing parasites with the help of "Paranita", nits can be removed using this method. It is proved that the eggs of lice and the individuals themselves die at a temperature of 60 degrees. Carrying an iron on a thin strand of hair, you can get rid of a pediculosis at once. This method takes a lot of time, but it is effective. The child before this should be adjusted to a positive way, as when combing out, and during the application of ironing, many babies begin to be capricious.