Incomplete emptying of the intestine: causes, symptoms and treatment. False urge to defecate

Incomplete emptying of the intestine is a frequent phenomenon that tortures many people. Especially in large cities. It leads to strong emotional and physical discomfort, this is the main danger of the ailment. The quality of life in a person who lives with such a syndrome decreases.

Quite often incomplete emptying of the intestine accompanies other diseases. This is the case with hemorrhoids, rectocele, condylomata, polyps. There may be constipation, diarrhea, and often there is their alternation. In addition, pain in the abdomen and general malaise are added. All this spoils the life of a person.

Causes that lead to

a feeling of fullness in the abdomen

syndrome The gastroenterologist is engaged in diagnosis and treatment of this unpleasant ailment. But sometimes, depending on the reasons for the formation of this disease, consultation of other specialists is required. This will be discussed later.

Very many experience discomfort during, as well as immediately after a meal. These unpleasant sensations can be various - a nausea, feeling of gravity and raspiranija in a stomach, a pain in a stomach, the raised or increased formation of gases. But more often these symptoms do not mean that the person has an incomplete emptying syndrome. Perhaps it is gastritis or gastroesteritis. But the ailment, which will be discussed in this article, is sometimes even more unpleasant than the aforementioned diseases.

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The discomfort that it causes prevents you from living normally. Why is this happening? The answer is simple enough: a person can constantly feel a desire to visit the toilet, pain, bloating, a feeling of dissatisfaction. False desires for evacuation can be overtaken anywhere. At work, on vacation, in a public place. And it often happens in society, because a person focuses on his feelings, just when he worries. At home, in a relaxed environment, the symptoms are usually not so pronounced.

Therefore, the main reason for this ailment is the psychological component. And the chief doctor who can really help deal with it is a psychotherapist or even a psychiatrist.

Incomplete emptying does not occur just like that. There are reasons for everything, we will consider the main of them. The syndrome can appear as a result of the following factors:

- Constant stress, increased nervous excitability, hypochondria, hypochondria.

- As a result of trauma to the internal organs( namely, the stomach and intestines).

- The form of a dysbacteriosis started.

- Infectious diseases, from which the organs of the digestive tract suffer greatly.

- Hormonal disorders( often this happens with diabetes, hypothyroidism, obesity, menopause, as well as in the premenstrual period).

- Gynecological diseases that directly affect the functioning of the intestine.

- Errors in the diet, as well as changing the daily routine. Fiber does not come from food, so there is a failure in the gastrointestinal tract.

- A sedentary lifestyle. How constipation occurs in adults? Hypodinamy often leads to them, and later there is a syndrome of incomplete emptying.

- Hereditary factors.

- The elderly. In the elderly, all the processes in the body slow down, so constipation is a frequent phenomenon. And under the influence of constipation, incomplete emptying of the intestine is also observed.

But, as already mentioned, the disease is most often found in extremely sensitive people, prone to introspection. Their psyche is unsettling, they seem to be predisposed to psychological and neurological ailments.

With malnutrition, very often there is a syndrome of incomplete bowel evacuation. If you eat a lot of harmful food( fried, fatty, spicy, pickled), then there will necessarily be problems with the gastrointestinal tract. Harmful flavors, flavor enhancers, dyes. Also affects the lack of fiber - it can lead to chronic constipation.

With a sedentary lifestyle, the risk of "earning" intestinal pathology increases at times.

Heredity plays an important role in the onset of the syndrome. If close relatives have suffered such ailment, then there is a chance that it will appear in you.

With a tendency to constipation, there is often an incomplete emptying syndrome. Normally a person should not go to the toilet less than 3 times a week. It is better to do this everyday. Then the feces will not be deposited in the intestine, and the toxins will not accumulate.

The causes of constipation in adults may be anomalies in the structure of the intestines, adhesions, the emergence of tumors that grow and prevent the flow away from the calves, as well as violations of the secretory function of the intestine, which happens in IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome.

Treatment of such ailment is often problematic, because the psychological component is great. But in any case it should be comprehensive. One doctor is not enough, so you need to get advice from several( proctologist, psychotherapist, gastroenterologist, in some cases, a neurologist).

Selection of treatment methods is carried out on an individual basis, everything depends entirely on the patient's symptoms and complaints. The main signs of incomplete emptying of the intestine are discussed below.

How dangerous is the condition?

constipation in adults

The act of defecation is a natural process. Normally, it should be 1 time a day, sometimes 2 times. Must pass without any pain. Only under such conditions the human body can function without deviations.

If the intestine is inadequately emptied, the well-being suffers, as well as the appearance of the person. Violated the work of the nervous system, spoiled nails, hair, skin. There is general fatigue, the vital tone disappears.

Also incomplete evacuation of the intestine and constant urge to defecate make a person emotionally unstable, quick-tempered, he has headaches, tinnitus, insomnia, frequent urination.

If this is caused by psychological reasons, it is worthwhile for a person to calm down and return to the usual order, as all the symptoms go without a trace. In this case, no special treatment is required.

Incomplete bowel movement: symptoms of

false urge to defecate

But there are times when a person suffers from incomplete bowel evacuation for a very long time. And the symptoms of the ailment are more serious and painful:

- Constipation occurs( in adults this is a common phenomenon) with mucus in the stool.

- Diarrhea, and mucus is also present in the stool.

- Feeling of a crowded intestine.

- Heaviness in the abdomen.

- Pain in the abdomen( more often on the right).

- False urge to defecate, and the stomach is characterized by "twists".

- Feeling of dissatisfaction after the act of defecation, it seems that you want more, but it does not work.

- Rumbling in the intestines, which is constantly observed, regardless of the food intake.

- Blood in the feces in a small amount.

In rare cases, the general state of health is disturbed, insomnia, weakness and aches in the body, soreness in the back area.

Not always the symptoms are present all at once. Each person manifests itself in different ways. In the case when a person has such signs, he should immediately consult a doctor. The specialist will assign certain studies to correctly establish the diagnosis. How to get rid of feelings of incomplete bowel movement? To do this, you must first pass the examination, then treatment.


feeling of incomplete bowel movement

Special medical tests will help to understand the diagnosis. It is necessary to differentiate the syndrome of incomplete evacuation of the intestine from other, more serious diseases.

Sometimes a person becomes the culprit of his condition, because he feeds absolutely wrong. He consumes foods that cause increased peristalsis, leading to increased gas production. For effective diagnosis, you need a strict diet. Perhaps, then the feeling of incomplete emptying of the intestine will pass without any medications. Consider its main principles:

- Exceptions are harmful to the intestinal products, namely those that provoke gases( all kinds of flour products, cabbage).

- Inadmissible antibiotics, laxatives, and in general it is better not to take anything before the examination, then the diagnosis will be as accurate as possible.

- You need to eat fiber in large quantities to establish the work of the intestines( bran, fresh vegetables and fruits).Good oatmeal can help at breakfast. Kasha needs to be well boiled, then it will envelop the intestines, which will positively affect its condition.

- All dishes are subject to baking or steaming, but in any case do not fry.

- To help food in small portions, but frequent.

- It is not recommended to drink tea, alcohol, coffee, as well as any type of soda, because, again, it can cause gas formation in the intestine. It is better to switch to non-carbonated mineral water. Especially if there are frequent false urges to defecate.

Diagnosis of incomplete emptying

incomplete bowel evacuation

So, the diet is prescribed, it is observed in full, but the discomfort is still present. Syndrome of irritated bowel and incomplete emptying does not go anywhere. In this case, the patient should undergo examinations, which are prescribed by the doctor:

- it is necessary to pass the feces( to identify possible parasites, to study the microorganisms that inhabit the intestine), its physical and chemical characteristics are of great importance;

- carry out bacteriological culture to determine infection in the intestine;

- the blood is examined for biochemistry;

- irrigoscopy or intestinal X-ray with contrast medium;

- colonoscopy is prescribed in especially severe cases, when there is a suspicion of oncology;

- perform a sigmoidoscopy( with the help of an endoscope examine the organs of the digestive tract).

Before carrying out all the patient's procedures, they are specially prepared. They make an enema to release the intestines from the feces. If necessary, anesthetize, especially with regard to such an unpleasant procedure as a colonoscopy.

Such an integrated approach will help to identify abnormalities and establish an accurate diagnosis. After that, a certain treatment is already prescribed. It is necessary to understand that incomplete emptying of the intestine( the reasons we have considered) is not a verdict.

Treatment with medications

feeling of incomplete bowel movement after defecation

Taking certain medications will help smooth out unpleasant symptoms.

First, you need to get rid of gassing in the intestine. To do this, use probiotics, enzyme-enriched products that improve the process of digesting food and assimilating nutrients. A normal microflora in the intestine is well preserved with special preparations with bacteria and acids. They include "Hilak Forte", "Lineks", "Bifidumbacterin."It is necessary to enrich your diet with lactic acid products. Especially effective for incomplete emptying of the intestine is kefir, fermented baked milk, curdled milk, as well as various live yoghurts.

Secondly, if there is a predilection for diarrhea, then the use of drugs that have a binding effect is advisable. To them it is possible to carry "Smektu", "Loperamid".It is better not to get carried away by these means, because you can achieve the opposite effect, and then you will have to fight with constipation. As an auxiliary means, folk methods of treating diarrhea can be used. Eat, for example, millet porridge or drink broths of herbs( oak bark, St. John's wort, elder).Then the patient will not pursue a feeling of incomplete emptying of the intestine.

Thirdly, if a person is tormented by permanent constipation, drugs can not be dispensed with. These are special prokinetics. For example, "Dufalac", "Motilium", "Mukofalk", "Sennade".As folk remedies well-proven beet juice and prunes.

Take any medicine you need only after consulting a doctor. Even if it comes to preparations with beneficial bacteria in the composition.

Antispasmodics for pain

how to get rid of feelings of incomplete bowel movement

For severe pain in the intestine, it is necessary to take antispasmodics. The most famous are No-Shpa, Papaverin, gases are taken away by Espumizan. Herbal infusions( chamomile, mint, dill water) have long been used to get rid of intestinal colic. In the case of pain and gas can not do without a special diet, because if you do not stop eating harmful foods, there will be no sense. The feeling of overflow in the abdomen will be present.

What to eat?

The following products have a very calming effect on the intestines:

- biscuits;

- kissel;

- blueberry;

- strong tea.

Using them regularly, you can get rid of bouts of pain during bowel emptying.

The effectiveness of psychotherapy

incomplete bowel movement If there is a constant feeling of incomplete emptying of the intestine, in addition to drug treatment, psychotherapy will be effective. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity to visit a psychotherapist, because his services are quite expensive. But sometimes you can not do without it, because in 70% of cases in the development of this illness the psyche is to blame. It turns out a kind of vicious circle: the patient has problems with the act of defecation, he is obsessed with them, as a result, they are manifested twice as often. Independently to get rid of this syndrome it is possible, but for this purpose time, will power and an opportunity to distract from own experiences is required.

Psychotherapy is individual and group. Depending on the individual characteristics of patients themselves choose a convenient way to attend classes. Someone will need several sessions, and it will be easier for them, and a dozen others will not suffice.


Attentive people should focus less on themselves and their health. More to communicate with surrounding people, to receive on a maximum positive emotions. Perhaps, then, the feeling of incomplete evacuation of the intestine after defecation will pass by itself. If not, do not hesitate - go to the doctor!