Vulgar psoriasis: photo, treatment

Psoriasis is a chronic disease characterized by periods of remission and exacerbation. The most common form of the disease is vulgar. Its development is associated with malfunctions in the body's immune system.

Consider what vulgar psoriasis is, its symptoms and possible ways of treating the disease.

What causes vulgar psoriasis? As already mentioned above, vulgar psoriasis occurs due to certain failures in the immune system. Although this can happen in the presence of hereditary factors, after the transferred infectious diseases or become the result of malnutrition, stress, nervous tension or the taking of some medications. For those who do not even imagine what vulgar psoriasis looks like, the photo below will serve as a good example. vulgar psoriasis

As you can see, this phenomenon can not be called pleasant.

Symptoms of the disease

Begins a common vulgar psoriasis with the appearance of severely scaly papules and plaques. The knees, elbows, scalp, lumbosacral region, hands and feet can be affected. In this case, the rashes have a bright red color, and the papules can expand and merge with each other. Progressing, the disease affects all new skin areas. Most patients at this time begin to complain of the appearance of severe itching and burning.

vulgar psoriasis treatment

Vulgar psoriasis in children is also manifested: in the same areas there are rashes. But most often in young patients, small pinkish pimples appear on the scalp and in the region of the joints.

Stages of the development of the disease

Vulgar psoriasis has three stages of development.

  1. Progressive( acute) stage. Characterized by the formation of a rash.
  2. Stationary stage. At this time, new elements of the rash no longer appear, but the old one still does not disappear and worries the patient.
  3. Regressing stage. During this period, a pseudoatrophic rim of Voronov formed around the rash.

Vulgar psoriasis: treatment of

Unfortunately, there is still no unique remedy that will help get rid of the disease forever. Treatment provides only the maximum prolongation of the period of remission, as well as the elimination of symptoms during an exacerbation. That is, the disease is not treated, but it stops.

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Therapy consists of three main areas:

  1. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs.
  2. Conducting symptomatic treatment.
  3. Blocking of keratinocyte polifering and differentiation.

During the first stage of the disease, detoxification and anti-inflammatory therapy is prescribed. It includes intravenous administration of such drugs as "Sodium Thiosulphate" and "Calcium Glucanate."

In the presence of severe itching, symptomatic therapy with antihistamine means is carried out: "Mebrogroline", "Chloropyramine" or "Klimastin."

During severe disease, retinoids are prescribed, for example "Acitretinum", ultraviolet irradiation is carried out. If malignant psoriasis is mandatory,, one of which is "Methotrexate."

Local external treatment during the progressive stage includes the use of moisturizing, keroplastic, indifferent agents, in the formulationwhich contain glucocorticosteroids such as hydrocortisone, betamethasone, clobetasol, etc.

Vulgar psoriasis during the stationary and regressing stage involves the administration of drugs that have keratolytic and absorbable effects, such as Acetylsalicylic Acid,"DITRANOL" or "NAPHTHALAN OIL." Unlike the agents used to treat the regressive stage, these drugs are characterized by a higher concentration of active substances.

Treatment of psoriasis in children

Therapy for getting rid of psoriasis in children differs from the "adult" option. When choosing the necessary medicines the doctor will take into account the sex and age of the child, the form and severity of the manifestation of the disease, the presence of the baby allergies to medications.

common vulgar psoriasis

In the first place, sedatives and desensitizing agents are prescribed. In the case of intensification of the itch to them, the intake of antihistamines is added. Children up to the age of three are additionally recommended means for activating the body's defenses( enhancing immunity).If the selected drugs are ineffective, the physician must necessarily replace them with others.

If vulgar psoriasis in a child is in mild form, he is given monotherapy. In severe cases, systemic and phototherapy is performed to promptly remove symptoms.

It is also possible to use folk remedies, but only beforehand it is necessary to consult the attending physician.

Treatment of psoriasis with folk remedies

It should be noted right now that folk methods of getting rid of the disease can be used only as an additional therapy in combination with the basic medication. vulgar psoriasis in children

The following methods are suitable for both children and adults. They are included in the intake of infusions of herbs and medicinal baths.

  1. Infusion from the string to eliminate itching. For its preparation, it is necessary to take three portions of the turn and one portion of the herb valerian, celandine and St. John's wort. A tablespoon of the mixture should be poured a glass of hot water and let it brew for 15 minutes. You need to drink it half the glass twice a day.
  2. Infusion from licorice root. You need to take three servings of licorice root, two servings of herbaceous, one portion oregano and celandine. Just like in the previous case, you need to brew a tablespoon of the mixture in a glass of water and drink half a cup in the morning and evening.
  3. A bathroom with medicinal herbs can not only eliminate the itching, but also remove redness with swelling. To make it, you need to take a large metal saucepan, pour in it three liters of water and add a pack of celandine. The mixture must be put on fire and brought to a boil, then cover and let it brew for about an hour. At this time, you can prepare a warm bath, and the water in it should be so much that you can immerse the entire body. The resulting broth before use must be filtered through gauze. In such a medical bath you need to be 10 minutes. The procedure itself can be repeated every day, as it is completely harmless.

Finally I would like to remind you that in no case should not engage in self-medication. It is better to entrust this matter to an experienced specialist.

Stay healthy!