Than to breed "Korteksin" for an injection?

It is very important for the organism that the central nervous system function normally. Its main organ is the brain. In the event of injuries, or any violations, it is necessary to support the work of neurons. To do this, appoint nootropic drugs. These include "Cortexin," which is often used in neurology and pediatrics.

Action of the drug

This drug is characterized by the following actions:

than to dilute cortexin

- antioxidant;

- nootropic;

- neuroprotective;

- tissue-based.

How does the drug work?

The drug "Cortexin" helps protect neurons from psychotropic and toxic substances, improves learning processes and the functioning of the brain. Also, due to its use, concentration of attention is increased.

Also, the drug improves the activation of neuronal metabolism and restores the tone in the nervous system and the functioning of the cerebral cortex.

Application of

This medication is prescribed for the occurrence of such pathologies and in some states:

- with brain lesions - encephalopathy;

- with memory impairment and thinking abilities;

- during complications after traumatic brain injury;

- during complete exhaustion of the body - asthenic state;

- when there is an acute or chronic lesion of nerve cells and conducting pathways of the brain;

- for circulatory disorders in the brain;

- with reduced concentration;

- in the presence of epilepsy.

In pediatrics, "Cortexin" is prescribed during the comprehensive treatment of cerebral palsy. Also, if there is a speech and psychomotor delay in the development of the child. For newborns used in critical cases, with complications of the nervous system after childbirth, as well as internal uterine injuries.

Preparations for breeding "Cortexin"

The drug is available in the form of a powder. And what is the breeding of "Cortexin" in order to dissolve it? It is necessary to apply such liquids:

- injection water;

- 0.5% novocaine;

- 0.9% sodium chloride solution( saline solution);

- 0.5% procaine.

But other fluids that are very close to the above are not recommended, for example lidocaine.

cortexin as a dilute 10 mg

So, the drug "Cortexin" was prescribed. How to dilute 10 mg of medication? Correctly it becomes so: in a vial or flask with a preparation the hole is pierced by means of a needle. Enter inside 1 or 2 milliliters of liquid. Its jet should be directed to the bottle wall and thus avoid the occurrence of intense foam. The resulting composition should not be shaken very much.

We make Novocaine

Very often for injections with this drug, Novokain is recommended. And how to grow "Cortexin" with novocaine? One bottle of the first drug requires 0.5 or 1 milliliter of liquid. Such a solution must be used to treat an adult.

how to breed cortexin with novocaine

If a child is prescribed "Cortexin", how to dilute 10 mg of the drug with novacoin? Then you need to bottle the first 2 ml of the second drug. Although the exact proportions can be chosen by the doctor based on the diagnosis of the child.

What are the advantages in the resulting solution? Since the breeding of "Cortexin" with novocaine should be strictly according to the instruction, it can be used both for adults and children. This composition is made specifically to reduce pain during the injection.

For children

And than to breed "Korteksin" to a child? This drug is produced specifically for children. The only difference is that the dosage is slightly less. The solution is made from the same fluids as for adults, but it is best to consult a pediatrician. In general, water for injection or saline is prescribed, as well as novocaine( in very rare cases).

than to grow cortexin to an adult

The use of this drug for children with complex therapy with other drugs is undesirable. With its action in young patients, the motor activity of movements is much faster. Very small begin to sit down, crawl on the floor, get on their feet. There is also an improvement in memory and attention.

Step-by-step instruction

How to plant "Cortexin" correctly? Follow the instructions:

  1. A needle is placed on the syringe( necessarily sterile and of the required volume) on the needle holder.
  2. The ampoule in which the solvent is located is opened.
  3. In the prepared syringe the necessary quantity of a liquid is typed.
  4. If you have foil on the bottle with "Cortexin", it should be removed.
  5. The rubber stopper on it is punctured with a needle from a syringe, in which there is already a liquid.
  6. The needle should be lowered approximately to the middle of the vial.
  7. The solvent is released by slowly pressing the plunger from the syringe. This is necessary so as not to foam the drug. It will be even better if you point the needle to the wall, and then the liquid will flow into the powder in a uniform stream and will not inflate it.
  8. After all the liquid is in the vial, the needle is not removed. The container itself should be slightly rocked, as if to shake, so that the powder dissolved completely.

The vial should eventually contain a solution of a homogeneous type without any flakes. When there is such a result, it means that the preparation is ready for injection.

Advice for

Before diluting "Cortexin", it should be noted that the resulting liquid for injection should be fully used at a time. If the cooked solution has stood for more than twenty minutes, it should be discarded and a new one prepared. It is strictly forbidden to store the remains of the composition, then use it with the next portion of the solution.

how to properly dilute cortexin

You can not ignore this point: before you breed "Cortexin" to an adult, you must put aside all the other drugs prescribed for the patient for injections. Nothing, except for the solutions described above, can not be added to it( sometimes they can do so in order to save not only syringes, but also time).You need to enter an additional medicine separately.

So, we examined in detail what to breed Cortexin? And they found out that Novokain, physiological solutions, and also water for injections are suitable for this. All these funds should be in containers of small volume. For example, an ampoule or vial with a volume of 2 or 5 milliliters. This is necessary to ensure that the injection formulation is always in a sterile state. After all, with a large volume of capacity, especially in a home environment, sterility can not be maintained. Because of this, you need to acquire a small capacity, which will always be hermetically sealed.

Contraindications and side effects of

Contraindicated in pregnant women who breastfeed, as well as those people who are completely incompatible with the components of the drug "Cortexin".

than to breed cortexin to a child

Do not drink alcoholic beverages during treatment. They not only neutralize the effect of the drug, it can also negatively affect the patient's health.

No specific side effects have been observed so far, except that an allergic reaction.


Now you know what to breed Cortexin. But before using this solution, you need to carefully study the instruction, its contraindications and possible side effects. Also, of course, you need to consult a doctor. After all, only by his recommendation you can take any medications.