Allergies to parrots in children: photos, symptoms

Parks are one of the most beautiful and bright birds. Other than that, they're pretty smart. Everyone knows that parrots can memorize a number of words and constantly repeat them. The content of this bird does not require any special conditions, and even in an ordinary small apartment there is always a place for the cage. Based on such advantages, many people choose the parrot. However, not everyone knows that this step may pose a threat to health. Allergies to parrots are not uncommon, so before you buy yourself a pet, you should make sure there is no danger. The disease washes to develop to a serious stage and go into a chronic form.

Can a parakeet call an allergy?

These poultry are the causative agent of such a disease as allergic alveolitis. It is characterized by being a malaise of the lungs. Simply put, the reaction does not appear on the mucous membranes, as in most cases of allergy, namely on the lung alveoli. Naturally, from this situation it can be concluded that the allergen consists of so small particles that they flow directly into the lungs with the air stream.

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parrot allergy

It turns out that they do not stay in the nose or in the bronchi. In order to determine the presence of a threat to health, it is necessary to test your reaction to avian protein. Allergy to parrots in children is very common, so before you buy, you need to conduct a thorough examination with a doctor. Only after a positive result can start a new pet. Think first and foremost about health, and leave the rest to the back burner.

Causes of allergy occurrence

A parrot is definitely the most popular poultry. In addition to its external features, the pet can repeat and remember certain words. Both adults and children are delighted with this and strongly attached to birds. Bird care is not so complicated as it may seem at first glance. Owners only need to carefully monitor the purity of the cell, and do not forget to feed the parrot. In addition, it is worth to be careful when closing the cage, as the bird can easily fly out of it.

allergies to parrots in children

However, not everything is so rosy. As is known, birds are sources of proteins, and the human body often perceives this as a threat to health. Therefore, the allergy to parrots is not so rare. The ailment can be provoked by some factors:

  • contact with feathers or down;
  • connection with the outer layer of the skin;
  • contact with litter.

Allergy is not detected immediately, often after the first harvest in the pet cage. After all, there is a direct contact with avian secretions, feathers, etc. It is this fact that causes a negative reaction. How does the parrot allergy manifest itself?

Symptoms of the appearance of the disease

First we make a general analysis of the symptoms, and then talk about them in more detail. It is worth noting that the signs appear almost immediately after contact with the bird, or rather in a few minutes. Symptoms can be bearable or severe. In the latter case, immediately call an ambulance.

The disease manifests itself in different ways: it can be a violation of the respiratory system, and changes on the surface of the skin, conjunctiva, etc. In most cases, the symptoms manifest episodically, regularly. However, if it is possible to get rid of the provoking factor, the paralysis allergy symptoms can stop forever.

Skin Problems

It should be noted that the signs that we will consider in this article are found in both adults and children. If we talk about skin manifestations, then the most common rash. It manifests itself in the appearance of vesicles of various kinds, spots and blisters. Can be either small or large. Quite often the rash appears against a background of severe redness or a major swelling.

allergic to parrot symptoms

With allergies to parrots, a person often has urticaria, which is characterized by special skin damage. In this case, blisters can exist for about a day, while creating foci and integrating into them. In especially difficult situations there is edema Quincke in the area of ​​the cheeks or lips. These skin manifestations are unbearably painful and itchy, which causes severe discomfort.

Catarrhal features of

Do not underestimate the runny nose or trivial stuffiness of the nose. It is necessary to find out the reason why this or that disease occurs. After all, an allergy to parrots from this can begin. Manifestations are not always acute, often the disease takes a fairly long time. There is a high probability that at first only one symptom will be noticeable - a runny nose. And if you do not understand in time that this is the beginning of an allergy, then the condition will only worsen.

Special attention should be given to infants. How does the child's parrots allergies? Because of the inability to breathe normally, the baby experiences a worsening of appetite, weakness appears, sleep is disturbed. Older children tolerate the ailment more calmly, the symptoms are limited to the common cold, tearing and nasal congestion.

Consider the basic catarrhal signs of an allergy:

  • redness and itching in the eye area;
  • feeling of irritation in the throat;
  • a regular cough;
  • sneezing, nasal congestion.

Respiratory system disorders

This type of symptoms is the most dangerous to health. Respiratory problems are manifested in the fact that it becomes difficult for the patient to breathe, it is necessary to constantly look for support for the hands. It is especially difficult to push air out of the lungs. Allergies to parrots are not a very pleasant sight.

allergic to parrots in children symptoms

If you find yourself in such signs, you should immediately consult a doctor. Even a cursory examination will reveal the problem and offer treatment. A person has a pale complexion, a dry cough with small transparent secretions. Breathing becomes unrealistically difficult, in this situation, independent therapy will not have the corresponding effect. Cope with this situation can only specialists.

Treatment of the disease

Above we considered all sorts of symptoms of allergies to parrots in children and adults. How can we cope with this problem? To begin with, you should completely stop any contact with the bird. If the patient has a mild form of the disease, you can move the cage with the pet for a time in another room. However, this is best not to do, since the allergen gets to furniture, walls and floor, and getting rid of it is not so easy. It is necessary to conduct regular wet cleaning and constantly air the apartment.

how the allergy to parrots is shown

It is recommended to simply give the parrot to your friends or other people to stop contacting the bird. After that, you need to carefully clean the room and keep the purity constantly for some time until the symptoms pass. However, it is not worth hoping that everything will pass by itself. To accurately cope with the disease, you need to undergo a course of treatment in the hospital, take the medicines prescribed by the doctor and take seriously your health. After you go through therapy, the doctor will say if you can continue to purchase a pet. There is a chance that the doctor's answer will be positive.


Before you start a parrot, it's worth checking whether you or your family are allergic to the birds. Particular attention must be given to children, because they are the most difficult to perceive ailment. To find out, you just need to pass a blood test for certain antibodies. And to this procedure there are practically no contraindications.

allergies to parrots photo

If it is found that the norm of immunoglobulins in the serum is exceeded, then a person is prone to allergies. In this case, it is best to refuse to purchase a pet. If the patient is already infected with an allergy, then he needs to undergo a comprehensive treatment, which consists of:

  • from the contact with the feathered;
  • for taking medications prescribed by a doctor;
  • staying in the hospital for the duration of therapy.


Allergy to parrots, as we found out, can manifest itself in different ways. To prevent the development of ailment, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

  • to pass a blood test to detect increased sensitivity;
  • if you find the first symptoms, you should immediately seek help from a specialist;
  • does not need to purchase a pet in a house where there are people suffering from respiratory diseases.

How is the parrot allergy in a child manifested?

Remember that your health is not worth admiring a beautiful bird. Symptoms may worsen over time, which in the end will lead to irreversible consequences. However, not always the above signs are observed with allergies to parrots. They can be caused by intolerance to dust, household chemicals, etc. Therefore, before taking any action, it is necessary to determine the cause of the deterioration of health.