On the finger of the panaritium. Treatment at home is possible?

Very unpleasant disease, which often occurs in people whose work is accompanied by microtraumas of fingers, is a panarithium. Treatment in the home of this disease is possible if the inflammation is not very strong, is not accompanied by high fever and an extensive tumor. Often panaritium occurs in children due to non-compliance with hygiene rules, biting off the burrs on the fingers or small hand injuries not treated with antiseptics. It can happen Panaritium treatment at home also with an incorrectly made manicure, puncturing a finger with a fish bone or splinter.

Features of the disease

This disease causes serious trouble, especially for those who have to work with their hands. After all, on the site of inflammation there is a twitching pain, often very strong. It increases with the lowering of the hand down, as well as at night. A tumor occurs at the site of the lesion. It is by these signs that you can understand that you have panaritiums. Treatment at home is possible only at the initial stage of the disease. And the earlier it is started, the more favorable its results.

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In often neglected cases, it often requires the help of a surgeon to open the focus of inflammation, because pus, without finding an outlet, can get inside, and blood or inflammation of the lymph nodes may occur, osteomyelitis or sepsis may occur. The peculiarity of this disease is that the infection gets under the skin through a very small hole, and without air access favorable conditions for its reproduction are created.

How to treat panaritium

This is what is characterized by panaritium. Treatment at home of this ailment should not allow the inflammation to develop, and also to expel the pus. In no case can you yourself open the abscess or squeeze it out. The main means of treatment are rinsings, baths, washing and applying various ointments. It is effective at the initial stage to use a compress with ichthyol ointment or panaritium folk treatment ointment Vishnevsky. You can mix them in equal proportions or apply any one.

If you feel pain on your finger, you notice a tumor - you have panaritium. People's treatment of this disease is effective, but it takes a lot of time. Most often it is recommended to make warm baths or even soar a finger in hot water with the addition of soda or salt. You can also wash the affected area with a weak solution of potassium permanganate or tinctures of marigold. Baths should be a few minutes long, if the water is very hot, to half an hour. Do it preferably several times a day until complete recovery.

It is very unpleasant and causes severe pain of perihotnoe felon. It is recommended to start treatment as early as possible in order to avoid complications. For okolonogtevoj panaritium treatment a better outflow of pus can be applied to a sore spot of a baked onion or baked garlic, mixed with laundry soap. Such compresses need to be changed every 4 hours.

Helps also grating beets or raw potatoes. They do not give rise to inflammation. Compresses from different products are best done after the baths. For the application is also suitable honey, aloe leaf, chewed walnut, tincture of propolis or sap from pine.

If you have a panacea, treatment at home can be facilitated if you start it as early as possible and constantly wash your finger or apply compresses to it.