What should be sperm and what are the factors that negatively affect it

What should be the sperm of a healthy man? The question is frank, but it is worth talking about it, so that the representatives of the stronger sex have sufficient information. So what should be sperm?

Composition and storage location of

Sperm contains only 5% spermatozoa, the rest of its components are nutritious and useful substances that help maintain cell viability on the way to the egg. Maturation and storage of spermatozoa occurs in the appendages of the testicles( on average, about 200,000,000 spermatozoa are contained in each appendage).If ejaculation does not occur, then they can be stored for several weeks in the tail of the epididymis. What should be sperm in appearance? Its real color can vary from white to white-gray. The consistency of healthy semen is thick and viscous, with a characteristic smell of sperm. To taste it should be slightly sweet, since it contains fructose.

Factors adversely affecting the quality of the sperm

What should be the sperm, we found out, let's now analyze those factors that affect it. The bad news for men is that almost everything affects sperm: something positive, but something negative.

1. Infections and diseases of the genitourinary system and STDs. I would like to note that sexually transmitted diseases reduce the possibility of conception by 33%.Therefore, it is recommended to regularly check for such ailments, especially since they are practically asymptomatic.

2. Harmful habits, chemistry. The presence of bad habits, such as alcohol and drug addiction, smoking has a negative effect on the number and production of spermatozoa. This, as a consequence, can lead to infertility.

3. Injuries and testicular overheating. Any damage to the testicles leads to the production of antibodies, which, in turn, destroy the spermatozoa.

4. Emission of mobile phones and laptops. Men are not recommended to carry a mobile device in the front pocket of their trousers and put the laptop on their knees.

5. Environmental conditions and working conditions. The city's polluted air slows down the speed of movement of spermatozoa. To eliminate toxins from the body it is recommended to use milk.

6. The level of intelligence. In the course of research at the University of New Mexico, it was possible to find out that spermatozoa of a man with high intelligence have higher rates.

7. Food. Food should always be balanced and fortified, and meals should be regular.

How to improve sperm quality?

And now let's look at what can help improve sperm quality.

1. Fresh fruits and vegetables.

2. Refusal of fatty food during conception.

3. Vitamins and minerals. The basic role in the formation of sperm is vitamin C. On the day it must be consumed at least 100 mg. Vitamin E, zinc, selenium is also useful.

4. Get rid of stress.

5. Do sports or exercise.

Some facts about sperm

• Spermatozoa mature within 72 hours.

• After entering the female body, spermatozoa are active for 2 more days.

• "How much sperm is released at a time?" - 2 to 4 ml.