"Dentin-paste" - a means for creating a temporary filling

To eliminate such a dental disease as caries, the teeth are cleaned and sealed. There is in the dentistry the concept of "temporary fillings", which is set only for the duration of treatment and diagnosis. To create it requires special material. It should be:

  • fast in installation and removal;
  • ensure good adhesion to the tooth so that foreign particles or saliva do not get inside;
  • be strong, so as not to break while chewing food;
  • is inexpensive.

One of the most popular temporary materials for such a seal is Dentin-paste.

Features of

The main feature of Dentin-paste is its disinfecting effect. Dentists choose this material for its other characteristics:

  • "Dentine paste" is easy to use.
  • No mixing is required, the product is ready for use.
  • This is a fairly strong material - it can be applied even for up to 14 days.
  • Cures the product under the influence of moisture. This happens after 2 hours.
  • The material hermetically closes the cavity of the tooth.
  • "Dentine-paste" does not dissolve with time.
  • All the necessary manufacturability is present in this material.
  • The drug protects the tooth from staining. This is especially important if the filling is amalgam.

composition of dentin paste

"Dentine paste" is used to cover a medicine that is placed in the cavity of the tooth to eliminate the consequences of uncomplicated caries.

Composition of "Dentine paste"

dentine paste instructions

This material for temporary filling comes in the form of a rather dense and thick mass. Preparing the drug based on zinc sulfate cement. To make the consistency consistent, a pastener is added to it. As additional ingredients in the composition of the fragrance and colorants.

Thanks to additional additives, the drug is now available in several versions:

  • odorless;
  • with cherry flavor;
  • with the smell of mint;
  • clove;
  • strawberry.

"Dentine paste": instruction

Before using the drug, every dentist should read the instructions for use. Temporary material "Dentin-paste" should be superimposed with a special trowel. This is done after the tooth cavity has been prepared. It must be cleaned of carious formations and then thoroughly dried. The paste layer should not exceed 1-2 mm.

Cures the material for 2 hours. During this time, the patient should not take any food. Otherwise, there is a possibility that the temporary seal will collapse.

состав "Дентин - пасты"

"Dentine paste" is easily removed from the dental cavity. This will require either a probe or a dental excavator. It is enough to pick up the seal with a smooth lever-like movement, and it will easily move away from the dental tissue.

After the application of the paste is finished, carefully close the jar with the drug cover. This will protect the contents from ingress of moisture. Accordingly, the paste does not harden and will last a long time.

"Dentine paste" is produced in containers of 50 grams. To process one tooth, no more than 0.5 grams of the product is required. Thus, one can is enough to form approximately 100 temporary fillings.