What is colpitis and how to treat it?

What is colpitis? This is a gynecological disease of the vaginal mucosa. It often occurs against the background of changes in the microflora inside the vagina or in connection with inflammatory processes. This disease is also called vulvovaginitis and vulvitis. Mostly young women of childbearing age are subjected to it.

In a healthy woman, the vaginal flora consists of Dodderlein sticks, due to which lactic acid is produced, which has a harmful effect on the development of conditionally pathogenic and pathogenic microbes. Any change in the local microflora of the vagina leads to the formation of such an unpleasant disease as colpitis.

Colpitis in women - predisposing factors

· Prolonged or incorrect administration of antibiotics.

· Non-observance of personal hygiene.

· Sexually Transmitted Infections.

· Violation of the endocrine system.

· Inflammatory diseases of the genital organs.

· Allergic reactions to contraceptives.

· Injury of the vaginal mucosa or anomaly.

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If colpitis is not treated for a long time, it will lead to inflammatory diseases of the uterus, cervix and appendages. And this, in turn, threatens infertility, erosion, endometritis.

Erosive colpitis can be caused by mycoplasma, chlamydia, streptococcus, trichomonas, hemophilic rod, staphylococcus and other microorganisms. Depending on the infection that caused this disease, colpitis is distinguished by species.

What is colpitis acute, trichomoniasis, atrophic, candidal, and how is it expressed?

Acute - is characterized by burning, soreness, itching inside and outside the vagina, purulent or secretory discharge with an unpleasant odor. With this form, urgent treatment is required, otherwise the disease will go to a chronic stage.

Trichomonas colpitis: what is it? Its symptoms are: purulent or copious yellowish discharge. Often, constant irritation with such whites causes erosion. Trichomonas vulvitis often turns into a chronic stage with rather blurred signs.

Especially dangerous is this vulvitis in pregnancy. At 9% of pregnant women find this disease, it is often joined by cystitis, urethritis, pyelitis. With trichomoniasis, the risk of spontaneous abortion, intrauterine infection of the embryo increases. Pregnant women receive an appropriate course of treatment.

What is colpitis candidiasis or yeast? This disease in the common people is called milkmaids. It is characterized by curdled or white thick discharge.

Now you know what colpitis is and what it is.

What is the examination for this disease?

When gynecological examination, the doctor notices the redness of the mucous walls of the vagina and abundant leucorrhoea. A smear is applied to the bacapsus and flora, thus the causative agent that provoked colpitis is revealed.

How is the disease treated?

It is impossible to delay with treatment, firstly it is an ascending infection, which can cause a number of diseases. Secondly, a woman experiences psychological discomfort due to constant itching and abundant secretions, she develops complexes - is this not an occasion to turn to a gynecologist in a timely manner.

When bacterial vaginitis is prescribed a course of antibiotics in combination with local treatment: suppositories, baths, tampons, douching. People can not get rid of him with popular means. Candles can be prescribed with the content of antibiotics. Only the doctor can prescribe the correct treatment after receiving all the tests.

The course of treatment is approximately 10 days, after which it will be necessary to return the control analysis to the flora. During the period of taking antibiotics, you need to refrain from sexual contact and alcohol.