Ophthalmology center "Surgery of the eye" in Kostroma: description, services, reviews

Every person dreams of having an acute vision and completely forget about problems with the eyes. And if before long sight, astigmatism, cataract and glaucoma, retinal detachment were difficult to treat, now, thanks to the achievement of ophthalmology, these problems can be solved once and for all. The main thing is to choose a good clinic, in which not only the laser correction will be done, but also prompt how to follow the vision in the future. Among such institutions is "Eye Surgery" in Kostroma.

eye surgery of kostroma

About the

clinic "Eye Surgery" in Kostroma has a good reputation and qualified staff. For Kostroma and residents of the city a wide range of services is offered, the details of which are given in the table.

The main services of the ophthalmologic center
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The name of the service


Treatment of problems with the fundus

First of all, it is laser correction, as well as medical treatment. Preliminary examination is carried out, patients are given detailed advice.


You can get rid of glaucoma and cataract forever thanks to surgery. Ultrasonic cataract removal is performed - phacoemulsification, laser and microsurgery for the treatment of glaucoma.

Working with children

For the youngest patients, diagnostics, lavatory lavage, hardware treatment, glasses are performed.


This is the first step in solving problems with the organs of vision, therefore it is very important to undergo a comprehensive examination. The clinic uses examination of the cornea, lens and vitreous body, tomography. The average duration of the procedure is about 2 hours.

Refractive surgery

Modern technologies LASIK, SUPRALASIK, correction of presbyopia and keratoconus are applied.

Traditional treatment of

This is a conservative therapy that allows to cure patients with chronic diseases of the organs of vision.

Such a wide range of services makes it possible to apply to the clinic for patients of all ages, from toddlers to elderly people suffering from age-related changes, as well as to pregnant women.

center of eye surgery of kostroma

Advantages of

Reviews of "Eye Surgery"( Kostroma) indicate that this ophthalmology center has gained an excellent reputation. Patients note several advantages:

  • A wide range of services. Often the center becomes a clinic for the whole family.
  • Qualified personnel, all polite - from doctors to administrators.
  • Reasonable prices.
  • Conducting shares that save even more.
  • You can make an appointment by dialing to the registry or through the official website.
  • Thanks to the pre-recording system, each patient comes at the appointed time, so there are no queues.
  • The building itself is clean, very welcoming. On comfortable leather sofas you can sit, waiting for your relative, who is on the operation.
  • Possibility to pay by bank card.

Also patients who have already used the services of the clinic "Surgery of the eye"( Kostroma) note that the work uses modern equipment of reliable manufacturers and the latest methods of diagnosis and treatment.

eye surgery kostroma reviews


The advantages of the Eye Surgery Center in Kostroma include, first of all, qualified personnel. These are real masters of their craft.

  • Chief Physician, Mikhail Gennadievich Yablokov. One of the well-known specialists of laser surgery in Russia, the creator of his own method, M-Lasik, conducted more than 40 thousand operations.
  • Natalia Nikolaevna Zudova. An ophthalmologist with more than 20 years of experience, an expert in refractive surgery.
  • Natalia Borisovna. Has 28 years of work experience, specializes in laser correction.
  • Lyubov Ivanovna Novozhilova. Specialist in laser treatment of retina with experience more than 10 years.

There are other ophthalmologists with experience in the clinic "Eye Surgery" in Kostroma. In addition, the staff is constantly taking refresher courses. This is why often not only residents of the city, but also non-resident patients, often address this center.

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Opinion of patients

Reviews about "Eye surgery"( Kostroma, Osipnaya, 26) are mostly positive. Patients note the attentive and not indifferent attitude of doctors, their desire to provide exhaustive information about the disease itself and the methods of its treatment. Those who visited the clinic indicate that all laser surgeries are quick and painless, the rehabilitation period is small, and in normal cases a normal life can be returned in a majority of cases within 24 hours after the intervention.