The best sanatoriums of Udmurtia

Udmurtia is a very picturesque region with a dizzying fresh air and a real Russian nature. Ancient monuments of history, relic pine forests and unspoiled lakes - all this becomes available to all who come here. Depending on the season, you can go fishing, go biking or skiing, take a horse ride or ride a dog sled. But the most important thing is that in Udmurtia one can restore health and undergo sanatorium treatment in sanatoriums, which are considered to be one of the best in the world. Especially since there are many more than a dozen here.

Sanatoriums of Udmurtia

sanatorium udmurtii reviews This region was always famous for its high-level treatment and prevention institutions. Absolutely everything here has to improve the body - and unique hydrogen sulphide sources, and natural curative mud, and clean air, and mineral water. Today, the sanatoriums of Udmurtia offer both treatment and prevention of a wide variety of diseases. Here, they are effectively fighting with abnormalities in the intestinal tract and musculoskeletal system, infertility and cardiovascular disorders. In addition, the sanatoriums of Udmurtia, reviews of which are only positive, help people cope with diseases of the respiratory and nervous system, gynecological and andrological diseases, as well as various pathologies of the skin and musculoskeletal tissue. At the same time, a special complex approach is based on successful therapy, which includes natural factors, physical activity, special physiotherapy procedures and rational nutrition.

Sanatorium "Varzi-Yachchi"

One of the most famous sanatoriums of this amazing region is the sanatorium "Varzi-Yatchi".Udmurtia in many respects has become famous due to it. It is located in the south of the republic, not far from the city of Agryz. To date, this medical and preventive institution has been more than one hundred and twenty years. It was created in a special place, surrounded by sulphurous swamps and mineral waters. Today, the sanatorium "Varzi-Yatchi" is a modern, well-equipped balneocourt, in terms of its therapeutic capabilities, it is ahead of many foreign resorts. The organic and mineral composition of the mud used in the sanatorium makes it possible to treat a wide range of diseases, so the "Varzi-Yatchi" has no specific specialization.

Sanatorium "Uva"

Another well-known health resort in the category "Best sanatoria of Udmurtia" is "Uva", which is located ninety kilometers from the city of Izhevsk.

This medical and preventive institution, located in an ecologically clean region, next to the river Ireyka, is surrounded on all sides by a dense coniferous forest. This institution is just over twenty years old, and it is interesting, first of all, its two sources of mineral water. The first one gives iodine-containing hydrogen sulphide chloride brines intended for bathing. The second is a source of sulphate-sodium-calcium water, which should be taken orally. Basically, they treat diseases of the heart, blood circulation, nervous system, as well as rheumatism and cerebral atherosclerosis.

Sanatorium "Metallurg"

In the list of "The most famous sanatoriums of Udmurtia" it is impossible not to include the health resort "Metallurg", which is a balneoclimatic multi-profile resort of the highest category. This medical and preventive institution is located in the resort area near the city of Izhevsk, which is officially recognized as a historical and archaeological site. On the territory of the health resort there are own sources of bromide and mineral water, used to get rid of a large number of different pathologies. In addition, the sanatorium "Metallurg" is known for peat mud, which is specially extracted for it from the Chernushka-2 deposit. As for the medical profile of this institution, he specializes in diseases of urinary and genitourinary systems( both male and female), circulatory and digestive organs, skin and respiratory diseases, nervous system, throat, ear and nose. Sanatorium "Kizner"

Special attention should be paid to the medical and preventive institution called "Kizner".Although, it is worth noting that by its structure it does not belong to the category "Sanatorium of Udmurtia"."Kizner" is, first of all, a hospital for rehabilitation therapy. It is located in the picturesque region of the republic, abounding with natural sources of therapeutic mud and pure mineral waters. Here adults and children suffering from neurocirculatory dystonia, myocardial dystrophy, arterial hypertension, pyelonephritis, diseases of the biliary tract and respiratory diseases help.