Can the nursing mother of black currant: the benefits to the body and the rules for entering the diet

The period of breastfeeding requires a woman to comply with many restrictions and prohibitions in food. Despite the fact that some fruits can cause the baby allergic reactions, they need to use each person. Can I breastfeed a blackcurrant? This is a purely personal matter, which depends on the individual characteristics of the child. whether it is possible for the nursing mother to eat black currant


The chemical composition of the currant makes it necessary for consumption, especially when breastfeeding.

  • The high content of vitamin C causes good support for immunity, which is very important for a nursing mother. The daily norm of this vitamin can be obtained by eating only 40 berries of black currant.
  • Berries are rich in vitamins B, E and P, so they have a beneficial effect on the body, normalize the cardiovascular and nervous system, support muscular work and improve tissue respiration. Therefore, you do not need to worry about whether it is possible for a nursing mother to eat black currant, she is obligatory for consumption in moderate amounts.
  • The pectin content provides normalization of the gastrointestinal tract, promotes the work of the musculature of the intestine, prevents the absorption of cholesterol into the body and removes toxins.
  • Mineral salts have a strengthening effect on all body systems, strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalize blood pressure, improve joint condition, and prevent the prevention of anemia.

black currant can lactating moms

Black currant breastfeeding mother is very useful, because all the microelements and vitamins are passed on to the baby with mother's milk. And, accordingly, its immunity is also strengthened, all systems are properly developed.

The use of currants

The use of black currant improves the quality of mother's milk, sates it with useful microelements and vitamins necessary for normal life and for the proper course of all physiological processes in the body.

Black currant berries promote the production of red blood cells, preventing the development of anemia, so they are necessary in the postoperative period, and especially those women who have suffered a cesarean section. Whether it is possible for the nursing mother to have a blackcurrant depends entirely on the child. If there is no allergic reaction, then in moderate amounts you can eat these berries.

How to introduce a new product correctly?

The first time you need to eat only 3-5 berries and for a day not to introduce into the diet no more new products. If during the day or the next day the baby has rashes, you need to postpone the use of currants for a while and try to enter it into the diet after a couple of months. Can I Eat Blackcurrant Breastfeeding Mom

If no reaction was found, the next day you can eat 10 berries, gradually the dose can be increased to 40 berries a day. If the child has an allergic reaction after a while, you need to stop using berries and try to enter them in 2-3 months. Only after trying and controlling the reaction of the baby, it will be possible to accurately answer the question of whether it is possible for the nursing mother to have a black currant.


The only negative reaction to taking a currant may be an allergy in a child. To avoid its appearance, you need to know a few nuances:

  • The first months of the baby's life is to refrain from any allergenic products, including virtually all fruits. It is necessary that in 3-4 months of life the child's organism gets stronger, and the work of its systems is a little bit adjusted.
  • On the day of consumption of currants, you can not introduce other new products into your mom's diet so that you can accurately determine which product triggered the reaction in the baby.
  • Increase the dosage gradually, beginning with a few berries, and then, in a practical way, determine whether it is possible to eat black currant to the nursing mother.

If an allergy appears, manifested by small rashes or diathesis, it is necessary to give the child an antihistamine drug that will help to remove the allergen from the body faster( after a medical consultation).

What is the best way to use black currant?

There are no restrictions on the form of admission. There are currants can be both fresh and in the form of tea, compote, jam or jam, based on - black currant. Is it possible for nursing mothers to have thermally processed berries? After heat treatment, the content of nutrients in berries decreases slightly, and as sugar is added to the jar, this may not be the best option for my mother's figure. But here everything is purely individual, that's why every woman, relying on her intuition, can determine the optimal form of berries and their quantity. black currant nursing mom

Every person benefits from black currants. Whether it is possible to breastfeeding mothers this berry, depends only on their choice, age and health of the child.