Flat nipple - how to breastfeed a child? How to pull flat nipples: recommendations of specialists and nursing mothers

The topic of flat nipples, as well as the possibility of breastfeeding in this case, always comes under discussion. It's understandable - young mothers who first encounter this problem, worry: will they be able to give their child a full breastfeeding? There are a lot of options for preparing flat nipples for the feeding process: massage, special formers. What do the young mothers in this case, we find out right now.

Flat nipple is not a sentence of

Most experts are sure that there is nothing wrong with nipples drawn or flat. Determine how relevant the problem is, in a simple way. It is necessary to squeeze the nipple circle gently with your thumb and forefinger. The normal-sized nipple will protrude forward, the flat one will remain unchanged. It often happens that the nipples on different breasts are also unlike. One can be perfectly normal, the second - retracted or flat. Most of all, breastfeeding is hampered by retracted nipples. But they are very rare among women. And yet - do not confuse the appearance of the nipple and its real shape when feeding. That's why it is recommended to use its fingers( comparable to the lips sucking the milk of the baby) to establish its real type.

How does the baby feed?

Let's consider an example of a non-standard breast - a flat nipple. How to feed the baby in this case? First it is necessary to disassemble the process itself. This must be known to every mother - the baby eats from a sucking mug. And the nipple itself only helps to more conveniently grasp the chest with your lips.

flat nipple

During sucking, the baby pulls the nipple - it takes the correct size and shape. It is not necessary to panic if the baby can not take the breast from the first time. For this purpose, a whole system of feeding methods has been developed, with the help of which the baby will understand how and what he should do. And further. In no case, one should not lose heart: flat, drawn nipples - this is no reason to adjust to the fact that nothing will turn out. It all depends on the right attitude. If you look for a way out of the current problem situation, it will certainly be found.

The antenatal practice of

Today, there are many methods that help to change the shape of this part of the body, preparing it for breastfeeding. For example, not so long ago, the practice was very popular, helping before delivery to pull out a flat nipple. However, over time it became clear that such a technique does not bring much result. As noted by specialists involved in the prenatal change of the shape of the nipple, the time that future mothers spent in class, worked directly against them. If the physiological changes were noted for the better, then the psychological state of women worsened with each occupation. And even after the birth, some of the women immediately resorted to the services of bottles, without even trying to try at least once to feed your baby.

flat chest nipples

After birth, every second mother was sure that she was not able to breast-feed the baby because of the existing pathology. And even if at the first attempt everything worked out, the second time to give a breast the woman was afraid, expecting that failure is about to come.

First feeding

So what should a woman do if she has a flat nipple? How to feed the baby for the first time? The main thing is to closely monitor how the baby grabs his lips. Even if the breast is flat or retracted, he will pull it out with a reflex. As doctors say: a well sucking, sensitive child is the best remedy against the non-standard form of the nipple. To teach the baby to take the breast should be right after delivery. When swelling from colostrum( and after milk), the flatness of the nipple increases. And this, of course, will further complicate the process of feeding. You can ask for help from family counselors. Preparation for the first feeding is conducted with each woman individually. During her time, experts not only tell you what to do, but also teach how to properly work with the nipples: massage, pull, put on okolososkovye circles.

flat nipple

It is important to know that the correct position of the baby is of great importance. If he is comfortable on his hands, then he can grasp the nipple much faster.

"Cooking" the nipples themselves

To help the kid for the first time to take a breast it is possible and own forces. Flat nipples during feeding should be slightly extended. For this purpose, the breasts encircle the chest behind the sucking mug: from the bottom - four, and from above - the thumb. Chest should be strongly squeezed and simultaneously lead it to the side of the chest. Such a technique will push the nipple far forward. And this will greatly help the youngster when acquainting with breastfeeding. You can also use a special silicone overlay, which will contribute to the development of the sucking reflex.

flat nipples when feeding

However, the first time to apply it is still under the guidance of a generic consultant. Another popular and already popular method of feeding was breast pumps.

What is good about breastfeeding?

And it's good that an electric breast pump of high quality quickly helps to pull the nipple, giving it the right shape. And most importantly, it does not hurt him at all. A flat nipple can be pulled out and improvised. For this, a syringe with a volume of 10 cubic centimeters is taken. On the needle side, part is cut: about 1 centimeter. The piston is inserted into the formed tube. It is also cut off by the length of the syringe. The piston must be inserted from the cut side, and the uncircumcised part of the syringe should be pressed tightly against the nipple mug. Pull the nipple smoothly, without jerking, very carefully.

flat nipple what to do

A similar procedure is performed right before feeding, because the nipple stretched in this way for a long time does not keep its new shape.

We use the lining on the chest

So, the woman has a flat nipple. What should I do if I can not get a breast pump? You can use special breast pads. They are made of high quality plastic, and consist of two main parts. The back is made with a hole into which the nipple is inserted. The front part of the lining has a semicircular shape. It is perfect for any bra. The sucking-nipple, as it were, sticks to the lining, and the brassiere with its pressure on the breast helps to gradually draw the nipples. For the patches should be carefully monitored. After each feeding, rinse well with warm water and soap and always check for the remaining droplets of milk. When buying, pay attention to the size of the lining - they are large( for damaged nipples), and small( for flat and drawn).

Big breast

Another problem point for expectant mothers is a large flat chest. Nipples of such breasts are developed in the ways described above, but when feeding it is necessary to take into account a few more nuances. When mom is going to feed the baby, she needs to put a diaper or towel under her chest to raise them, easing the grip as much as possible.

flat nipples

You can hold your chest with your hand, because a lot of weight will pull it down, complicating the child and so hard work. Do not bend over to the baby. It is better, on the contrary, to lean back, maximally straighten your back. And of course, it is recommended to always use bras for nursing mothers, which will help the breasts not to hang after a period of breastfeeding. Many breastfeeding women noted that too large a bust acquired completely new forms after the lactation period - it became much smaller.

And finally

A flat nipple is not a verdict. The most important step is to teach the baby to correctly grasp the chest. After a week of breastfeeding with the help of techniques, pads, breast pumps and exercises, the woman will notice that she does not need anything anymore.

flat nipple how to feed the baby

A child who is used to taking a nipple, already independently pulls it to the desired size and shape. It is necessary to know that if a woman correctly performs her part of the job of training a baby to a non-standard breast, the child will do everything in its turn. And yet - very often inattentive nurses frighten that the nipple is flat or drawn. And feeding will necessarily be difficult. Do not believe the words without trying it in practice. Only the mother herself can determine the shape of her nipple, how much it can be pulled out, whether it will be comfortable for the baby to "aim", wrapping her lips around the nipple mugs with the cherished mother's milk. Never give up breastfeeding. Remember that any problem can be solved - there would be a desire.